Chapter 48:


Cafe Eris

Ugh. Poop on a boiling stick! We’re back at this dumb school filled with dumb teachers n’ the worm that dragged me here. I already spend HOURS with these dumbos. I should be watching Barthur at home right now. But APPARENTLY the adults thought sittin’ down for 15 stupid minutes and talking about my “progress” is important. Mr. Bora hasn’t even progressed past his ex-wife, so I don’t think I’m the one we should be talking about.Bookmark here

On top of bein’ dragged to this prison, I had to go with Kulsum and Mark, or should I say Kakura and Maruto, if I don’t wanna hear Mark cry for 15 hours. He thinks he’s the main character of some anime ‘cuz he can’t take reality. He can’t even spell or use proper punkchuashin! Also, I Pixie Tail is so much better than Naru-Bookmark here

“Stop dragging your feet through the mud, I just bought you those shoes,” the worm interrupted me. Still, I guess he was right about the shoes. Bookmark here

ANYWAY back to Maruto, his family is stupidly happy for NO reason. What do they even have to be happy about? Maruto lives in a dream world and they don’t do nothin’ about it. At this rate he’ll become an irresponsable adult just like his parents. Also, his older sister’s name is Daisy. DAISY! She’s a k-poop idol and her songs suck, I hate them. Bookmark here

You know who’s songs are great though? John Doe. What a guy. Bookmark here

We almost made it to the classroom but on the way there we got stopped by Mr. Beyin who apparently couldn’t mind his own business and just had to say “Hi.” No one really  wants to say hi to other people but adults think it’s polite so Kulsum’s parents did it anyways. Bookmark here

But maybe I do like Mr. Beyin, because he’s finally gonna tell Mark’s parents that they need to take the cotton out of their insect-sized brains and finally tell their son he has problems. Not me though. I don’t have problems. That’s why Mr. Beyin didn’t talk to me and my folks that didn’t show up today. Yeah!Bookmark here

I was up first to be tortured by Mr. Bora. I already knew what that old geezer was gonna say. Blah blah blah Mishti needs to stop biting people in class blah blah Mishti should finish her homework blah blah. Bookmark here

BLAH BLAH BLAH.Bookmark here

The usual blabber that no one cares about. I bet Mr. Bora didn’ even know that no one even listens to him in class because he’s BOOOOOOOORINNNNNGGGGG. No one cares about “self reflection” buddy. Maybe instead of telling on me to the worm who is also younger than him he should think about why I don’t listen to a soggy biscuit like him with no athoraty. Bookmark here

But still, the worm kept saying we should “have a chat” with him even when mom and pops said it didn’t matter. The worm was always insisting on how “ejucayshun” or whatever is important. It’s annoying but I guess I’ll keep ‘im around. Even though he’s wimpy and only like 3 millimetres taller than me, at least he’s nice, and in a not wimpy way. Bookmark here

So yeah, I let the worm drag me to see Mr. Boring’s fugly face outside of school hours, but before we got there, I got to see something hilarious. Bookmark here

See, Kulsum’s parents were totally NOT getting along today. They kept lookin’ at each other angrily like one was about to yell any second. Trust me, I can tell ‘ese things. I’m surprised Kulsum’s mom even showed up this time, she’s usually busy with boring adult stuff like work and “having a job” or whatever. And Lucky is so unlucky. She’s married to a wimp like Kulsum’s dad. He’s nice but he’d definitely get bullied in my class. Bookmark here

Anyway, Mr. Bora was talking to some chick who left when he noticed us outside the door. “Hey! Mishti, you’re here with your brother!” he turned to the worm, “Are you an adult? Just need to verify since she has to be here with a guardian.”Bookmark here

I tapped my foot impatiently and looked at my wrist. I don’t have a watch there, but it’s what adults do when they want to let you know you’re wasting their preshus time. I hate adults and their rules.Bookmark here

“Yep,” the worm showed him a little card and we went to sit down, leaving behind Kulsum and her grumpy family and Mark and his family of simpletons.Bookmark here

We didn’t even get past the dumb hi, hello introduction when I heard yelling from a distance. Nice! I thought today was gonna be super boring, but I guess I was wrong! From the voices, it sounded like Kulsum’s parents. They finally started yellin’ huh? What’d I say?Bookmark here

“Are you serious? Even this year!?” Kulsum’s dad shouted. Never thought the guy had it in him to speak louder than a bee, but wow! My respect for him definitely went up. Now it’s not in the negative numbers anymore.Bookmark here

“I don’t expect you to understand that I have a career and my client needs me right now. I have no choice.” Meh, not mean enough. Try again Unlucky.Bookmark here

“Your DAUGHTER needs you right now!” Bookmark here

Not bad, Ahmed, one point for you. Bookmark here

OUR daughter needs to grow up in a financially stable household! That means that I go out and make money while you take care of unimportant things like THIS.”Bookmark here

Ok nevermind. I’m rooting for Unlucky! 10 points! She’s real smart for understanding how stupid these meetings are.Bookmark here

The worm got up and closed the door. BOOOOOO. It was just getting to the good part! I made a face at him and he made one back. Bookmark here

“Alright, back to the matter at hand,” Mr. Bora said. UGH I wanna go home. “Mishti is having behavioural issues in class. I’m sure you’re aware of this from the several complaints filed by other student’s parents this year,'' he looked at me like I was s’pposed to say something to that.Bookmark here

“Yes, I’m aware. I spoke to those parents, and we managed to sort it out more or less. Apologies again for the trouble.”Bookmark here

Mr. Bora gave him a mean look. I guess he was bullying the worm now cuz he could never take me. What a loser.Bookmark here

“Recently she even attacked a student one year younger than her. This type of behaviour is troubling.” OH SHUDDUP you sheep! I won that fight fair and square. Bookmark here

Mr. Bora looked at me again. Tch.Bookmark here

“What are you staring at Hatake?” I growled.Bookmark here

“Mishti! You can’t say that!” the worm said.Bookmark here

“Which part?” I asked.Bookmark here

“Any of it! You can’t call your teachers by their first name, and you should show some respect.”Bookmark here

Mr. Bora put up his hand to shut the worm up, as he should. “It’s alright. We’ll address this in class but, I understand that these outbursts may be a result of other external factors, correct?” Bookmark here

The worm nodded. I slammed my hand on the table, “Stop beating ‘round the bush Hatake! Whadd’ya really wanna know?” He should be grateful I held back from calling him a rat goblin gremlin puddle of gunk. That was my best insult. I thought of it for a week!Bookmark here

Mr. Bora sighed and ignored me. Where are his manners that he keeps talking about!Bookmark here

“I also should let you know that her grades are poor. Not because she’s bad at the subjects. It’s clear she has a very high level of understanding literature……. and vocabulary. However, she refuses to do the work.”Bookmark here

Hah! As if! He’s just straight up LYING because he hates me. Just cuz he kept bothering me, I already showed him I was better than everyone else by totally destroying ALL those suckers at every single spelling bee! Plus I even know about negative numbers and the worm said he only learned that in 5th grade! All the other stuff doesn’t even matter, I already proved I know my stuff. Bookmark here

But the worm didn’t tell him any of that. The worm just nodded again. Man! Is that all you can do, you WIMP?! Bookmark here

“I’ll make sure she finishes her work. I know she’s capable of a lot more.” The worm finally spoke.Bookmark here

“Of course.” He looked at me again. “Is there anything you’d like to add, Mishti?”Bookmark here

I crossed my arms and slumped in my chair, “Nah.” Watch yer back Hatake. Bookmark here

We FINALLY got up and left. Bookmark here

When we got outside I saw that Mark was on the ground sniffling and crying like a stupid babbling monkey while his kpoop sister dragged him into the classroom. Her balloon head parents followed.Bookmark here

I looked around and realized Kulsum’s mom was nowhere to be seen. Aw man. I missed the whole entire fight! Her dad was on his phone texting aggressively. Maybe if I got a little closer I could see what he was sayi-Bookmark here

“We’re done here so we’ll be off then,” the worm waved to Kulsum’s dad, who stopped typing angrily for a second to smile.Bookmark here

“I don’t wanna go home,” I said.Bookmark here

“Yeah, me neither.” Even if he was a wimp, he was a wimpy short worm with a brain the size of a human. Bookmark here

“Let’s go to cafe Eris then” Bookmark here

I nodded. I wanted to slap the weird bald man’s head. That would make me feel better.Bookmark here

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