Chapter 1:

This is just a prologue! Relax!

Beyond the Copyright! Actually I don't know a good title...

"Duuun, duun, dun dun dun, duuun, duun, dun dun dun, duuun, duun—"


"I am doing it properly!"

"oh yeah?! by starting it with a St** Wars theme song?!"

"In a Galaxy far, far away! Luke Skywa**** met the Guard**** of the Gala**! Then—"

"What has this novel come to?"

"Relax... it's just a prologue."

"You already butchered the synopsis! and now this?! I wanted this to be a linear story! not some half-ass joke about your stupid nature!"

"Hey! first of all, ouch my pride, and second of all... I'm going to edit the Genres to trick the readers! that this is a linear story!"

"No! We've already done enough, and that's it! We're going to end it here!"

"NOO!!! Now this is going to be a half-assed chapter with your uptight ass ending it!"

"1st of all... that's a nice comeback, and 2nd of all this novel is a joke! It isn't even a novel anymore! I'm going to end it!"

"Hey, calm down... how about let's publish this chapter, and see what happens..."

"What? No!"

"Let's bet! If I win we're going to continue this with one chapter!"

"And if I win we're going to end it! And I'm going to spoil the movie to you!"

"HEY! That's not even fair!"

"If you call it unfair, then I'm going to end it... and spoil the—"

"Alright! Fine!"

"That's a good boy..."

"I'm not a dog!"

"Let's just end this chapter... please?"

"Okay! Bye! See you next time... if there is a next time... Woohoo! I'm crying! please help me continue—"

"Shut the hell up! Anyways... Bye!"