Chapter 36:

Chapter 36 [Scar That Remind Oneself]


I turn the valve; the hot water begins pouring down like rain onto my hair and flow down to my feet. The hot water carries the blood and dirt down my body into the drain on the shower floor. Steam begins to rise; enveloping my body and filling the shower room.

I run my hand through my hair; getting the dirt that stuck between my hair. I notice a new scar on my arm; I touch the scar, it was a bullet wound from last night assault.

"I have to be more careful" I muttered.

As I remember what happened last night assault; my head begins to aches. I place my left hand on my forehead while my right-hand start shaking uncontrollably.

Do you think, you can just forget about it and move on?

Remember their face.

I turn around; more than a dozen black, dark, a human silhouette appeared; surrounding me and all of them facing me.

You can eat all the pill you want.

Sooner or later, you will have to face what you have done.

"It, not me, that pull the trigger," I said aloud.

Are you sure? Look at your hand.

I move my hand where I can them; I quiver as I saw my own hand soak in human blood, the blood of mine enemy. I bow down to my knee; arching my back then without any control over myself, I begin to vomit everything I had this morning.

The vomiting stop and I wipe my mouth; the water still raining on my back. Suddenly, a loud screeching noise coming from every direction; the longer I hear the noise the more disoriented I become until I yell out.


Then the noise finally stops; only the sound of the water coming out from the shower and hitting the floor are left in the room.

My breath became heavy and the feeling of being tired overwhelm me but I pushed on; I close the valve and dry myself with a towel. 

I grab the blues jeans and black t-shirt off the cloth line; I wear them, I look in the mirror in front of me; my eyes are tired and show a thousand reget in my eyes. Shaking the feeling away, I splash my face with water then I wipe my face with the towel on counter; I smile trying to hide the fact that I'm in pain. 

Looking down; I saw two bottles of pills; one is the painkiller another is Clozapin. I swallow both of the pill each and head out of the bathroom after putting on my sneakers.

While walking toward my room; I can see Lucinda lean her back against the wall beside the closed door of my room. Her eyes lower and her hair is slightly wet; both of her hands located behind her back. She moves her eyes from the floor to me as I finally in range of her hearing. 

"Hey, how is the kid doing?" I ask, stopping and lean my back against the wall beside of her.

"She is sleeping inside, she all tuckered out after the shower," Lucinda said, her voice sounds as if she was tired and sad.

"If she inside, sleeping, why are you still here?" I ask, while my eyes wander to the ceiling.

"I don't want her to be alone when she wakes up and also I wanted to talk to you," Lucinda said.

"Go ahead," I said.

"Do you know about the scar and bruise on her bodies?" Lucinda ask.

"I noticed,"I said.

"That child has been through a lot, some of her scars are old; if I could guess that she got them even before she got taken by those people," Lucinda said; I can see her teeth clenching inside her mouth.

"You know way too much for a person who just met the kid," I said.

Lucinda's lip flattened, I can see she contemplating over something because her eyebrow scrunching and her finger is restless.

"It a long story, I might say, I have been there. I escape that hellhole and make this city my home, that all I can tell you without letting my anger overwhelm me," Lucinda said.

"Don't worry, I won't push you for an answer," I said.

"That actually not what I wanted to talk to you about," Lucinda said.

"Then, what do you want to talk about?" I queried

"To tell you the truth, and I know you know this but I don't trust you since the first time we met, there is something off with you," Lucinda said.

"I can see something in your eyes when we first met, something broken, dark, angry, and insanity," Lucinda continued.

"I have always been grateful to you because you save my love, Cindy," Lucinda continued.

"Here is my warning to you; if you ever put my own love in direct danger again, I will find a way to kill you" Lucinda warned.

I smiled, and let out a quiet chuckle.

"You are a good person, Lucinda," I said.

"And I promise, I won't put her in danger" I promised.

"And you right about me being insane, I don't know what inside of me right now, every day I woke up wishing that I won't lose control," I said.

"I will count on you to stop me when I do lose control," I said.

"You truly are insane" Lucinda sighed. 

"I will talk to Cindy for you, to take it easy with the cold shoulder," I said.

"I didn't ask for your help but thank you anyway" she steps away from the wall and heads toward downstairs.

"Wait, I thought you gonna wait for her until she wakes up?" I ask; stopping her from walking away.

"The child has you beside she doesn't need me," Lucinda said.

"One more thing, the child looks up to you, try to be a good role model to her" Lucinda continue then walk away; going down the stairs.

Stepping away from the wall, I turn to the door to my room; I slowly open the doorknob and pushed the door quietly. I peek inside and saw the bunny girl wearing an oversized T-shirt and sleeping in a fetal position.

I step into the room and close the door behind me quietly; walking toward the bed, I took a seat right next to the bunny kid on the bed.

Her bunny ears twitch a little and her mouth grinning while sleeping; I wonder what kind of dream she had. I look closely at her arm and rabbit legs; I can see the scar and bruise on her skin and under her fur; that she obtained through her life.

We are two sides of the same coin, you went through the same pain, I did; the scar reminds us that we used to be normal like other folk but now we are broken even if we patch what was broken, we will never be the same again

She seems to be holding something tight to her chest; I look closely at her hand and saw the flip knife I gave.

I pat the top of her head; the bunny kid was wince at the suddenness at first but slowly getting used to it.

"To tell you the truth, I have no idea on taking care of a kid but I will try my best even if it for a short time, I just hope I don't ruin you" I whisper.

I lay my back on the bed as I run my finger through the kid hair, she snuggles up closer to my hand; a pure happy smile on her face.

Silence, calm and peace fill the room with only the sound of water dripping one by one from a leaking pipe, Time went by waiting for no one as I lay there on my back to the bed with my hand gently rub the kid hair.

My body slowly become otiose; my mouth yawn and my eyes close. Slowly but surely, I begin to fall into a deep slumber.