Chapter 3:

Waiting List (1) (Max) (completed)

ALTaccounti's Roasting Book!

Here yall wait for ya turn!

So grab a manga or go play some crappy Genshin until you can receive yo sweet JUICY roast.

1. Abraham B. A. - " I Once Believed The Sun Was A Legend" (Completed)

2. Nellien - "Fighting For My Freedom In An Other World" (Completed)

3. kazesenken - "Why Kill? If Witches Can Be Tentacled!" (completed)

4. Gilgameshuu - "Two points" (Completed)

5. SauceGodElite - "From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekai'd To An Alien World at War" (Completed)

6. Mario Robertus - Grimson: Blue Future (completed)

7. Abraham B. A. - " I Once Believed The Sun Was A Legend" (chap 5 till 9)  (completed)

8. Nellien - "Some catgirl isekai" (completed)

P.S: I am not writing the damn title lmao

9. Josephh - "Under The Same Moon" (Completed)

10. Mario Robertus - "Grimson: Blue Future" (chap 6 till 10)  (completed)

Bruh my fingers are getting an arthritis attack over writing these lengthy titles bruh!

At least Mister Gil over here knows how to spare me.

Calm da heck down boi dayum.

Anyways Da List is bound to get bigger when more people apply so, what ya waiting for fam?