Chapter 37:

Chapter 37 [The Knight and The Princess]


I felt overwhelmed by a sudden rush of liquid, it begins to cover my body softly, caressing me cooly, my hair float upward while my body descends slowly.Bookmark here

I open my eyes; seeing the ray of sunshine distorted above me and turning into a hue of blue light. I exhale; causing bubbles to appear and float upward. I notice that my body is descending into the depth of a river.Bookmark here

For some reason I was not drowning, and wasn't panicking; merely feeling relax and calm. I relaxed my body, letting the water caressing my leg and hand freely until my back reach the bottom of the river.Bookmark here

I lay there, looking upward toward the surface. I never felt peace like this before; almost like something heavy had been lifted off me.Bookmark here

Suddenly, the water shook; the rippling water moves through me, shaking my whole body, the bubble begins to spread around the object that just dives into the river.Bookmark here

As the bubble move away from the object and float upward; a woman wearing a white cloth swimwear that I recognize reveal herself. Her black hair floats upward as she dives deeper toward me, a gentle smile beaming at me, and her beautiful starry dark eyes glimmer underwater.Bookmark here

She extends her hand toward me; I reach toward her hand but it was still too far, I try again and finally grabbing her hand. She then turns her body upward and begins swimming upward while dragging me up with her.Bookmark here

When my head surface out of the water; I took a long breathe of fresh air, filling my lung with air and exhale it back quickly.Bookmark here

"What are you doing, just laying down there?" Aeterna puzzled after she pulls her misplace lock of hair back to its place.Bookmark here

"Just thinking about stuff," I said; wiping the water off my face with my hand.Bookmark here

"So what is it you thinking about?" Aeterna said softly; she swims close to me and places both of her hand on my shoulders.Bookmark here

I stare into her eyes, placing my arm around her waist; I pull her closer until our body met with each other, I can feel her body emit heat and warmth.Bookmark here

"I was thinking about your beautiful eyes," I said while smiling.Bookmark here

"You always said that, but I'm not sure whether you mean it. My eyes.. it not like most people" Aeterna said, pouting her mouth; she covered her eyes with one of her hands.Bookmark here

"Aeterna, look into my eyes," I said then, I move her hand away; stare deeply into her eyes.Bookmark here

"You. Have. The. Most. Amazing. Eyes. In. The. World." I said slowly and clearly; as I lean my forehead against her while staring deep into her dark starry eyes.Bookmark here

"Arthur, you making me blush," Aeterna said, then pushing me away.Bookmark here

"It the truth," I said, grinning.Bookmark here

Her cheek reddens as she looks away; she splashes some water at me and swims away toward the shore.Bookmark here

I wipe the water dripping off my face and start to follow Aeterna toward the shore. I saw her getting out of the water and drying herself with a dry cloth; she used the dry cloth to cover herself and she climbs on top of a large smooth riverbed boulder; she would take a seat on it.Bookmark here

"Come up here!" Aeterna called out to me.Bookmark here

I walk out of the river; water dripping from my body and onto the small river rock I stepping on. I grab my own dry cloth and dry myself with it; putting the dry cloth on my shoulder. I grab the leather bag that I brought with me and climb the riverbed boulder with it.Bookmark here

I would take a seat beside Aeterna and place my leather bag beside me.Bookmark here

"Did you bring it?" Aeterna ask, her eyes beaming with curiosity.Bookmark here

"Of course, let me grab it first," I said.Bookmark here

I reach into the bag and take out a thick book with a leather cover before I got to give it to Aeterna; she suddenly grabs the book away from my hand.Bookmark here

"Aeterna?" I said, looking at her with my right eyebrow raised.Bookmark here

"Sorry... I just couldn't wait," Aeterna said, I can see her finger fidgeting the cover of the book.Bookmark here

"Go ahead," I said.Bookmark here

Her smiled beam happiness as she hears those word, she would quickly flip the page until it reaches a Leaf bookmark.Bookmark here

"Page 121, after the bold handsome knight defeated the evil mighty dragon, he would climb the spiral staircase ascending to the princess locked room, when he arrived there with his mighty strength, he kicks the door open but it was too late as he saw the beautiful laying on her bed unmoving" Aeterna said in surprised, as she read aloud, I turn my head toward Aeterna; her mouth gaping in surprise.Bookmark here

I couldn't help myself but let out a small laugh at Aeterna expression. She turns her head to me, her eyebrows furrow and then she gently nudges her elbow with mine.Bookmark here

"Okay, okay, I won't bother you" I apologized.Bookmark here

"Saddened, the knight walk to the Princess side, he then lower himself to one of his knee and for the last time. He would—" Aeterna said, her cheek begins to blush.Bookmark here

"Place a kiss on her supple lips" I continued, grinning.Bookmark here

She lowers her head and biting her lower lip embarrassed, I lean close to her and I place a kiss on redden cheeks. Aeterna stiffen in surprise and begin fidgeting nervously.Bookmark here

"Come on, don't you want to finish the story?" I said.Bookmark here

"S-sure, ahem, suddenly a bright light emitting from the princess, the knight was amazed by the beautiful white light. Because of the true love kiss, he had brought the princess back from the brink of death. The end" Aeterna said, now her face is happy by the ending of the book.Bookmark here

"Congratulation, I guess our lesson end here, you can read, write, knit, cook, hunt and survive. I have no more to teach you" I said.Bookmark here

"It has been 12 years, how time passes by so quickly"I continue while reminiscent of the past day that I spent here with Aeterna.Bookmark here

"Does it mean you be leaving?" Aeterna said softly.Bookmark here

"Of course not silly, it means I am staying here for you and not because of wanting to help you, I want to stay because I love you," I said, then reaching into the bag, I take out a small object wrap in paper.Bookmark here

"Here, open it when you reach home," I said, extending the object wrapped in paper toward her.Bookmark here

"What this?" Aeterna ask, grabbing the item.Bookmark here

"It a surprise," I said.Bookmark here

"Arthur, thank you for spending time with me," Aeterna said, a teardrop flow down her cheek and fall to one of the pages in the book; the water spread on the paper forming a circle wet area,Bookmark here

"Why are you crying? I not leaving you" I said, wiping the tear trail with my fingers.Bookmark here

She suddenly hugs me out of nowhere, I return her embrace. Our cold body was overwhelmed by the warmth of our body mixing together as we embrace each other, I can feel her heart beating faster as our chest met.Bookmark here

"The ending to the book wasn't that sad—" I said but was interrupted by Aeterna supple lip meeting mine own.Bookmark here

My eyes widen but I didn't fight it. Our passion drives us to the brink of ecstasy, our tongue mingles together inside of our mouth, fighting with each other, we took a short breath but quickly continue the kiss again.Bookmark here

Our body becoming more hotter as the kiss went on longer, she grabs my shoulder blade, trying to pull me closer as if she wanted me inside of her, my hand wanders from her back to her waist and lower back almost reaching her round perk buttocks.Bookmark here

Grabbing her round perk ass, I push her down to her back, I break away from the kiss; and saw Aeterna panting heavily, biting her lower lip and the look of lust in her eyes as she looks down and up my body.Bookmark here

Ring ring.Bookmark here

I open my eyes and the sight of the warehouse ceiling greeted me, at the corner of the ceiling a crow staring at me.Bookmark here

Ring ring.Bookmark here

My upper body felt heavy and numb when I look down at my chest; I saw the bunny kid sprawled out on top of me still sleeping.Bookmark here

Ring ring.Bookmark here

I turn my head to the noise and saw my smartphone screen light up, reaching the smartphone; I slide the accept caller button.Bookmark here

"Hello?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Hey, it's me, Cindy, come down here, I found something," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"I will be there in a minute," I said and press the end call button; throwing the smartphone on the bed and I sighed loudly.Bookmark here

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