Just a normal reader in Honeyfeed, nothing too special.


registered at: Sep 29, 2021
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    Hello, I'm Joe Gold. I'm a writer of web novels and short stories, all set in my own original multiverse. I'm a lifelong anime, comic book, and video game fan, and my fiction is often reminiscent of the series I grew up with.
    A good for nothing who found his place which was writing a story
    hi! im just a reader here :)
    Novelist. Writer realizing his dream of writing his own novel and learning in the process. My personal experiences and hobbies have helped me a lot in my writing, serving as inspirations to develop the central themes of my stories. I write as a hobby and by the way practice writing in English Please be patient with my writing Contact info:
    Hello! Umagi-san here nice to meet you~!