Chapter 68:


New Leaf!

Bailey hasn’t been all too pleased with this trip. Of course, we’ve been having a lot of fun — we talked about Rebel Quest a lot, she showed me some shows that she’s interested in — but she’s still been somewhat annoyed. So… why? Because our trip was five hours long — glad to see the Ren didn’t collapse due to driving that whole time, and glad to see that Bailey or I didn’t die of boredom. Bookmark here

“Sorry Camryn, but the car ride is going to be five hours… Dammit, why? That’s so long for a business trip… Boss said that we’d skip a few cities, but that many cities? Dammit, why’d he have to understate it!?” is what she said during our trip. To me, it’s honestly not that bad. In fact, I’ve been through many mundane and long experiences, and I’ve endured the boredom — and the thoughts that come with boredom. But it was better because Bailey was there to keep me company.Bookmark here

This new city we’ve entered reminds me a lot of Tronito. There aren’t as many cool art pieces littering the streets, but there are still few — I suppose half a loaf of bread is better than none. I also think this city is older, with some buildings being made out of stones and bricks, and the architecture also adds to this. And I can’t explain it, but this city seems more… organized… less messy… therefore making it seem more mature. I also think this city is also pretty touristy — there is this long canal, and Bailey told me that people skate on it when it freezes in the winter.Bookmark here

What else?.. Oh yeah, did I mention that this city is the country’s capital city!? I mean, that’s gotta be really significant, right? But Tronito is bigger in both land area and population, so… Well, Bailey told me that a capital city is the most important city, and usually where the country’s leader is. And sure enough, the country’s prime minister resides here, working in a huge mansion-looking building with a clock tower…Bookmark here

And to be sent to the capital city on a mere business trip… I guess that explains everything. The office here must be a major one, so it makes sense that they are requesting and receiving help… Bookmark here

Our hotel was relatively high. Well, the building was not really tall, only a fraction of the height of Ren’s condominium building, but we were around the top floor. Our room was overlooking an outdoor park area, and there was a church beside it.Bookmark here

Our hotel room was pretty basic — I’ve… I’ve been in a few hotel rooms in the past. This one is made for two people, but I’m pretty sure a third can say here. There was a simple bathroom next to the door. There was a medium flat-screen TV on the wall with a dresser under it, and in one of the cabinets was a safe. Beside the dresser was a small desk and swivel chair with outlets on the wall in front of it. And in front of the TV were the beds — two queen-sized beds.Bookmark here

While we walked in, Bailey looked at a black alarm clock with the time.Bookmark here

“So it’s 12:05 right now…”Bookmark here

That makes sense because we left at around 7:00…Bookmark here

“We’re supposed to be there by 12:30, so… Shoot, will that be enough to eat lunch? Dammit, I haven’t eaten since breakfast…”Bookmark here

“Oh, Bailey!”Bookmark here

But I shook my head. I took off my grey backpack and dug into it, pulling out a plastic container. Inside it was a stack of brown, red, and yellow squares. I opened it and presented it to Bailey.Bookmark here

“Here, it’s pizza! They’re leftovers from what wasn’t sold at Alente Bistro yesterday.”Bookmark here

Her eyes lit up.Bookmark here

“Oh from Alente!? Ah, the pizza that Valerie makes is so good… Thanks, Camryn.”Bookmark here

Bailey reached for a slice but stopped.Bookmark here

“Wait, Camryn… These are for your lunch, so you should have them.”Bookmark here

I shook my head.Bookmark here

“Oh, n-no… Valerie gave me a few, so I have enough to share. A-And besides, I think this is more of a snack…”Bookmark here

Bailey smiled at me.Bookmark here

“Aw, thanks, Camryn…”Bookmark here

She happily took a slice and took a bite out of it. As she chewed, her smile grew wider and she put her hand on her cheek.Bookmark here

“Ah, so good… Even if it’s cold and old, that flavour’s still great…”Bookmark here

The crust wasn’t as crunchy, and the cheese was a bit soggy, but I knew that the flavour was still there. All of the things that Valerie prepares have this great trait of retaining most of their flavour after a while. But it’s fresh food without preservatives, so about a day or two is the most. And that other taste — why am I still thinking about it? I shouldn’t!Bookmark here

As I ate, I slowly turned my head to Ren. He was standing at a bed managing something in his small suitcase. His attire kind of confuses me because it is the opposite of Bailey’s — he is wearing his usual suit, while Bailey is wearing a casual blue blouse. Bailey told me that this office has a more laid-back dress code, so I thought Ren would wear something more comfortable. Meh, but what do I know? Maybe his suit is really comfortable to wear…Bookmark here

Bailey turned her head to Ren as well when she finished chewing.Bookmark here

“Ah, Ren, do you want some? There’s enough for the three of us…”Bookmark here

But Ren shook his head.Bookmark here

“Oh, thank you, but it is fine. You can have my share.”Bookmark here

O-Okay… But Bailey was not okay.Bookmark here

“Yeah, okay, okay… But it’s also fine if you have one… Take one!”Bookmark here

“Really, you can have my share — I insist…”Bookmark here

Bailey fully turned her body. Bookmark here

“Huh? The hell Ren? Just take a slice!”Bookmark here

Oh, I can feel Bailey getting more annoyed… Wow, after just one reply… She can be hot-headed and stubborn, but she’s still fun to be around.Bookmark here

“Oh, um…”Bookmark here

“Ren, any reason you don’t want one?”Bookmark here

“Oh, I…”Bookmark here

“Tch! Hey, are you insulting Valerie’s cooking? Dammit, Ren, I’m not gonna stand for it if you are!”Bookmark here

Ren calmly shook his head. Oh, so is Bailey’s intenseness not getting to him. Man, he's strong. Well, if he knew her since high school, he probably grew used to it… Bookmark here

“Not really… If you like the food so much, I think you should have it — this goes for Camryn as well…”Bookmark here

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… But since it’s this good, you can and should have some as well. And besides, we aren’t eating all of it by ourselves!”Bookmark here

Bailey took another slice and stomped towards Ren. She held onto Ren’s chin and pulled his mouth open.Bookmark here

“Eat up!”Bookmark here

Bailey violently shoved the slice into Ren’s now open month. Damn… Wait, why am I just watching?Bookmark here

“Yeah, just chew… How is it? Are you enjoying it? Is it delicious?”Bookmark here

Ren nodded and spoke through a mouth full of pizza.Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah…”Bookmark here

“Valerie’s not worthy of that type of response — louder!”Bookmark here

“O-Oh… Y-Yeah!”Bookmark here

Hm… I see…Bookmark here

“Okay, Ren, we better get going.”Bookmark here

When Ren finished, Bailey walked to me.Bookmark here

“Hey Camryn, are you finished with these?”Bookmark here

After taking three extra slices, I handed the container to her. She took it and walked towards Ren. She then grabbed him by the necktie and dragged him with her towards the door. Ren was not resisting, just silently walking with her with his neck bent forwards.Bookmark here

“Okay Camryn, we gotta go. You got a room key, right? Feel free to roam around outside… We’ll be back before dinner, okay?”Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah…”Bookmark here

She smiled warmly at me as she said her farewells.Bookmark here

“Okay. Then Camryn, have fun! We’ll try doing the same on our end…”Bookmark here

And with that, Bailey left the room, dragging Ren by his necktie with her...Bookmark here

...Honestly, I’m still processing what happened. Is this a usual occurrence? She acted like she owns Ren… I guess that’s just how she is. So dominant… So powerful… She can act so cold — especially towards Ren… But they’re still good friends… Bookmark here

I see…Bookmark here

Hm… After a few days of going on internet forums… After a few days of talking with Alan… I got to know some terms… And with how cold she can be towards Ren and still being amiable with him… Bookmark here

Bailey Hollow… is a mother-flipping tsundere… Bookmark here

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