Chapter 38:

Chapter 38 [Kusagi Tashikawa]


I don't want to but I have to.

I poke the bunny kid soft cheek to wake her up, the kid moves her head away, her rabbit ears twitch and her left bunny leg twitches; she is still sleeping.

"Wakey, Wakey," I said.

The bunny kid let out a moan, as she blinks her eyes and her ears begin to perk up.

"Wake up please," I said.

She rolls off my body to the side of the bed, she begins to stretch her arms and legs. She sits up; a light yawning and she scratches the back of her right ears with her right hand as she looks around the room.

I raise my upper body so I can take a seat on the bed, I stretch my arm and snap my shoulder back to place, feeling refreshed from the sleep.

"Did you have a good sleep, Kid?" I ask.

She turns her head to me; nodding at my question with a small smile on her face.

"Hm...Kid? I keep calling you kid. what your real name anyway?"  I ask as I tilted my head slightly.

She looks at me first then her eyes wander upward, her lips pursed as if she thinking of something, she shakes her head and let out a small gentle innocence "I don't know".

"Wait you can talk?" I ask surprised, she nod her head toward me.

"You haven't uttered a single word since we met, I thought you were.... nevermind," I said, waving my hand.

"why haven't you say anything?" I ask.

"I don't know what to say.." she said in a soft tone, her hand fidgeting with each other.

"Don't worry about it, I'm just glad you can talk," I said, as I place my hand on top of her head between her bunny ears.

"You said that you don't know your name?" I ask.

"I can't...remember it," the kid said, uncertainty in her voice while her bunny ears droop.

"Hm, I can't keep calling you 'kid'. How about I think of a name for you. One you can use until you remember your name again. Ok?" I ask.

The kid beamed a smile of happiness while nodding her head vigorously with her ears perk up. I place a finger on my chin as I think of a name for the kid.

I look at her black hair and fur.

"Kuro" I let out.

Then I look at her rabbit ears.

"Usagi" I let out, an idea popped into my head causing my eyes to widen.

"Ok I got it, Kusagi is short for Kuroi Usagi, what do you think?" I said, while my right eyebrow raised.

"" the kid slowly.

"Kusagi Tashikawa, you need a family to goes with your name, why not my family name?" I suggest.

"Kusagi Tashikawa," she said again.

"What you don't like it, if you don't like it, we can think of another name," I said.

"No, no, I like it," Kusagi said.

"I'm glad you like it," I said, beaming a smile at her.

"Come on, let go downstairs and see whether we have any food or not," I said and get out of the bed.

Kusagi nod and get out of the bed.

We both walk down the stair and reach the living area; I see Cindy with concertation in her eyes as she types something on her computer keyboard while the metal briefcase connected to the Computer beside her.

"Why don't you go find some food in the kitchen while I go talk to Cindy," I said to Kusagi, she nodded and dash toward the kitchen.

"Watch out for the hole!" I warned.

I walk toward Cindy and took a seat at one of the swivel chairs near Cindy, I look at the work desk; it a mess filled with loose cables, electronic parts and the many empty containers of Unicornia ice cream.

"Someone sleep well," Cindy said, her head does not turn toward me, still focusing on the computer screen

"What?" I ask, Cindy then point her finger at the clock beside the monitor

I look at the clock; surprised to see it at 4.30 p.m.

"Did I sleep from morning to evening?" I surprised.

"Yes, you did, can't blame you. Last night was tiring" Cindy agree.

"Yeah I could still feel sore from last night," I said, as I try to snap my shoulder back to place.

"So what did you find?" I ask, turning my chair to face the metal briefcase.

"Well i did some cracking on the security in the metal briefcase but I ran through a tons of firewall, which could take 10 years of hacking and break the firewall just to open it, the briefcase itself is like freaking supercomputer, it won't open unless the authorized person places his or her hand on the biometric scanner," Cindy explained.

"In layman term?" I ask.

"We can't open it unless a person with authorized fingerprint places his or her hand on the scanner," Cindy said.

"Don't you have a good news or something?" I sighed.

"I do actually, I was browsing the security code inside the biometric scanner and guess what I found?" Cindy quizzed.

"Cindy....." I said Cindy, turn to face me after turning her monitor so I can see it.

"I found out who has the authorized fingerprint," She said and showing me a picture of an Italian man with a ponytail.

"Lorenzo Hestaz, and one of our target!" She exclaimed.

"Hmm, how do we even get his fingerprint?" I ask.

"With this" Cindy said, while taking out a portable five fingerprints scanner.

"It's a portable five fingerprints scanner, you catch or kill him whatever your decisions are then you just place his right hand on the scanner, it will send the data to me here where I can transfer it into the briefcase" Cindy explained.

"Easy as pie," Cindy said, smiling at me.

"Sure...why can't we let the briefcase stay closed?" I suggested.

"We can but maybe there something inside that we can use," Cindy said.

"With all this happen do you heard any news about the masked woman or the mastermind behind the Anomaly Inc?" I ask.

"Yeah, they are going full gear on this, I heard a rumor there are sending the masked woman but I'm not sure it the truth or just another rumor nevertheless you might want to be careful," Cindy said.

"We gonna bring the pain," I said.

"Indeed we do" Cindy replied.

The sound of the warehouse door being open can be heard, I turn to the source of the sound and saw Lucinda entering the warehouse with multiple shopping bags in her hands. I glance at Cindy; I can see she avoiding eye contact with Lucinda with a glower forming on her mouth.

"Cindy we need to talk about a sensitive subject," I said, Cindy, turned to me.

"Please don't" Cindy grunt.

"Yeah we do, look I know you are angry or disappointed on Lucinda but you can keep giving her the cold shoulder," I said.

"Why can't? huh, she knows what she did, she deserves it!" Cindy scowled.

"Look, my uncle once said that no matter how highly you think of someone, or how great a person you think he is, she or he is still human and human has flawed," I said.

"You once thought highly of Lucinda maybe you thought she is strong, smart, loyal, forgiving and many more"I continue.

"But she is still a human, she has her flawed maybe she overreach trying to protect you but she did because she loves you and doesn't want to see you get hurt, I can't blame her for that," I said, Cindy's eyes rolled.

"You remember the story you tell me about you betraying her, has she ever hated you for that?" I ask.

"No" Cindy grunt.

"Because you have a flawed and she accepts it, you are together with Lucinda right? Like in a relationship " I said.

"Yeah," Cindy said.

"Look to be in a relationship you need to accept each other flawed, she accepted you're, why can't you accept her?" I said.

"It complicated, Ok," Cindy said.

"It not, you're the one that making it complicated," I said.

"What am I suppose to do? just forget what happened, it not that easy, she betrays my trust Haru" Cindy said.

"I don't ask you to forget about it, I'm asking to at least talk to her and try to work something out,"I said, Cindy, lower her head.

"I know you still love her and she loves you, don't let this whatever happens in the past end the relationship you had with her," I said.

"Give her a chance?" I said while raising my fist for a fistbump.

"Ok, fine" Cindy said smiling while returning my fistbump.

"That the Cindy I know and also the kid name is Kusagi," I said,

"Kusagi? You're naming her now?" Cindy said.

"Yeah?" I ask.

"At least pick a better name," Cindy said.

"The kid like it! that all that matter" I said then get up from the chair, Cindy went back to her work and I walk to Kusagi.

Kusagi ran up to me and show me an apple in her hand, Kusagi pouted and droop her ears; showing disappointment.

"Is that all you can find?" I ask.

Kusagi nodded.

"You know what, let get out and get some food," I said.

Kusagi extends the apple toward me but I push the apple back to her.

"You can have it,"I said, kusagi smiled and take a bite of the apple.

"If she gonna head out, she needs clothes to cover herself from the cold and people outside, luckily I have that clothes," Lucinda said walking to us.

"What you got in mind?" I asked, turn and faced Lucinda.

"It a surprise" Lucinda said while giddy raising the shopping bags up.

I glance to Kusagi and she glances back at me; her hand behind her back. Is she feeling nervous about what going on, maybe never experience thing like this before. I nudge my head and smiled at her; I reassure her that everything is fine.

"Let hurried, I can't wait to dress you up" Lucinda hummed.

"Promise me, Lucinda, to take it easy on Kusagi" I chuckled.

"Kusagi? Is that her name?" Lucinda asks, Kusagi nod her head.

"Well kusagi there nothing to worry about, it just what girl do, we dress up" Lucinda reassure.

"Come on," Lucinda extends her hand, Kusagi slowly takes her hand.

"I will be waiting here!" I said as Lucinda drag Kusagi away.

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