Chapter 39:

Chapter 39 [Beautiful]


I was astounded by the clothes that Kusagi wear, I look up and down; see that she is wearing blue jeans strap overall with a horizontal black and white striped long sleeves shirt, puffball blues beanie and a jacket with a black trench coat. The folding knife visibly bugles in her front pocket.Bookmark here

I look down to Kusagi feet; seeing that she is not wearing any shoes.Bookmark here

"Where the shoes?" I asked Lucinda standing behind Kusagi.Bookmark here

"I can't find any that fit, I maybe need to make a custom shoe for her," Lucinda said.Bookmark here

"Wait, you make this?" I asked surprised.Bookmark here

"Yeah, all my cloth are made by my own hand, it's my hobby also I made a leather jacket and a scarf for you," Lucinda said then she extends her arm that holding one of the shopping bags at me, I grab the shopping bag away.Bookmark here

"Thank you but do you make all the cloth that Kusagi wear from morning to evening in that short amount a time?" I ask.Bookmark here

"No, these clothes are just for fun I make way back in the days, I have them lying around in my closet, nobody can wear it because it was made for a kid since we have a kid here, why not right?" Lucinda said.Bookmark here

"Well anyway, you look so cute in those clothes, Kusagi," I said looking downward at Kusagi.Bookmark here

Kusagi cheeks redden after hearing my compliment; she pulls her beanie down to hide her face. I let out a chuckle while Lucinda giggles at how cute Kusagi react.Bookmark here

"You ready?" I asked, Kusagi nod slowly still hiding her face.Bookmark here

"Lucinda, I talk to Cindy," I said.Bookmark here

"Thank you," Lucinda said, with a sad smile on her face.Bookmark here

"Good luck," I said, then I look down to Kusagi she walks close to me and holds my hand.Bookmark here

I was surprised but I didn't pull away; this feeling, how I miss it when I was young the warmth feeling of being with a family. A tinge of sadness crept into my heart as I remember what happened to Uncle. Those people will pay no matter what; I willing to sacrifice everything to achieve it even selling my souls to the devil.Bookmark here

I walk toward the door with Kusagi holds my hand while my other hand holding the shopping bag that Lucinda just gave me.Bookmark here

"Where are guys going?" Cindy asked across the room.Bookmark here

"We going out to get something to eat" I replied.Bookmark here

We stop in front of the door, I take a look inside the shopping bag; finding a leather jacket and a scarf. I take both of the pieces of clothing out and I wear the leather jacket while I wrapped the scarf around Kusagi neck; keeping her warm.Bookmark here

I open the door and my eyes were greeted by a white landscape; the sidewalk, the roof of the other warehouse even the streetlight is covered by snow if that not enough it still is snowing lightly. I look at mine Indian scout bobber motorcycle park in the driveway; I sighed as even my motorcycle is covered by snow. I look at Kusagi feet.Bookmark here

"Kusagi stays here while I get rid of the snow from my motorcycle," I said, Kusagi nod and let go of my hand.Bookmark here

Walking toward the motorcycle, I begin removing the snow by pushing the snow off the motorcycle. After a couple minute of frustration, I finally clear the snow off the motorcycle, I press the starter and the motorcycle roar; as its engines warming up.Bookmark here

I walk back inside of the warehouse passing Kusagi and grabbing my regular full face helmet and motorcycle goggles. I drop down to my knee so I'm the same height as her, I took off the beanie and put the helmet on her head carefully not to hurt her rabbit ears.Bookmark here

"You okay?" I ask, Kusagi replied with a nod.Bookmark here

I turn my body, so my back facing her Kusagi still on my knees.Bookmark here

"Come on what are you waiting for? Get on" I said.Bookmark here

"w..wha..what?" Kusagi stutter, Her expression shows a confused look.Bookmark here

"Well, I can't have you walk on the freezing street with no shoes on," I said.Bookmark here

"I'm fine with the cold," Kusagi said.Bookmark here

"Don't be ridiculous, get on," I said.Bookmark here

Kusagi nervously moves closer to my back and put her leg between my arm and her hand both place on my shoulders. I secure my hand around her leg when I stand up with Kusagi on my back I walk toward the motorcycle; I can feel her warm breath on my neck, while her hand grabs my shoulder tightly.Bookmark here

When I reach the motorcycle I place her in the back seat carefully and get on the motorcycle; wearing my goggles on, I kick the stand back t it place and turn the throttle letting the motorcycle roar, squeezing the clutch, I change the gear with my leg, turning the throttle and the motorcycle finally move as I let go slowly of the clutch.Bookmark here

We ride the motorcycle past the gate and into the industrial area, the cold freezing wind caressed my face, sending a shiver down my spine. I look at the sidewalk of the industrial area it covered by thick snow, you can't even tell that this sidewalk used to be very poorly maintained, filled with crack and pothole.Bookmark here

Even the sketchy residence that roaming around here is in their home avoiding the cold, for the first time in three years that I used this road; I felt safe.Bookmark here

As we almost getting out of the industrial area; we pass by the tunnel that Cindy and I collapse to use as an escape. It is covered by a construction sign that says work in progress, they're not a single cop around it; the Anomaly Inc covered up fast.Bookmark here

The longer we ride, we enter the low-cost residential area; It is filled with low-cost apartment and old home. At least the residential area is filled with many types of Christmas decoration to make the atmosphere of the place seem lively, even the sidewalk is crowded with people walking around, carol singers and fat men dressed up like Santa.Bookmark here

we pass a playground that covered in snow; I can see kids playing around throwing snowballs at each other, making snowman and snow angel on the ground. I felt Kusagi tighten her grip on my shoulder as we pass by the playground.Bookmark here

I slow the motorcycle and stop beside the playground, I turn my head so I can see Kusagi.Bookmark here

"Do you want to play with the other?" I ask, Kusagi buried her faced on my back.Bookmark here

"I..can't.." Kusagi whispered.Bookmark here

"why?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I'm not... like the other kids.. they will be scared of me," Kusagi said, her grip tighten even more.Bookmark here

"Listen to me, no matter what they said, you always look like a kid to me" I assure.Bookmark here

"Thank you Haru but ... can we go now," Kusagi said.Bookmark here

"Ok, no problem," I said.Bookmark here

I let go of the clutch and turn the throttle; the motorcycle wheels turn again carrying us to our destination.Bookmark here

Finally, we enter the city area, I can see in the side mirror that Kusagi face was amazed and mesmerized by the sight of the city; It is filled with tall skyscrapers, big Victorian architecture building, beautiful condominium and many more.Bookmark here

Even the sidewalk is something else, it is even more crowded by shoppers, as they walk pass shop window showcasing beautiful expensive items such as bags, dress, fur coat and many more even the street I'm using is crowded with cars making whoever drive their car will surely be stuck in a crawl.Bookmark here

After a half of hours, I slowly stopped the motorcycle on the side of the streets, I kick the stand so I can park the Motorcycle; getting off the motorcycle.Bookmark here

"where are we?" Kusagi said in a soft tone.Bookmark here

"A secret place I come to calm my mind," I said, lifting Kusagi off the motorcycle I carry her with my arm, crossing the divider, I walk up a small hill buried by thin snow. It doesn't take long as I reach the top, I turn behind me I can see my Motorcycle parked at the side of the street and the footstep I left behind.Bookmark here

Turning my body again facing the other side of the hill.Bookmark here

"Look at that view," I said, and kusagi mouth widens in surprise.Bookmark here

She was surprised to see Lunarhaven in full view with it the concrete jungle in the middle, the metal giants factories near the docks, and the residential area and at the side of the hill are filled with a big beautiful mansion.Bookmark here

"I love the view from up here, it just calms me," I said.Bookmark here

"Kusagi to tell you the truth, my mind right now is very unstable and one of the ways that I can calm down is looking at this views" I continue.Bookmark here

"do you feel calm and peaceful when watching this views?" I ask, Kusagi nod slowly as she keeps watching the view.Bookmark here

"you can come here if you want but it comes with a price, you can't tell anybody this place because if everybody knows then this place will be crowded and it will ruin this place, let pinky promise that you will never tell anyone about this place," I said and raising my hand so she could see my pinky.Bookmark here

Kusagi smile and interlocking her pinky with mine, Kusagi smile and I can see a single tear flowing down her cheek and falling to the ground.Bookmark here

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