Chapter 40:

Chapter 40 [Dance]



The freezing winter cold wind blast on my face as we move away from the hill I visit earlier and trying to find someplace for us to eat.

A sharp pain crept into my brain cause me to wince a little, I kept on focusing on the road; don't want to crash the motorcycle for no reason.

The road I'm using is barren no car in sight because I'm still far away from the city limit or residential limit. From the distance I saw a small building on the side of the road; it looks like a small diner.

Maybe we can get something to eat there.

When my eyes went back to the street, I saw my own uncle standing in the middle of the road, I quickly step and squeeze the front and back brake at the same time.

The motorcycle drift as both of its wheel locks into place, I try to steer so the motorcycle doesn't slide too far; it hard to do it since the road is wet.

I can feel Kusagi hugging my waist very tightly, her body shaking with fear. The Motorcycle momentum becoming slow and slow until it finally stops.

When I blink my eyes again, uncle was nowhere to be seen; I look at the side of the Road. I was surprised that we actually stop in front of the diner.

"Are you okay Kusagi?" I asked I can feel her head nodding behind me, I sighed.

I almost kill us both, I need a place to calm my mind.

"I think this good place for us to eat," I said, releasing the brake; I ride the motorcycle into in parking area and park it.

I take off the goggle I wearing and hang it on my throttle. I then proceed to get off on the motorcycle, taking a long breath, I reach into my.pocket and take out the bottle of pills; popping two in my mouth I swallow it.

I walk to Kusagi and squat so she is the same level of height as me, I help her take off the helmet first, put on her beanie then I turn my body so my back facing her; I nudge my head so she climbs on. After Kusagi climb on my back, I lift her up and we start walking toward the diner.

I look around the parking lot, it empty except for one old truck.

"Do you ever been to a Diner before?" I ask as we walking up the steps; Kusagi shakes her heads.

"Well it nothing special but it a good place to get food," I said, pushing the door and the bell chimes.

I look at the interior of the diner; its classic look from the cushioned stool lining up a the counter, the multiple booths with red leather seat lining up next to the window, the old jukebox at the back of the diner next to the toilet entrance and candy dispenser beside it.

The diner looks good but the customer in other hands; I can only see an old guy seating at the stool.

I walk with Kusagi on my back to one of the booth, I place her in the seat first then I take a seat facing her. I hear light footstep from behind me; I simply ignore it since it probably the waiter.

"It rare to see folk here when it the second day of Christmas" The cheerful waiter chimed, she then begins to give us the menu.

"Call me when you ready to order," The cheerful waiter said, I nod to her and she walks away with a smile on her face.

"Order anything you like," I said to Kusagi, laying my menu down on the table.

Kusagi look at the menu and her eyes caught a glimpse at the Kids meal; with its pretty color and fun looking design it will surely attract the kids and also the food set is not half bad; it has hashbrown, chips, nugget with a medium burger that has a flag planted on top of it.

"Do you want that?" I ask as I see her mouth drooling over it.

Kusagi nod her head very enthusiastically, I can't help myself but let out a smile as I look at Kusagi's excited face.

"Waiter?!" I called out.

"Yes how may I help?" the waiter said suddenly appearing beside me, she shook me I don't even see her coming.

"She would like the kid's meal and can I have a slice of pie," I said.

"And what would you folk like to drink?" the waiter asked.

"Coffee for me and orange juice for the kid," I said.

"Is that all?" the waiter asked, I nod and the waiter leave after taking the menu away.

"What the story behind the Barcode on your neck?" I ask, looking at the barcode on her neck.

"It nothing!" she said, frowning and cover it up with her hand.

"Calm down, I'm just asking," I said.

"I... don't want about it," Kusagi said, she has this pure hatred in her eyes as she looks downward.

The mood quickly becomes sour after I accidentally step on a conversational landmine. Something in the past really hurt her; from her distinct feature, I can tell that she is from the Red Federation.

From the news, I heard that the country is under martial arrest after a terror attack on the leader of the country. The terror attack was supposed to be a message about the citizen doesn't want to live under the ruling dictatorship. Since the attack, the country has been living in constant war between its citizen and the country military force.

Guilt spreading around my heart as I remind Kusagi about her past, he sour face all that needed to confirm this. 

How am I gonna make it up to her? 

My eyes notice something in the reflection on the frame that hangs on the wall in front of me, I turn my head and saw the jukebox across the room; I grin and stand up from the seat.

"Wait here!" I said excitedly.

Jogging toward the jukebox, I see the light is still on; that means it is still working. Taking out a coin from my pocket I slide the coin into the slot and press B-12; the arm inside the machine moves to a disk, it grabs the disk and places it on the disk player.

'Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode' play as I snap my finger to the rhythm and begins to tap my feet. I turn, running forward and slide toward the booth Kusagi is seating, I begin moving feet to the rhythm with a smirk on my face.

"My uncle once taught me how to dance, do you know how to dance?" I ask; Kusagi shake her head in confusion.

"Do you want to learn how?" I ask; extending my hand toward her.

Kusagi grabs my hand and I lift her up so she could stand.

"Just follow my lead," I said.

I rotate my body and snap my finger; then I begin to shuffle my feet and do the rest by following the rhythm of the music. Kusagi watch me dance and begins to follow my lead, I hold her left hand and raise it so she could turn her body.

I could see in the corner of my eyes that even the waiter and the kitchen staff is dancing to the music.

Kusagi begins to smile, laughing and dancing likes she never been in her entire life. When the music finishes the mood between us finally lift up and we seat at the booth at the same time as the waiter brought our food to our table. Kusagi stomach growling in hunger as she looks at her food.

"What are you waiting for?" I said.

Kusagi quickly chows down her food using her hand instead of the spoon and fork beside the plate, I took a fork and slice the pie into bite; eating it even if I can't taste it.

I look outside the sun is beginning to set; as the sky, color change into bright orange hue.

My smartphone vibrates in my pocket; I reach into the pocket and take out the smartphone, sliding the answer button, I heard Cindy voice talking.

"Hey, I think, I got a plan on getting Lorenzo fingerprints," Cindy said.

"How?" I asked.

"I tell you when you came back also can you stop by Ricky place and grab something for me," Cindy said.

"Sure, do you need anything else, Milord?" I sassed; I could hear Cindy giggling.

"Yes, one more thing good servant, buy me a finest Unicornia crunchy blaster Ice cream bucket," Cindy said; imitating a noble voice.

"But it's the middle of winter, who eat ice cream when it the middle of winter?" I exclaimed.

"I do," Cindy said and end the call on me.

I sighed.