Chapter 58:

Chapter 58 [Action]


The bullet passes through the smoke and flies between the gap of my body, some of it hit the bike but it didn't do any serious damage. I kept on making the motorcycle circle around by doing a 360 burnout. 
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"Now!" Cindy command; I release the brake.Bookmark here

The motorcycle body jerk and the front wheel lift itself from the ground; the bike moves forward while in a wheelie state then after a few meters the front wheel fall back to the ground.Bookmark here

I escaped the smoke and headed toward the entrance of the mall; there are a few people that standing behind the glass pane with their phone up and recording the event.Bookmark here

I unzip my hoodie fully and unholster my M1879 revolver; with the revolver in my hand, I aim the barrel of the gun to the top edge of the glass pane, firing a couple bullets, it enough to crack it but not shatter it. The shot scared the civilians standing behind the glass window, making me a perfect entry into the mall.Bookmark here

I store the M1879 revolver back into my chest hostler and turn the throttle fully, with enough speed I broke through the glass window and enter the hallway of the mall.  I ride the motorcycle avoiding the civilians and the store stands inside of the mall.Bookmark here

"take a left in front of you and at the end of the hallway is an exit," Cindy said.Bookmark here

I saw the diverging path and took the left turn; at the end of the hallway is another exit same as before, with a clear path ahead, I break through the glass window and back into the street.
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"Straight!"Cindy said.Bookmark here

I keep the bike on a straight path, exiting the intersection into a three-lane road. turning my head to the left, I look behind me and no single cop cars manage to follow me.Bookmark here

"Haru! two black SUV is coming from the right at the intersection in front of you"  Cindy warned.
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I tun my head toward the incoming intersection I about to enter; looking at the right I saw it, two black SUV with an intention of ramming me off the road, I press the brake and turn motorcycle taking the left turn to avoid the oncoming two black SUV.Bookmark here

"Haru in 500 meters turn right into an alley," Cindy said.Bookmark here

When I look behind me, two more black SUV catch up, that makes a total of four black SUV chasing after me. I actually offended that they only send this much force to catch me.Bookmark here

"100 meters, the Christmas tree on the front of the coffee shop, you see the alley beside it?" Cindy ask.Bookmark here

my search the coffee shop on the right side; and I found, I look at the coffee shop with a Christmas tree on the front. I see the alley right next to the shops.Bookmark here

"I see it" I replied with a calm voice.Bookmark here

"Take it!" Cindy order.Bookmark here

I squeeze the brake lightly and slow the motorcycle then I drift tot he right entering the alley; the alley is long but it is small enough to let one SUV through.Bookmark here

Looking behind me I could see the black SUV lining up in the alley, I pass the coffee shop building side and onto a small a side of a warehouse with multiple dirty windows.Bookmark here

I heard a small gunfire as behind me, the enemy had started to open fire on me.Bookmark here

"Cindy this alley has no cover," I said; as a bullet tore through my hoodie and some of it cut through the upper part of my right arm. I wince a little at the pain.Bookmark here

"Tough it out, just a couple more meter," Cindy said.Bookmark here

I try to avoid the incoming bullets by swaying my body left and right. A few more bullets hit the side of my motorcycle.Bookmark here

"Easy for you to say" I retort, another one hit the back of my helmet.Bookmark here

"Cindy!" I said, with an annoyed tone.Bookmark here

"3. 2. 1. bai bye!" Cindy said.Bookmark here

What comes next shake the whole downtown area; the side of the alley with the dirty window exploded like a firework show, the explosion with the massive amount of ammunition exploded and tore through the multiple SUV like paper. Shrapnels and bullets were flying everywhere, some of it actually hit me in non-vital organ, I was shocked but I kept on riding.Bookmark here

"What was that?!" I exclaim.Bookmark here

"Hmm, probably 80 percents of our ammunition" Cindy replied flatly.Bookmark here

"What 80 percents? you are one crazy and wasteful girl" I said.Bookmark here

"Love me or hate me. Turn right!" Cindy said.Bookmark here

I took a sharp right turn, the bike tilted to the right, almost scraping my knee on the tar road; after taking a right turn, I tilt the motorcycle back to the left, to straighten its path. I was heading a straight road when I hear a loud tire screeching sound behind me.Bookmark here

I turn my head to the right side; I saw two armored black Humvees and two motorcycle rider with a full black leather suit, chasing after me.Bookmark here

"What the point of the explosion exactly?" I ask.
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One of the humvees roll down his window and start shooting his handgun at me. I cut off the car in front of me and keep on throttling the motorcycle to make it go faster.Bookmark here

"To dwindle their force" Cindy replied.Bookmark here

"Well..." I said as another bullet scrap the side of my helmet.
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"I don't see a freaking result here!" I groan as I cut off another sedan.Bookmark here

"why don't you start complaining and do something! the next checkpoint is 1 clicks away" Cindy said.
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I could hear the loud furious typing noise on the other side of the earpiece.Bookmark here

"Fine! take over!" I said.Bookmark here

"w-wait! what!!" Cindy yelled.
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I let go of the handle, it starts to wobble but it straightens back in place in a matter of second.
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"You crazy! I was not ready!" Cindy barked.Bookmark here

"Yes I am, it not like you don't know me,"I said.Bookmark here

I can imagine Cindy eyes rolling her eyes backward at what I said earlier.Bookmark here

I unstrap the long object that was wrapped in black fabric and bring it to my side, I unwrap the long object and throw away the black fabric into the wind; revealing the 97 automatic cannon also know as the anti-tank rifle.Bookmark here

I rotate my body so I lay on my back and face my chaser, with the anti rifle in my hands.
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"Seven shots let make it count," I said to myself.Bookmark here

I aim the Anti-tank-rifle on one of the riders, pulling back the bolt and letting it go; squeezing the trigger, a loud explosion with a small smoke escaped the barrels and follow it a large bullet fly toward the rider, the bullet impact him and send him flying backward letting his bike crash into a parked sedan.Bookmark here

I let out a long breath and squeeze the rifle tighter.Bookmark here

But as soon as I shot the rider another one start firing his Uzi at me, Cindy move the motorcycle into oncoming traffic to avoid the bullets, I wrap my leg around the motorcycle body to secured myself as Cindy try to avoid the cars, one by one horn at us for being on the wrong lane.Bookmark here

The rider throttle up to our side and start shooting his Uzi at me, I aim the anti-tank rifle again and fired another shot, it missed as the ride brake his bike to avoid the bullet.Bookmark here

The rider shoot again, this time it hit me on the shoulder.Bookmark here

"Cindy ram him!" I yelled.Bookmark here

The motorcycle tilted to the right and bring itself back to the right lane but it the motorcycle didn't stop, it rams its body on the side of the bike that the rider was on; the bike the rider on did not, the ram didn't crash the bike but it did bring me closer, I aim the anti-tank rifle on him and fired another shot before the rider fired his Uzi.Bookmark here

The rider was sent flying and his bike crash into a light pole.Bookmark here

As I was to relax and prepare another attack, the humvee ram it front on the back of the motorcycle, that shake the bike and almost make me fall off my seat. The humvee back away and prepare itself for another ram, the humvee speed up and I took the chance to jump on top of it. Cindy moves the motorcycle away to avoid it from getting ram again but I was already on the Humvee hood.Bookmark here

I aim the anti-tank rifle on it front windshield and start firing, the first shot dint break the bulletproof glass but the second shot break through the glass and hit the driver, his passenger took the wheel before he died, but the passenger on the back peek out of his window and start firing his handgun on me, I block the bullet with the anti-tank rifle.Bookmark here

After he empties his magazine on me, I aim the anti-tank rifle on him and fired another shot, the man died and fall out of the window, and get rolled under the Humvee behind the first one.Bookmark here

The other passenger in the next humvee peek out and start firing his rifle at me, the shot hit the anti-tank rifle, I aim the anti-tank rifle and ready to fire, when I squeeze the trigger, it makes a clicking noise, and when I look at on it side, the chamber has been severely damaged.Bookmark here

I click my tongue in annoyance and throw away the rifle. I look at the side of the Humvee the motorcycle is ready for me, I jump down and onto the seat.Bookmark here

The motorcycle speeds up and took a sharp left turn into a large multi-storey car park, the motorcycle head to the sixth floor, the top floor with a no roof, the last humvee still on my tail follow me to the top when it reaches the top floor the motorcycle stop and drift to face the humvee, the humvee stop.Bookmark here

The bike rev it engines challenging the humvee, the humvee returns it the challenge but what did they not expect was the motorcycle slide out a two machine gun on its front and start raining bullet on it. The bullet tore the armor plating and pierce through the Humvee; killing everything inside of the vehicle.
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I didn't do anything since the bike is Cindy control.Bookmark here

"Get out and go to the red car that parked on your right side," Cindy said.Bookmark here

I turn my head and saw the only car that parked on this level; it's a red station wagon. I get out of the seat and walk toward the station wagon.Bookmark here

"Open the trunk and everything you need will be there. Suit up and get ready for their reinforcement" Cindy said.Bookmark here

The motorcycle moves away to the other side of the parking garage.Bookmark here

"Roger," I said.Bookmark here

Opening the trunk of the station wagon, my mouth form a gleaming smile under my helmet as I saw the weapons laying inside of it.
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I mean we talking serious weaponry here. First, we got my backup CZ-75b with a dual pistol shoulder hostler, I immediately take off my old single pistol holster and wear the new one; then I holster both my revolver and my CZ-75b.Bookmark here

Then moving on, we have my favorite the Itacha model 37 shotgun with Incideniary round, I sling the shotgun over my shoulder and move on to the FN SCAR with a holographic sight, a laser, and a vertical grip; I pull the bolt and reload one in the chamber.Bookmark here

And lastly my three kunai, I grab three of them and sheath it at various places of my body, my left leg, my back, and my right thigh.Bookmark here

"Incoming hostile, 20 seconds" Cindy warned.
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