Chapter 1:

Un Nouveau Rebondissement dans la Vie

The Hero`s Way on Defeating the Emperors of Destruction!

As Alastor was leaving the shrine, the maiden suddenly appeared saying:Bookmark here

“Hmm, where should you go next?”Bookmark here

Alastor replied:Bookmark here

“I have no idea at all, if I were to go back to the orphan house, I would definitely get beaten up by those bullies.”Bookmark here

The maiden replied with a questionable smile:Bookmark here

“I know, we should go to the Enchanted Cave and test our abilities by fighting the Dragon of the Wind.”Bookmark here

Alastor looking confused and in shocked from the idea the maiden said replied:Bookmark here

“Wait, isn’t the Dragon of the Wind an enemy that can only be beaten by mages and swordsman with the highest rank?”Bookmark here

The maiden sighed, she held something blue and shiny and all of the sudden…Bookmark here

*FLASH*Bookmark here

…Alastor was in confusion on what happened so he asked the maiden on what place they are in. The maiden replied with a smirk on her eye:Bookmark here

“Welcome to the Enchanted Cave! We are currently at the front of the entrance on where the dragon lives.”Bookmark here

Alastor replied loudly and looked like he was angry:Bookmark here


The maiden laughed and said:Bookmark here

“You will not learn until you see it by yourself.”Bookmark here

*Alastors Side*Bookmark here

It seems that that maiden has somehow summoned me to this mysterious cave. Its super dim, with luminous stones lighting the way to the dragon`s lair. It`s fair to say that I am the first one who reached this far. I`m still skeptical on why I am the “chosen” one even if I am possibly the only one who can`t do magic. I still remember what happened when I was at grade school. I would fail at every class, even the easiest one. Now, back to the current happenings. As we were about to enter the lair, a very noisy sound was heard. I think the noise was near us-Bookmark here

*BOOM*Bookmark here

I was easily scared and directly jumped at the side. After removing my hands that was covering my ears, I could hear the maiden laughing at me. I wonder, maybe I should give a nickname to the maiden. Nah, probably later. When we looked at the beck, the entrance was covered with giant rocks. Well, that’s a way to welcome us in. Then, we saw what looks like a platform that was worn out badly, probably from the ancient times. We saw blue eyes from the darkness, it gave me chills until my spines. There we saw the so called “Dragon of the Wind”. It had green skin, two large wings colored blue and green, and it was HUGE. It looks like the type of dragons you would see on the storybooks about ancient times, but it`s real. The maiden quickly told me to fight that abdominal beast. I quickly shuffled to the left, dodging the huge claws of that beast. It quickly became black and white, and the dragon was moving super slow. After realizing that I was in a “Slow-Motion” state, I decided to do fire magic. There I chanted the spell:Bookmark here

“O spirit of fire I call you forth to destroy and burn all that hinders my path, Give me the power!”Bookmark here

That feeling of magic going through the veins is simply amazing. The scepter glowed and..Bookmark here

*Swirling Sounds*Bookmark here

A massive fireball appeared in front of me. The maiden, which I will call Jean for now, quickly replied:Bookmark here

“Now, release that fireball!”Bookmark here

I released the massive ball of fire and-Bookmark here

*BANG*Bookmark here

Out of nowhere, the dragon disappeared. Probably wiped out from existence. Then I realized…Bookmark here

…That scepter was so cool! I was jumping around like a kid learning how to ride a bike. Jean appeared, and said:Bookmark here

“Wow, you do have the ability to control the scepter, most people would die because of the explosion.”Bookmark here

After that, we decided to leave the cave and venture off to travel to new lands. The nearest nation next to this one is called Vesteria. It is known for its lush wildlife and the overall serenity of it. We can`t really teleport to that place that easily since the signal between us and Vesteria is super weak. So me and Jean decided to pack our bags and go there.Bookmark here

“Are the stuff ready?”Bookmark here

Chanted Jean with a loud voice. I replied back with:Bookmark here

“Yep, is the carriage ready?”Bookmark here

Jean replied with a thumbs up sign with her fingers. As we left the nation, I saw one last glance at the Nightingale Mansion. I whispered:Bookmark here

“I`ll definitely get revenge to all of you, especially you, father!”Bookmark here

*Screen goes Dark*Bookmark here

*The Emperors of Destruction POV*Bookmark here

“It seems that one of the weapons we will use for the…Bookmark here

*REDACTED*Bookmark here

…was destroyed. No intel was seen from the battle field. I wonder, could that be…Bookmark here

*REDACTED*Bookmark here

…It seems so, we have found some traces of the Scepter of the Creators near the surrounding.”Bookmark here

“What do you think…Bookmark here

*REDACTED*Bookmark here

“Well, it`s too early to jump to that conclusion, it could be a possibility though.”Bookmark here

“Then, let`s keep this on standby but send trackers to the exact location of the boy “Alastor Nightingale”. We could piece out on what truly happened during the assassination of codename, “Dragon of the Wind”.Bookmark here

“What about our plans to assassinate…Bookmark here

*REDACTED*Bookmark here

“It seems that we are going to do that on..Bookmark here

*REDACTED*Bookmark here

…so stay focused on that as well.”Bookmark here

“That’s for the meeting for today.”Bookmark here


Creators FAQ:Bookmark here

Q: What is the date for new chapters to get released?Bookmark here

A: Probably 1 week each, could vary because of schoolwork.Bookmark here

Q: What caused you to make this series?Bookmark here

A: Just for fun, I and my friend do this every free time.Bookmark here

Q: How many chapters will this series get?Bookmark here

A: Well, that’s a secret!Bookmark here

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