Chapter 67:

Rebel Quest!

New Leaf!

Bailey and I were watching an anime on her phone. And not just any anime, it was Rebel Quest! This is the beautifully animated show that I watched on BluFilms. Rebel Quest is the show about the guy who gets transported to the fantasy world with four very different feuding nations. And the guy must unite the four nations to combat an evil that affects everyone.Bookmark here

Bailey is apparently as big a fan as I am of Rebel Quest. But honestly, who wouldn’t be. The anime has a lot of things — likeable and believable characters, beautifully drawn and creative settings, a compelling story, and epic fight scenes that are meticulously animated.Bookmark here

“Ooh, I really like this fight scene! Ash was so cool here!”Bookmark here

“Hah, I know, right? Man, I really wish she were a main character instead of a side character…”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Ash was standing in an industrial area. She was in a boiler room with a lot of space… The lighting was low… The floor was made of concrete… On the ceiling was an intricate system of heavy-duty pipes.Bookmark here

By the way Ash was dressed, it is hard to tell what nation she belongs to. She was wearing a plain brown outfit and grey boots, and that was it. Her hair was up to her shoulders, and it was unkempt. Her hair was also bright green, mimicking the colour of leaves on a fresh tree. But the most notable thing about her attire was the thing around her neck and chest — a thick scarf that was darker than her hair colour.Bookmark here

In front of her was her opponent. It was a humanoid creature that was three times bigger than her. It resembled a furry brown boar, and it was wearing deep blue iron platings around its body. In its hand was a heavy sledge hammer-like weapon — a club… Bookmark here

The monster spoke in a deep and raspy voice.Bookmark here

“Seriously!? You’re my opponent!?”Bookmark here

The monster stomped its foot on the ground.Bookmark here

“Gah! This is going to be too easy for me… It ticks me off! Why couldn’t they give me someone stronger to fight against!?”Bookmark here

Ash shrugged confidently and spoke casually.Bookmark here

“Oh, stop complaining. Do you think I’m weak? Please stop, it’s actually kind of rude to underestimate me…”Bookmark here

She said the last part sarcastically.Bookmark here

“You know, monster, I think I’ll be able to stand my ground against you… After all, you’re just a dumb creature that thinks girth is everything…”Bookmark here

The monster smashed its club on the concrete cold floor, forming multiple cracks…Bookmark here

“Shut up! I’ll crush you!”Bookmark here

The monster angrily ran towards Ash, holding the club over its head. And when it arrived, it brought its club on the ground, directly where Ash was, throwing shards of concrete into the air. But…Bookmark here

“Geez man, you’re way too slow for me…”Bookmark here

The monster frantically turned its head in confusion. Beside it was Ash with a cocky look on her face.Bookmark here

“But wow, you cracked the concrete! You got a lot of power behind your swing. You know, you’d probably be able to hit me if you focused more on speed and less on power — probably. And your weapon’s mass contributes to it! You need-”Bookmark here

“Shut it!”Bookmark here

The monster swung around, bringing its club along to hit Ash in her gut. But at the last minute, she dodged it; she jumped over it because the head of the club was as big as her. The monster spun around to face Ash again and decided to slam its club onto her. But Ash responded swiftly and jumped back.Bookmark here

With the both of them a couple of metres away from each other, Ash spoke.Bookmark here

“Hm… You know, I’m going to have to fight back right about now — sorry!”Bookmark here

“Okay… I doubt it’ll do much, but I’ll take it if it makes things a bit more interesting!”Bookmark here

She slowly grabbed onto one of the thick threads of her scarf… She pulled it, and suddenly the other threads of her scarf separated and started floating, surrounding Ash’s upper body.Bookmark here

My scarf is not a scarf — it is my main weapon of choice. It is actually a long vine continuously wrapped around me. It is a vine because I am a proficient dark magician! And, it is a vine because I lack the physical capabilities to attack from a long range. Due to how I was born, I cannot do things like shoot damaging beams from my fingertips. But, most dark magicians have the skill of being able to control most living things. My vines do not move a lot, so I still have to rely on moving them manually to attack, capture, or ensnare opponents. Against this muscle-head, it’s an easy victory for me!Bookmark here

Ash eerily smiled at the monster.Bookmark here

“Hmph! That’s a fancy scarf you got there, but what would that do!? Hey pipsqueak, I-”Bookmark here

But the monster was stopped. Around its neck was a vine, and its legs were tied together. Its neck and legs were wrapped with the same vine, both connecting to Ash crouching behind the monster. Bookmark here

With all her strength, she pulled the vine connected to the monster’s neck, making it fall to the ground and hit its head. With the addition of magic controlling the vine, the force was far greater.Bookmark here

After the sound of the collision, Ash recalled her vines and swiftly jumped back.Bookmark here

Hm… No, that wasn’t enough!Bookmark here

Ash threw both ends of her vine at a pipe above the monster’s feet, wrapping around it with magic. She tightly held onto the vine and pulled.Bookmark here

The large and heavy pipe flew towards the monster’s face… But it pushed it away with its hand at the last second, pushing it to the side. Ash quickly recalled her vines from the pipe.Bookmark here

Ash turned her head. She noticed that the monster’s club was idle — it let go when it hit its head on the ground. She threw the same ends at the club… But the monster intercepted it by grabbing Ash’s vines.Bookmark here

The monster yanked the vine, sending Ash flying towards the monster.Bookmark here

“Oi pipsqueak… I won’t let you!”Bookmark here

“All part of the plan, idiot!”Bookmark here

The monster looked confusingly at Ash. When it did, it fell. The monster did not notice that the vine moved to wrap around its leg and the club. The vine forcefully pulled the monster’s leg back, using the heavy weapon as a weight. As it fell, Ash arrived and gave it an axe kick on the back of its head, propelling her forward.Bookmark here

Ash safely landed while recalling her vine. She then threw one end at the club, wrapping around it. It was heavy, but that did not surprise Ash. It was slowly being pulled towards Ash, but the monster quickly recovered and grabbed the club — a tug-of-war match ensued between Ash and the monster. Ash was barely able to keep up with the extra magic.Bookmark here

These types of vines are pretty durable, so they won't break easily… Bookmark here

But Ash had a different plan. She was struggling because she was only using one end to pull the club. Using magic, she moved the other end towards the monster — she was having trouble standing her ground because some of her magic being used to pull the vine was being used in the other end. The other end wrapped around the monster’s neck and tightened.Bookmark here

“According to your biology, you need air, right? You should really stop and tend to the vine strangling you…”Bookmark here

But that just made the monster angrier. The sudden jerk made Ash lose her footing, and the monster retrieved the club. Ash shook her head and retracted her vines. Bookmark here

But as soon as it got the club back, the monster held it over its head. As hard as it could, the monster threw the club at Ash. She couldn’t react in time, so her only option was to put her arms up and brace for the impact… She went flying, rolling and bouncing on the ground as she did.Bookmark here

“D-Dammit!..”Bookmark here

She took a longer than usual time to recover… But when she finally wiped away the blood coming from her head, she noticed that the monster was running towards her with the club in his hand. But she did not retreat — instead, she ran towards the monster.Bookmark here

The monster was giving off hateful vibes, but Ash did not falter… The club was hard and heavy and the monster was strong, but Ash did not slow down… The monster was horrendous and had an evil face, but Ash was not scared… Bookmark here

They both yelled to pump themselves up, and…Bookmark here

When they arrived at each other, the monster swung his club at Ash’s side, but she dodged — she slid under the weapon and under the monster’s legs. Bookmark here

She was behind it. But before attacking, Ash threw both ends of her vine above and beyond the monster, wrapping around a pipe. The monster quickly turned around, but Ash punched it in its chest, powering herself up with magic. The monster flew back with a ‘gah!’ and dropped its club.Bookmark here

“But this isn’t even my final trick!”Bookmark here

Ash made the vine fly to her while the middle of it was wrapped around the pipe. They grabbed the club and brought it towards the pipe, creating something looking similar to a pulley system. Bookmark here

Ash then pulled the vines connecting to her. And when she did, the vines wrapped around the pipe unwound around it with the club still attached to it. With this, Ash ran up to the monster and punched it, pushing it towards the spinning club.Bookmark here

“Grah!”Bookmark here

And with that, the club landed on the monster, hitting it on the head and knocking it out… Bookmark here

When the monster fell, the vine released from the club, and she recalled her vines… The battle ended with her victory… She took a deep sigh of relief and stretched her arms…Bookmark here

“You know, monster person, sometimes, it’s better to work smarter rather than harder. But if you’re pretty dumb, I guess only the latter can be done, right? Hah!”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Um… Sorry for interrupting you two, but we have arrived…”Bookmark here

When Ren called us, I looked up and noticed that we were in a hotel parking lot. Bookmark here

“Oh… Well, we only have a few minutes left in the clip. Camryn, let’s finish this later, yeah?”Bookmark here

“Yeah!”Bookmark here

And with that, we all left the car to unpack our things from the trunk.Bookmark here

Bailey… I think over this car trip, we’ve really bonded and became close — I think she’s closer compared to Ren’s other two friends. And I think our shared interest in Rebel Quest really helped!Bookmark here

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