Chapter 64:

Chapter 64 [Walking away]


The video fades to black and automatically plays the next part of the video. When the video plays again, it shows Energize sitting in a dark room facing the camera, and behind him a bed with Cyclone girl sleeping in it.

"What happens at the meeting was mess up, I don't know if supported sending a child to sacrifice his life to save the world." Energize whisper.

Energize turn his head toward the person that is sleeping in his back, he smiles as that person let out a moan and he turns to face the camera again.

"Mary, I want to confess that sometimes you moan in your sleep but that one of the things I love about you." Energize cover his mouth, trying to hide his laugh.

"If you watch this. I want to say. I'm sorry that I'm taping you while you were asleep and I love you." Energize said.

The screen fades to black again.

When it plays again, the video shows a barren battlefield, and young Haru standing in front of the portal with Lina father beside him and young Haru raises his hands toward it. Uncle is nowhere to be seen. I notice that the camera isn't being held by Energize as the screen pan on him.

"I can't believe you make me hold this camera." Cyclone girl complained behind the camera.

"Shhhh!!" Energize shush Cyclone girl, I could hear Cyclone girl groan behind the camera.

"You all know the plan! Commence the operation!" Lina father said.

Thousands of energy-based superhero including Energize shoot focus their power toward young Haru. There is painful look at young Haru face as he slowly turns all those power into one singular energy.

The energy split into four small balls and float away from younger Haru. Then a large blast came out of those balls and hit each four-piece object at the four corners of the portal. The superhero didn't stop blasting their power at Haru to keep the energy flowing.

"A few more minutes!" Lina father said.

Suddenly, an alarm went off back at the base behind them. Cyclone girl places the camera on the ground facing Energize and the rest of the superpowered.

"Attacking force, Ready for an attack!" Lina father commanded.

The superpowered all stand in front of Haru forming a defense line for him, then on the other side of the portal, a thousand of the human-sized creature standing on two legs, dark black skin, bone protruding around their body forming some sort of armor for them and on their hand bone claw; came pouring out of the portal.

A massive battle erupts between them when the row of monsters hit the defensive line. The monster strength was not something to look down upon, even the strength of experienced hero and villain had a hard time fighting them.

Young Haru kept on blasting his energy on the four-piece of the portal, he screams and wailed as his hand begins to turn into a glass but not once he stops blasting his power.

The portal shines a bright light.

"Now Haru! cut it off!" Lina father yells as he fights one of the monsters.

Young Haru stops blasting his power and the rest of the superhero stop channeling their powers. Then, one by one fall to their knees while a huge fatigue weigh on them.

The portal begins to shrink until the four-piece combines to form a square box and the object fall on the ground.

The monster suddenly stops moving and fall to the ground like a lifeless doll. everyone just witnesses what happen then their cheers in unison as the thought of victory cross their mind.

They won.

But suddenly, a woman scream can be heard from the side.


Mom appeared out of nowhere with a man in the same color superhero suit as her and the man takes off his mask revealing my father face. The black slick hair, the same nose as mine, their face shows distraught as they both run toward their son to embrace him.

Mom wailed, as young Haru body begins to crack like glass within her arms but young Haru kept on smiling and said something to them.

Father on another hand, wrap both of his arms around Mother and younger Haru while his face is hidden in their embrace. Young Haru body begins to crumble into broken glass, slipping in between Mother arms and fall to the ground into million pieces.

Mother cry her heart out while screaming into the sky.

Father release my mother from the embrace and immediately after he releases her. My mother disappeared into thin air. Father kept on staring at his son remains on the ground unfazed by my mother disappearance, Lina father walks to him slowly and extends his hand toward him. A gesture to comfort my father but Lina father suddenly froze before he could reach him.

Father stand up and turn to face the rest of the superpowered.

"STAND STRAIGHT!!" Father bellowed.

Suddenly, everyone in the vicinity that could hear my father voice, stands straight perfectly.

"What is going on? I can't move." Energize grunt.

The camera shows, Energize struggling to move but fail to do so. It's like, he was frozen in one place.

"James... I can't move!" Cyclone girl called out to Energize.

Father pull back his black hairs and rubbing his face with both hands. Father fall to his knees and hit the ground with a closed hand. He screams and wailed in pain, but he never stops hitting the ground. Even, if his hand becoming bruised and bloody.

He stops hitting the ground and looks at his bloody hand. Father start opening and closing his hand multiple time. He was in a trance as he gazes at his own bloody hand.

"Kill yourself!" Father ordered.

Energize aim his hand to the side of his head and his hand begins to shine brightly. Behind Energize, the superpowered begins to kill themselves with their own powers, screams and plead for their life fill the air.

Superhero and supervillain begin to drop like flies around Energize.

"James.. I can't.. breath." Cyclone girl tries to say.

The air inside Cyclone girl lungs begins to escape from her mouth, as the whirlwind around her body spins violently and sucking the air out of her.

"MARY!! TRY TO FIGHT IT!!" Energize scream.

His entire body shakes as he looks in horror. Cyclone girl begins to show signs of suffocating, the vein around her face start to pop out and the desperate noise of breathing.

"MARY!!" Energize scream again.

Cyclone girl stumble forward trying to reach Energize but failed. Her eyes begin to roll back and she falls to the ground.

Her body lifeless.

Energize jaw drop and his eyes widen in terror as he saw Mary falls to the ground in front of him. He releases the energy in his hand and a powerful blast wipes his head clean off from his neck. Bloods squirt out from the stump and his body fall forward to the ground.

The video end.


I throw the tablet on the bed among the blanket. Then, I get out of the bed, my sore has finally disappeared after watching the video and I start walking toward my drawer.

My feet felt wet as I step on a puddle of blood near the drawer, looking on the side of the drawer, I could see the bloody and torn cloth piled beside it.

I look at it, anger almost consumes me but I manage to calm down.

I went back to the drawer, opening the top drawer and taking out clean clothes for me to wear. It took me a short time to take off my dirty pant and wear my clean clothes. Closing the top one and opening the bottom one. I took out a duffel bag. Then, I begin to stuff all my cloth and things inside of it.

With the duffel bag over my shoulder, I walk out of my room and close the door behind me.

After a taking a few steps on the stair, I finally reach down the main living area. I take in the view and let out a long breath.

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