Chapter 16:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10

Sir Melchor Gavelotte, director of Her Majesty the Queen of Cherwind’s Research Ministry—or as in the inner circles of the royal court call it, the Kingdom’s spy agency. He was a human protégé of the king of Cherwind’s right-hand man, Sir Loin of Steak, and he rose to the highest position of that organization after Sir Loin himself disappeared. Under his watch, the Research Ministry was reorganized and expanded its operations, establishing agent networks throughout Cherwind and Chersea.


Now, as one of the revered figures in Cherwind—forever enthroned in the kingdom as its ‘eternal king’, the Lord Kuro was the subject of an order from Queen Ursura herself, for Sir Gavelotte to keep an eye on him. The mission was to protect His Majesty from a cult of demons from Cherflammen, and as Sir Loin’s former student, the spy chief had to ‘obtain’ information on the people who were always with the Lord Kuro.

Though there were mountains of papers his agents gathered about the individuals often involved with His Majesty, Sir Gavelotte’s attention focused on four people…

Subject No. 4, Lady Jessica Mae, Queen of Amaranth. A fiancée of the Lord Kuro and the sovereign of the Kingdom of Amaranth. She was a former kitchen maid of Her Holiness the Human Saint, who ascended the throne unexpectedly after her brother, Crown Prince David von Albert’s death in battle during the Imperial War. As a friend to His Majesty (the Lord Kuro), she volunteers to work at his school as one of his teachers.

Character: intelligence is average, but extremely skilled with her hands. Lady Jessica can be trusting, though she tends to take control once in a while. A bit blunt. As queen, she can exert strong influence and give reasonable protection to His Majesty, whom she expects to be her king once they marry.

Subject No. 3, Lady Eris, the Duchess of Braunhauer. The current ruler of the Duchy of Braunhauer in the Kingdom of Amaranth, she is assigned as the personal maidservant of the Lord Kuro. A great ‘Uno’ player. She is the heir to the Duke of Braunhauer’s properties and businesses, making her among the richest nobles in Chersea. Her parents died in the Siege of Amaranth during the Imperial War, along with the von Albert royal house.

Character: fiercely loyal to her master. Can be scheming at times. Due to her massive wealth and armies of mercenaries, Lady Eris have considerable influence and can offer formidable protection to His Majesty.

Subject No. 2, Lady Lilyhaven Tamriel, Head Maid of the Holy Palatial Gardens. A member of the Kingdom of Nerfes’ other royal house, the von Leese, she was an outcast until now. Current wielder of the Last Duke of Nerfes’ ‘Bloodbath’ skill, she also served in that kingdom’s army, acquiring the famous nickname, ‘Iron Princess’ after personally killing a thousand men in a single battle. Consequently, her other persona is that of the ‘Bloody Witch of Meldech’, a feared mass murderer in that region, which was brought by the side effects of her ability. She stands as the second in authority inside Her Holiness the Human Saint’s household, as well as in the Lord Kuro’s harem (if that’s the right term).

Character: prim and proper. Often acts as a voice of reason behind the Human Saint’s decisions. A subtle pervert. Her skills in battle, together with her ‘Bloodbath’ ability makes her a powerful shield for His Majesty.

Sir Gavelotte took a deep breath, then arranged the dossiers for safekeeping. At least, these ‘subjects’ were already observed, and deemed valuable to the well-being of their beloved king.


However, for his current ‘subject’, Sir Gavelotte still had to check and verify the information passed to him by his agents and ‘sources’ from the field. There was a mountain of papers about her, though his secretary was able to summarize those for his review.

Subject No. 1, Her Holiness the Lady Madelaine Ann, current Human Saint of Chersea. The former heir to the Duchy of Rubinforth, she was chosen as the Human Saint at an early age of 728 seasons. Lady Madelaine served as adjutant to the Iron Princess during the Chersean Wars, she is also a famous Nerfes general in her own right. Her father is the Duke of Rubinforth, also known as the Iron Counselor for his staunch belief (formerly) about limiting commoner rights. Her mother was a famed beauty from an unknown noble house, and is a close friend to the previous human saint. There are legends about her origins; one is, she is a heavenly being that fell from heavens, and the other narrates that she is a beautiful witch who seduced the Iron Counselor. She died under mysterious circumstances.

Argh! And I specifically ordered those idiots to provide me with facts, not legends,” Sir Gavelotte looked to the other information, mostly about character. “How difficult is my order to understand?”

Character: closet, but highly perverted. Love-struck towards His Majesty. Often schemes in an effort to tempt him. Her abilities and position as the Human Saint, and her skills as a knight, is more than enough to provide protection and exert influence over the Lord Kuro.

“What do these fools mean by ‘closet but highly perverted’? Such utter disrespect to Her Holiness, even if she is from Chersea! This must be removed from the records!” the spy chief separated the damning papers, which he planned to burn later. “I’d better sack those morons for the stupid information they gathered.”