Chapter 16:


The Lazy & Carefree Princess

It's been a few hours since Edward has left the castle. It's currently evening as I still continue to wonder about the fact if he was serious about becoming a knight... I hope not... aside from the fact that he might not be king, he might even get hurt. Bookmark here

That child doesn't seem like one who can fight.Bookmark here

Well, I admire how he has ambitions though, I wasn't given that option back in my past life. Bookmark here

But even if I did, I doubt that I can even pursue them anyway.Bookmark here

Night slowly fell as I slowly walk back to my room. Just as I was about to enter, I heard a panicking voice shout out my name "Princess! Princess Lucillia! Please wait!"Bookmark here

What? What could it be at this hour?Bookmark here

I turned around to see Margaret calling my name. Bookmark here

"Oh my, Margaret why are you here at this hour?"
"Did you forget? It's dinner time and the King and Queen are waiting for you!"
"Oh my god. You're right!" I was too focused on today that after Edward left I felt completely drained of energy, thus leaving me wanting to go to bed right away.
"Hah..." I gave out a worried sigh. "How long has mother and father been waiting?"
"Around 30 minutes."
"Oh. My. God" Something must be wrong with me. To be late twice in a row since I got here... what has gotten into me? "Got it, I'll rush over right away."
"Please do, the queen is quite hot tempered right now."
"Yea..." I quickly lifted up my skirt with both of my hands, preparing to start running.Bookmark here

It took me around 3-5 minutes to just run across the hallway. I must say that I am quite surprised that I am able to run this fast. In my past life it would have taken me at least 7 minutes... I was the type of person who didn't do exercise until needed ok?... This body was really more athletic or at least healthy than my previous one. Or maybe that's because I am currently a child... yea, it's most likely that one.Bookmark here

I better make sure that my health doesn't deteriorate so much in this life then.Bookmark here

Anyway, once arrived at the front door of the dinning room. I quickly prepped for myself for a once again huge lecture. Bookmark here

Taking a deep breath, I opened the door as it made creaking sounds.
I carefully walked towards the table with a worried smile on my face.
"Good Evening Mother, Father." I said as I got onto my seat.
I was expecting a reply but the scene was silent. 
There was invisible tension in the air. 
Strangely enough this made everything scarier.

Oh my god, please don't give me the silent treatment.
Bookmark here

I cleared my throat and continued speaking. 
"Uhm, it's a nice evening isn't it?" I said awkwardly.
Bookmark here

The silence still continued for the next few minutes.
"My my, Isn't it enough dear?"
My mother gave out an angry sigh, "Jesus Ronald, You're too soft on your daughter."
"Well, she was just a few minutes late."
"A few? You call 30 minutes a few?"
Not wanting for the conversation to turn into a fight, I quickly attempted to stop it with an apology. "Uh, I completely apologize mother. I am truly at fault."
"Hmph, so be it. Go ahead."
"Eat your food. It's getting cold."
"Oh! Yes." Bookmark here

I completely forgot the food because the situation was too tense.
Bookmark here

"Well, what do you have here. You said I'm soft, yet you let her go with one apology." My father said chuckling.
"Well, I couldn't let our food go to waste. It's already getting cold."
"Hmm?" I said, looking confused until I looked onto the table to find everything untouched.
"Mother, Father..." They waited for me... 
My mother did a fake cough to clear her throat. "A-Anyway, let us all dig in, it's getting late."
"Yes!" I said smiling.
Bookmark here

And so dinner continued on as usual, until I remembered something important. Bookmark here

I can't keep living like this. Bookmark here

If nothing changes, I might still end up getting killed like predicted in the novel.Bookmark here

The problem is, I don't know how, and who...Bookmark here

If only I remembered some of the spoilers that Atsuko told me, or ones I found online...Bookmark here

Who knew they would come in handy at times like this right?Bookmark here

But anyway, what I do know is that with my current magical ability, I definitely won't be able to survive any attacks.Bookmark here

I need to get better.Bookmark here

With that thought in mind, I knew I had to ask something important of my parents.Bookmark here

I know that it's bad timing considering how I have just angered them. But the faster I ask the more time I have to prepare. Bookmark here

Besides, I will ask it eventually so I might as well try now.Bookmark here

I took a deep breath before I opened my mouth.Bookmark here

Jesus, why do I always seem nervous whenever I'm with my parents-Bookmark here

"Mother, Father..."
"What is it?" They both replied in unison.Bookmark here

"Is it possible... for me... to take magic training lessons?" Bookmark here

I finally let out.Bookmark here

And unsurprisingly, they both seemed shocked at this sudden announcement.
Eyyy thanks for reading all the way to the end! And is our princess actually starting to train?? //Even tho she's supposed to be lazy?//I mean she is working towards her "lazy" future lol, but anyway hope you like this chapter! Also, yes, The king's name is Ronald, the queen's name  is yet to be introduced. And I promise the Prince will be introduced soon! I promise!! Except she'll meet some one else first lol But anyway, as always, I hope you enjoy this chapter and thanks for all the support! :)Bookmark here

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