Chapter 4:

Chapter 3

To you, the wishing girl

My mother was a very tall person.

Ever since I was little, it was difficult for me to look up to her face.

For me, her face was always blurry and too dark too see.

I didn’t like her.


My mother was very strict.

Her word was the law. I was always scared of her.

Every day, she would remind me how much of a bother I was.

It didn’t matter what I did or did not. The result was always the same.

It was like talking to a wall.

If you ask me, it was better if I didn’t speak up at all... I would be hit if I dared to “talk back”.

That’s why I never said anything.



Whenever I didn’t say anything, she would get mad.

   “Why don’t you ever say anything?”

   “Are you mocking me?”

   “What are you plotting this time?”

   “Just how many times would you make me suffer?”

   “Get lost, parasite”.

Every single day, I would listen to her rants. She was the type of person that had trouble controlling her emotions.

To talk or to not talk.

It made no difference.

I would get hit anyway.


That’s why, I simply stopped talking.

I got tired.