Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Beginnings

The Master and The Slave

The beautiful sunset and the relaxing sound of the wind, brushing against the cliff-like slope of the mountain is disturbed by the noise of metal clashing against metal on the treacherous path. The handsome male elf with a short, dark, purple hair in a light leather armor, parry the incoming sword of the heavy armor knight in front of him. He then stabs his sword through the opening between the helmet and the knight chest armor.

The enemy knight body quickly falls to the ground after he pulls his word out. The heavy armor soldier behind him pushes his own ally body off the cliff with his feet, then replacing the knight's place. The fight continues.

"We just need to hold them here for a few more minutes," The handsome elf said aloud to his squad behind him.

"Regeeum Demiseo!" The young male elf with a short red hair casts a spell on his own squad.

The squad feels energized as if their stamina has returned. The young elf takes a long breath to regain his strength as his own Mana begins to deplete.

"Easy for you to say, Ariamnes. My mana has begun to decrease, we can't keep this up any longer," The young elf said.

"Don't despair, Yinlar. We can get through this together, right Nesto?" Ariamnes said aloud, hoping to raise his subordinates morale.

"Nesto?" Ariamnes call out to the male human with a silver-haired ponytail after noticing that he did not reply his question.

"Eilna is down there, I don't think she can make here in time," Nesto said to Ariamnes.

"Don't worry, she will be fine. She is one of the strongest Knights I have ever known. She will make it. Believe me," Ariamnes said as he parries another attack from the knight clad in heavy armor.

Nesto looks down the edge, on the path below him. The light golden hair female elf, move her rapier in a swift manner that it's impossible for anyone's eyes to catch up to it. She alone takes four enemy knight down, while the two more elves in her squad support her.

Nesto looks behind the knight behind the one that Eilna fighting, he readies his crossbow to fire. Nesto heart grew panicky as the knight is aiming toward Eilna.

"I need to go down there!" Nesto said as he slides down the slope and takes out a short metal baton from his back.

"Nesto, stay here! Follow your order!" Ariamnes shouted, but it was too late as Nesto was already halfway down.

Nesto jumps midway and unfolds his metal baton into a long staff. He then landed in the middle of the knights and smacked the crossbow away. He swirls the long staff and hit the knight in the head, causing him to fall down the slope.

Eilna, stab the knight she fighting, kicking him to the side, throwing him down the slope and giving Nesto a way to retreat. Nesto steps back to Eilna side.

"What are you doing here? you supposed to be with Ariamness," Eilna said, her tone sounded disappointed and gladness at the same time.

"I thought you needed the help," Nesto said with a smile on his face.

"Nesto! you supposed to follow the plan, you dummy," Eilna scolds lightheartedly.

"What's wrong with breaking a few orders?" Nesto said as he smacks one the knight helmet, stunning him then Eilna took the chance to stab him. Taking him out easily.

"You can't just break orders, there are consequences," Eilna said.

"I willing to break any order just to be with you," I said with confidence.

Those words cause Eilna cheek to blush red a little, she looks away from Nesto with a smile and focuses fighting the enemy.

"Please Nesto, don't break any order just to be with me," Eilna said.

Nesto was about to reply when he turns his head toward Eilna. Her face was in fears when she looks at Nesto then she quickly grabs Nesto shoulder and switches places with him. Nesto heard a sound of a crossbow going off and Eilna yelp in pain.

Nesto looks behind Eilna and saw the knight he pushed off, he had reached his crossbow and shot it.

He was aiming for Nesto but Eilna switch place, The look of horror donned on Nesto face as he saw the arrow in her back.

"Nesto! Now Yinlar!" Ariamness order as he saw Eilna getting shot.

"Please forgive me goddess," Yinlar pray before casting.

"Immi Thundulus" The cloud above them begins to form and many lighting strikes the enemy from above. Destroying the path and killing the enemy knights.

But all that happens was unimportant to Nesto as he focuses only on Eilna while she gasps for air as her body falls to his arm. Everything suddenly went quiet for Nesto as he felt her body begins to feel cold in his arms. Eilna gaze into Nesto's green pupils, a tear begins to flow down her cheeks as she places her hand on his cheek, then she let out a gentle and loving smile.

Nesto saw her mouth moving, she was saying something. What did she say?

His surrounding and the enemy around him begin to melt until everything became black goop. Eilna body to slowly disappears into nothingness and there was nothing around Nesto except for himself and the guilt he felt that day.

Nesto opens his eyes and his sight is greeted by his room ceiling. Then, he gets off his small bed and walks to his window. He wipes the one tear away, when his gaze off to the distance, he can saw the majestic Royal castle and the beautiful orange dawn, shining behind it. After taking in the fresh air, he grabs his towel and makes his way to the door, but he stops when he saw his reflection in the mirror that hangs on the wall of his room.

He rubs his own chin, feeling the stubble already begins growing. Then he moves on to the slave metal collar on his neck, scratching his neck behind it just like always. The years have been kind to Nesto as his face has matured significantly.

Nesto breathes in and stands straight. He continues to walk out the door and opening it. He was greeted by the green lush yard with a well near his modest shack. He goes outside and goes to the well to clean himself with the water.

The water washes down the sticky sweat from his body and he ran his finger on the many battle scars on his body. A few of them comes from the battle he fights when he hand move closer to his sight, he notices the knife scar on his wrist. Nesto remembers those came from his dark days after Eilna... He shakes the dark thought away. Then, He took a few moments to shave his stubble with a knife and cleans his long silver-haired.

After cleaning himself, he goes inside his modest shack again. He wipes his body dry first before he brushes off a little dirt on his butler uniform. After making sure that his butler uniform is clean, he proceeds wears it. He tugs down the lapel part of the blazer, to make himself look cleaner and proper. He gathers his long silver-haired in one hand and begins to tie it into a ponytail with another. He practices his smile just like always in the mirror.

Nesto doesn't want his smile to look too manic, or too happy, or too sad. It just needs to be the right amount of smile, like a smile of someone who contents with his life. A good smile, don't grab the attention of the people around him.

Yep, that's the right one. Nesto thought as he looks and sees the smile he wants on the reflection.

Nesto took out his pocket watch and looked at the times. He still can reach the mansion in good time before everyone awake. Nesto cracks his neck, then he goes outside of his modest shack and closes the door behind him.

He turns to face the direction of the Mansion and begins walking toward it. Through the light woods, using the dirt path provided.