Chapter 48:

Chapter 48 [Phoenix]


NO!Bookmark here

NEVER AGAIN!Bookmark here

NO THIS TIMES!Bookmark here


I raise the gauntlet and aim toward the wall on the other side of Jeanie; the hook shot and planted on the wall, squeezing my hand the rope start to retract with enough horsepower that I was being dragged by the gauntlet on the floor through the rubble and rocks.Bookmark here

I scream as the strain between my shoulder blade being pulled to it limit as I was being dragged; I clench my teeth and hold through the pain.Bookmark here

I get closer and closer to Jeanie; looking at Lorenzo I could see that he finally finish compacting his magic into a small ball.Bookmark here

Lorenzo throw the small ball of magic toward Jeanie but I was already close to Jeanie; I grab her body with my hand and embrace her with my arm and holding her head close to my chest while I lay on my back; making sure that  the friction being dragged on the floor filled with rubble only hitting my body.Bookmark here

the small ball passed us and hit the wall.Bookmark here

"DARK GRAVITY!" Bellowed Lorenzo.Bookmark here

and the small ball turns into a swirling black hole that sucks everything near it; the small ball emits a powerful pulling force that almost sucks us in if we were not being pulled by my grapple gauntlet.Bookmark here

The powerful small black hole disappear; I can hear Lorenzo chuckle amaze by his own power.Bookmark here

"That my true power, WITNESS IT!!" Lorenzo exclaim.Bookmark here

As soon as he finishes his sentence; he was slam by Phoenix and tossed across the room.Bookmark here

We stop as the grapple finish retract the rope in; my back leaning on the wall with Jeanie head on my chest, I look down at her and I could see her band dishevel revealing her eyes, this time her eyes are different not just the color of her iris but the whole things.Bookmark here

her eyes are filled with pure darkness but the longer I look; the more I could see the shiny glimmer of million stars inside of it as if I was looking at the night sky.Bookmark here

Jeanie looks at me; her eyes teary and a hopeful smile on her face. I look down at her hand and there it is, the revolver and the thing about she not being able to touch it is true as the revolver burning her hand slowly.Bookmark here

She winces in pain in a little, and I quickly grab the revolver from her hand and check the cylinder; I could see only one bullet left.Bookmark here

One last chance.Bookmark here

I cough out the blood stuck in my throat; "Tossed me toward him!" I muttered.Bookmark here

"w-what?" Jeanie exclaim.Bookmark here

"I needed to get close... to him so I can end this" I explain.Bookmark here

"I won't, you will get hurt!" Jeanie argued.Bookmark here

I let out a laugh and smile at her to reassure her; "Trust me" I said slowly.Bookmark here

Jeanie's eyes widen and her mouth gap a little; she then closes her eyes and bites her lower lips. Opening her eyes again, she looks at me with hope and she let out a calm smile.Bookmark here

"Always," She said; and she begins to rise to her feet, the rubble fall off from her shoulder and to the ground.Bookmark here

Jeanie moves my arm around her shoulder and lifts me up so I can stand she walk took a couple step so we are clear from the debris. She begins to let me go so I can stand on my own, I was barely able to stand because of the damage to my body but I try; she holds tightly both of my hands, I grin and nod slightly; she begins to slowly spin me around with her strength.Bookmark here

"YOU STUPID BIRD, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" Lorenzo barked at the Phoenix; as he tries to push the bird off him.Bookmark here

It only took a couple second for Jeanie to spin me in full speed; the world begin to blur as the more and more faster I spin, and she let my hand go and I flew across the room toward Lorenzo, head first. I ready the revolver in my hand as I get closer to Lorenzo.Bookmark here

"I AM ARKOZ THE IMMENSE!" Lorenzo roared; his fist begins to glow bright red and he punches Phoenix on his beak sending her flying across the room.Bookmark here

BOOM!Bookmark here

After Phoenix was send flying, I was already crash into him; the barrel of the revolver stab through his eyes as I punch him with the revolver in my hand. Lorenzo screamed in pain as I twirl the barrel in his eyes; squeezing the trigger.Bookmark here

A small explosion occurred inside of his head; blowing a hole in the back of his head.Bookmark here

I pull the gun out his eyes and fall back to the ground; my own body exhausted from the fight. I was expected the cold and rough ground but instead, I felt the freezing, soft and smooth surface; looking up I can see Jeanie face, my head is resting on top of her thigh.Bookmark here

I look down to Lorenzo body a red with blue light exit his mouth; his body spasm and the ball of light fall through the ground; never to see again.Bookmark here

"It over?" I ask.Bookmark here

"it over" Jeanie replied.Bookmark here

"I will need that hand fingerprint though or Cindy will be mad but I'm so tired right now" I grumbled.Bookmark here

"Take a nap then I will take care of everything, I promise," Jeanie said as she rubs my hair; calming me down.Bookmark here

I slowly close my eyes and I fall into a comfy deep slumber in which I can dream of a clear beautiful blue sky.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Everything felt warm as the sunshine upon me, looking around; I could see a giant tree on top of a small tree and the vast grass plain spread out before me. Bookmark here

This is a dream.Bookmark here

Yes, this is a dream. I smile and begins walking up the small hill toward the giant tree.Bookmark here

I was surprised to see two kid sleeping soundly under the tree while their back leaning on it; the young boy had a golden hair and white skin while the young girl had bangs that covered her beautiful uniques eyes, the young girl head fall to the young boy shoulder and the young boys head rest on her head.Bookmark here

I leave the tree; walking down the hills, opening my eyes this time I was greeted by my familiar room ceiling in the warehouse. Turning my head to my windows; I could see Jeanie leaning her shoulder to the windows, I could feel an aura of longing for something from her.Bookmark here

I raise my upper body and sit on the bed; "hey, you brought me here?" I askBookmark here

"yes, I don't want to bother your sleep so teleport you out of that place," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"and do not worry about the fingerprint, I cut his hand and store it in the plastic bag over there," She said; turning her head to the white plastic on the floor.Bookmark here

"You and I make a great team, so why not stay here for awhile?" I said.Bookmark here

She looks at me and let out a sad smile; "I wish I could but I can't" Jeanie answer.Bookmark here

"why?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Because everytime I stay with you, our life will never be peaceful" Jeanie answer.Bookmark here

"I don't understand," I said.Bookmark here

"Of course you don't, let make this easier, I have my reason for not staying," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"Ohh, can I ask you something the scorpion and butterfly, what that supposed to mean back then?" I ask.Bookmark here

"The death of your uncle... having power always come with a curse, that curse for me is seeing mortal death before it happens. Do you blame me for not helping your uncle even though I knew what would happen that night?" Jeanie ask.Bookmark here

I lowered my head; "I don't blame you for what happened, I have moved past that. I know, I can't return to the past but I can seek revenge" I said.Bookmark here

"Different bodies, same soul, the kindness stay no matter how twisted or broken you become," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"Goodbye Haru.," she said; but I stand up, walking toward Jeanie and grab her hands.Bookmark here

"Aeterna," I said.Bookmark here

Jeanie's eyes widen as she hears I said that name; "that your name right? Aeterna" I said.Bookmark here

"Yes, but how?" Jeanie puzzled.Bookmark here

"I have been having this dream about a young man named Arthur and a young woman name Aeterna. At the end of his death, his promise that he would find you, I remember it now" I said.Bookmark here

"Your name is Aeterna.. and I found you! " I said; tighten my grip on her arm.Bookmark here

She turns her body and out of nowhere she embraces me and places a kiss on my lips; her lip supple and soft at same time freezing. Image of Lina face flash my mind and I instantly push her away gently.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry" I apologized.Bookmark here

"don't worry I know you have fallen for another but it has been so long and you finally kept your promise, you always say the truth," Jeanie said.Bookmark here

"I waited for you all this year, every reincarnation I stay when you were born until your death and hoping one day that you would remember but it never comes"Bookmark here

"and now suddenly you remember again, I miss you, Arthur," She said; as she places her cold hand on my cheeks.Bookmark here

"I love you Arthur" Jeanie confessed.Bookmark here

"always" I respond.Bookmark here

"but sadly I must go, there is a balance that must be keep," she said.Bookmark here

"How do I find you again?" I ask.Bookmark here

"you can't but we will meet again someday" Jeanie answer.Bookmark here

"Haru..?" Jeanie called.Bookmark here

"yes?" I puzzled.Bookmark here

"A beautiful Orchid in your hand,
Strong but small,
Damage beyond repair,
You choose"

After Jeanie said those word; a black mist begins to envelop her and suddenly she was gone.
Bookmark here

"What that mean?!' I puzzled; scratching my head and sigh deeply.Bookmark here

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