Chapter 17:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10


“Kamusta na, Sir? Okay ka na?” (How are you, Sir? Are you fine now?)

“Yeah, kahit papano. Kinabahan lang talaga ako kase iba yung itsura nung mga tao dito.” (Yeah, at least. I just got nervous because the people around me looked weird.)

“Nasa ibang mundo ka kasi, Sir…pero ayos naman sila; mahal ka nilang lahat.” (Well, you’re in another world, Sir…but they’re good people; and they all love you.)

For now, Kuro was calm. He was sitting on his bed, with Lady Jessica and Lady Minahaba beside him. I could only watch from afar, as he talked to Lady Usarved. Honestly, I don’t know what they were talking about; they were conversing in Kuro’s real tongue…so all I could do was listen.

“Paano ako napunta dito?” (How did I come here?)

Lady Usarved then turned to me, “Uh, Your Holiness, Sir Kuro is asking how did he come to this world?”

I looked at Kuro and sat beside him, “Can you tell him that I…I summoned him?”

I could see through the demon lady’s thoughts; she was surprised at what I just told her. Nevertheless, she translated my words to Kuro, “Ang sabi ng Kanyang Kabanalan ay tinawag ka po nya dito mula sa mundo nyo.” (Her Holiness is saying that she summoned you here.)

“Tinawag?” (Summoned?) Kuro’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Gaya sa mga isekai na kwento?” (Just like in isekai stories?)

“Your Holiness? He’s asking if you summoned him like in those, err…isekai stories, whatever that is.”

“Tell him, ‘yes’.” At the very least, I know what Kuro meant by ‘isekai’. I saw it in his memories; it was one of the story genres he liked so much.

“Sabi ng Kanyang Kabanalan, tama daw po yung naisip nyo.” (Her Holiness says that your guess is correct.)

“Uh, ‘Kanyang Kabanalan’?” (Uh, ‘Her Holiness’?) Kuro tried to stare at me, but when our eyes met, his face grew red and quickly averted his gaze. “Sino sya?” (Who is she?)

“What’s he asking you, Lady Usarved?”

“He’s asking about you, Her Holiness…”

“Tell him that I’m Madelaine Ann Rubinforth, his fiancée,” I wanted to plead before him, just to make him remember.

“Sabi ng Kanyang Kabanalan, ang pangalan nya ay Madelaine Ann Rubinforth. Kasintahan nyo daw po sya.” (Her Holiness is saying that her name is Madelaine Ann Rubinforth. According to her, she’s your fiancée.)

At that moment, Kuro’s eyes widened in apparent surprise. He stared at me once again, and then to Lady Usarved, who nodded. After that, I saw him smirk and heard him say, “Imposible yan. Alam kong niloloko nyo lang ako; wala pa nga akong naging girlfriend eh!” (That’s impossible. I know you’re playing jokes on me; I never even had a girlfriend, eh!)

“Your Holiness…”


“Sir Kuro is saying that he’s never had a lover, not even once.”

“Well, I am his wife, actually!”

“Ahem…” Lily, Eris, Lady Jessica, Ruro, Lady Ursura, Lady Minahaba, Lady Salis, and Lady Rishnu made their presence known. Uh, and even Lady Henristone? Are you also gunning for Kuro?

Lady Usarved couldn’t keep her surprised face hidden. Nevertheless, she told him, “Sir, uh, baka di ka maniwala…pero kase, uh, mga girlfriend nyo po silang lahat.” (Sir, uh, you might not believe this…but you see, uh, they’re all your girlfriends.)

“Ha? Gaguhan ba ’to? Lahat sila? Eh magaganda sila, paano ko sila naging girlfriend eh ang sagwa ng mukha ko?” (Ha? Are you taking me for an idiot? All of them? Those beautiful ladies, how did they become my girlfriends when my face is way too ugly?)

Lady Usarved’s expression was a mix of disbelief and confusion as she threw another look at us. “Your Holiness,” she began, “is Sir Kuro so traumatized in his life he’s beating himself down?”

Haha…I guess that’s part of his quirks,” Lily commented.

“Sir Kuro, ’di ka daw nila niloloko,” (Sir, they’re not playing jokes on you.) Lady Usarved told him once again.

“Kahit itong batang ito, girlfriend ko?” (Even this child is my girlfriend?) he showed to us the little tiger girl, Teviki, who was silently nibbling at his clothes.

“Ah, hindi, sir. Iba yan.” (Ah, no, sir. She’s not.)

Kuro was only shaking his head. I could tell, even though we couldn’t understand him, that he couldn’t believe what his student was saying to him. “Uh, Lady Noir, ang pangalan ko nga pala ay Greg Santos. Baka napagkamalan lang nila ako yung ‘Kuro’, pero hindi ako yun. Ibang tao ako!” (Uh, Lady Noir, my name is Greg Santos. Maybe they just mistook me for someone named ‘Kuro’, but I’m not that guy. I’m a different person!)

“What’s he saying?” Her Majesty the Queen Jessica was waiting for Lady Usarved’s translation.

“His name is Greg Santos, not Kuro. Kuro’s a different person.”

“Maybe that’s his real name,” I told to everyone. “When I summoned him, he couldn’t remember a thing about his name.”

“That might be the effect of that curse written on the magic circle you used, Maddie,” Ruro added.

“I’m suspecting it so…” I sighed as I massaged my head. “Goodness, I didn’t know this would be a headache…”

“So, what do we do, Your Holiness?” Lady Ursura asked. “Kuro can’t remember us, nor we can talk to him properly.”

“Do you even have to ask, Your Majesty?” it was Lady Salis. “Of course, we’ll make him remember us all! He’s our beloved, so I won’t give up just because of a simple language barrier!”

“I’ll teach him the Chersean language and alphabet!” Eris was quick to volunteer.

“Count me in as well!” Lady Rishnu presented herself.

Kuro was listening to us, “Anong sinasabi nila?” (What are they saying?)

“Ah, lahat po nag-uusap-usap kung paano ka po nila matutulungang maintindihan yung sinasabi nila,” (Ah, everyone’s talking about how they can teach you our language.) Lady Usarved smiled at him. “Mahal na mahal ka po nila talaga…” (They really love you so much…)

“Tutulong ka din ba?” (Will you help too?)

I saw the demon girl got taken aback by Kuro’s question. But, she nodded, “Opo Sir, dahil ako lang po nakakaintindi sa inyo, tutulong po ako.” (Yes Sir, because I’m the only one who can understand you, I’ll help.)


I was happy that Kuro could talk to someone in his own language; that someone could help and calm him. But, honestly, watching him react like that to Lady Usarved was kind of…painful.

But I guess I’ll endure this. Everyone’s trying to help, so I will do my part as well, as someone who truly loves him…


And so, after that, normalcy gradually returned to the palatial gardens., However, there were some adjustments we had to do to resume our daily lives. One was that, for the classes of the Academy to continue, someone had to substitute for Kuro, Lily, Eris and me. It was his wish; that he wanted the education to go on, whatever happens to him. So we did just that.

The second change was, because the girls from Cherwind swore never to return until Kuro was back to his ‘old self’, I had to arrange for their—as well as the others’—accommodation. This was not really a problem, for there were a lot of vacant guest houses around this holy complex. Although, the presence of Lady Noir Usarved, and her chamberlain, were not a welcome sight. I mean, their prominent horns were a real head-turner, especially to the templars and nuns serving at the Saint’s Cathedral.


And the third change was…

“Hello, Kuro—I mean, G-Greg!” I’m still having difficulty in saying his ‘true’ name. I’d been calling him ‘Kuro’ ever since we met, so the sudden name change was quite awkward…at least, for me. “How are you?”

Kuro tried to return the smile I gave him, though he could not understand a thing I said. Lady Usarved was still at school; she would return by the 17th hour. It’s only the 12th, a few minutes after lunch began.

“I hope you’re okay…” I sat beside him as he ate his lunch at the courtyard garden, surrounded by paladins.

He smiled once again before returning to his food. I peeked into his thoughts; but so far, I could only see darkness. I don’t know if that’s still the effect of the nullifying potion, or something else. Perhaps the generous amount that got poured on his head would take some more time to wear off…I just had to wait.

“Haa…” But really, it’s boring and sad to see him like this. “I really miss talking to you, you know? Those times when we’ll discuss everything; politics, your adventures, or when you would give advice on my painting…”

“!@@#%^@#$%*$.” Kuro said something, while his face seemed like worried about me.

Haa…I know. You’re always worrying for us.

“Please go on with your food,” I gestured. Don’t mind me…

I think he understood what I meant, for he returned to eating soon after.

“…” A few moments later, he stopped, though his food was not yet finished. I’d never seen him do that before, so I looked at him. Well, Kuro stood up, gestured to me, pointing at something and bowed. After that, he walked towards the direction he showed me earlier.

I guess he’s going to the lavatory? Fine then.



Uh…Your H-Holiness?” a paladin walking beside me asked.

“Yes, Lady Stark?”

“With all due respect, do we really have to follow the Lord Kuro, even inside the lavatory?”

“Of course not! Wait outside; I’ll be the only one to go in.”

Uhm, Your Holiness, isn’t that even worse? Look, the Lord Kuro is staring at us!”

“I’m just making sure he’s safe.”

“I don’t think he wants to be followed inside the lavatory.”

“What he wants is different from what he needs!” I countered. “In any case, please stay here; I’ll be the one to follow him.”

I tried pushing the door of the lavatory, but it’s already locked.

“Y-Your Holiness,” the paladin pleaded. “Maybe we should just wait here?”

“Nonsense! Kuro is mine, and I’ll protect him!” I uttered a teleport spell, and soon I was on the other side of the door.

I never thought Kuro could scream that loud whenever he’s surprised. But it’s for his safety, anyway.


Milord, I’m back together with Lady Usarved!” Eris greeted Kuro, the moment she appeared at his room. She took his hand and pulled him towards the study table, “Let’s get to studying the Chersean language again!”

“Hello, sir…?!” Lady Usarved followed. “Err…ayos ka lang po?” (Err…are you alright?)

“Haha…medyo, kahit papano…” (Haha…quite alright, at least…) was his answer.

Lady Usarved stared at me, while I pretended to read a book nearby. In her mind, she wanted to ask me if I did something weird to him, since his answer to her question was sarcastic. But I guess she decided not to, in the end.

What do you think, demon girl? Of course, I did something! But it’s for his own good!

Eris and Lady Usarved then taught Kuro the basic of the Chersean language. Soon, Lady Rishnu joined them, while I listened near them.

“I…I love….”

I secretly cast a spell that heightened the volume of their voices, so I could hear what Kuro’s about to say.

“That’s it milord, say it with confidence!”

“I love you, Eris!”

“Kyaa!” the young maidservant tried to keep her giggles down, though it still got out their circle.

“Tama yung sinabi ko? Yan talaga yung sinasabi kapag na-appreciate mo yung kaibigan mo?” (Did I say it well? Those are the words you say when you appreciate your friend?) he asked the demon girl.

“Opo sir. Yan po ang sinasabi para mapasaya nyo yung gaya ni Eris.” (Yes sir, that’s what you say when you want to make a girl like Eris happy.)

“Oh…” Kuro then turned to Lady Rishnu. “I love you, Rishnu!”

Kyaaaa!!! I want to die, right now!” the mantis girl was ecstatic. She and Eris gave each other a high-five.

Grr…what are you guys doing?

Kuro wasn’t over yet, “I love you, Lady Noir!”

The demon girl was visibly flustered, but she eventually regained her composure. “Sir, ’di nyo po dapat sinasabi sa akin yan.” (Sir, you don’t need to tell that to me.)

“Ah? May mali ba ako? Kaibigan kita, ’di ba?” (Ah? Did I say something wrong? You’re my friend, right?)

“Well, wala naman po, pero…” (Well, not really, but…) Lady Usarved glanced at me. “Basta, ’di po ako.” (Just don’t tell that to me.)

I peeked once again in the demon girl and Eris’ minds. They’re playing jokes on Kuro!

“What are you teaching him, guys?” I asked; my annoyance was seeping out.

“Your Holiness, I’m teaching the Lord Kuro how to say ‘I love you’ in Chersean,” Eris explained.

“I can see that…” I replied. “But have you told him that you’re teaching him exactly that?”

Eris and Rishnu stared at Lady Usarved.

“There’s nothing wrong with my translation, Your Holiness,” the demon girl insisted. Well, inside her head, there were examples of situations where the phrase ‘I love you’ was being said to friends…

“…” I don’t know, but I kept on feeling that there’s something off with Lady Usarved’s translations. In any case, I guess I’m mistaken here. Defeated, I went back to what I was doing, occasionally glancing at them.

He told the others he loves them. Why won’t Kuro tell me he loves me?


The sounds of the bells ringing finally woke me up. Looking at the hourglass nearby, I saw it was already the 8th hour. The bells at the Saint’s Cathedral would be rung every time the clock strikes that moment.

Though, if I may say, this is the first time in a long while that I noticed that sound. Ah, in any case, I’ll do stuff later; let me sleep with Kuro some more—

“…” When I turned to my side to hold him in my arms, Kuro was missing from his bed. My sleepiness immediately dissipated; I looked for him on the floor at the other side of the bed, but here was only a pillow and a blanket there (he must’ve slept on the floor again). No sign of my fiancée.

Fear quickly enveloped my heart. Though I know that the Holy Palatial Gardens were more secure than the Academy, I still couldn’t let Kuro go around without me at his side. He couldn’t speak our language, and he might get lost in this place. Wasting no time, I hurried out.

Ah, Your Holiness!” the paladins posted at the doors of Kuro’s room kneeled the moment they saw me. “Good day to you!”

“Where’s Kuro?”

“Her Highness the Lady Lily is with him, Your Holiness,” one of them answered. “And Lady Usarved too.”

Ugh, that demon girl again.

“Where did they go?”

“Lady Lily told us they’re heading to the kitchen,” the paladin grinned. “It seems the Lord Kuro wants to cook something, according to them.”

The paladins giggled; they’re thinking that it was cute when Kuro cooks? Ha! His food is the best!

At once, I uttered a teleport spell and headed to the place they’ve gone to, arriving just outside the building.

“…” Taking a peek before I entered, I saw Lily, Kuro and Lady Usarved, along with the other maids of that department. My fiancée had just finished baking what looked to me as cookies.

“What do you think, Lady Usarved?” Lily asked the demon girl.

“It looks pretty good and well-made,” she commented, before turning to Kuro. “Alam nyo pong mag-bake Sir?” (You know how to bake, Sir?)

Kuro nodded, “Yeah, bilang pasalamat na lang din sa inyo kase inaalagaan nyo ako.” (Yeah, it’s my thanks because you guys are taking care of me.)

“What did he say?”

“Sir Kuro wants to thank us by baking these cookies.”

Aww…how sweet of you!” Lily smiled and pinched his cheeks lightly, much to his pleasant surprise.

This guy…he takes his time to make those stuff to others, but not for me?

Watching them made me really irritated right now. However, I don’t want to show myself to them in this state, so I just got another teleport spell going, and returned to Kuro’s room.



I think I did just fine.


Baking all those cookies to give to everyone in the palatial gardens—the servants and the paladins—sure took some time. Fortunately, Miss Lily and Lady Noir, along with the other servants in the Kitchen Department, helped me finished faster than I expected.

“Hey sir, ’wag po kayong mag-alala. Palagay ko po magugustuhan ng Kanyang Kabanalan yang ibibigay nyo. Masarap kaya sya!” (Hey sir, don’t worry. I think Her Holiness would love that cookie bag you’ll give her. The cookies are delicious!) Maybe Lady Noir noticed that I’d been looking at the cookie bag I’m holding, that’s why she said that to reassure me.

“Heh, wala lang. Kinakabahan lang talaga ako,” (Heh, it’s nothing. I’m just really nervous, that’s all,) I could only scratch my head. “Mukha kaseng laging seryoso si Lady Madelaine…” (Lady Madelaine looked serious all the time…)

“Ah, tapos lagi pa po syang nakasunod sa inyo.” (Ah, and she’s always following you around.)

“Kaya nga, eh. Medyo creepy, pero ramdam ko naman yung concern nya sa akin.” (Yeah, it’s true. It’s a bit creepy, but I can feel her concern for me, somehow.)

“Iba ka po talaga, sir! Buti hindi ka po nasasakal sa ganun,” (You’re really different, sir! Good thing you can take her weird and creepy antics,) Lady Usarved chuckled.

While walking, we went past two ladies wearing what looked to me as clothes for nuns. Well, I guess this was a holy place, so seeing those kinds of people was common, after all. However, though we interrupted our talk and gave respects to them, they just glared at us, like we’re some kind of trash and muttered something to themselves.

“Haa…” I noticed Lady Usarved’s sad sigh.

“Ano yung sinasabi nila?” (What are they saying to us?)

“Pinagbubulungan nila na nakakaistorbo lang daw po tayo sa Kanyang Kabanalan.” (They are muttering about how we are distracting Her Holiness from her duties.)

“Ano?! Ang bastos naman ng mga yun!” (What?! Those nuns are rude!)

“Well, wala po tayong magagawa, Sir! Ayaw po nila sakin kase kabilang ako sa lahi ng mga demonyo, na naging kalaban po ng mga tao dati. Tapos kayo po sir, dahil siguro laging nakatuon yung pansin ng Kanyang Kabanalan sa inyo.” (Well, we can’t help it, Sir! They hate me because I’m from the demon race, who fought against humanity before. And in your case sir, maybe it’s because Her Holiness’ sole focus is always you.)

“Mga relihiyosong tao talaga…kahit sa ibang mundo mga impokrito sila.” (These religious guys…even in another world they’re hypocrites.)

A moment of silence ensued between us. Maybe the demon girl was thinking about what I said, but then, I heard her took a deep breath and asked, “Sir?”


“Kung may pagkakataon kayong umalis dito, gagawin nyo po ba?” (If you have the chance to go away from here, will you take it?)

I was surprised by Lady Noir’s suggestion. However, I honestly told her, “Well, yeah. Ayaw ko na maging dahilan para makasagabal sa taong nag-aalaga sa akin. So kung may pagkakataon, aalis ako.” (Well, yeah. I don’t want to be the reason for the distraction of the person who’s taking care of me. So if there’s a chance to go, I will.)

“Sir, kung magkataon, gusto nyo po sa amin?” (Sir, would you like to stay with us?)

“Huh? Ayaw ko nga maka-istorbo eh!” (Huh? I just told you I don’t want to inconvenience anyone!)

“Hindi po kayo abala!” (No, you’re not disturbing us!)

I chuckled and gave my demon friend a pat on her head, “Hmm…well, pag-iisipan ko muna yan. Pero yeah, gusto kong umalis na dito kase ayaw ko din makarinig ng hindi magandang salita na ibabato sa Kanyang Kabanalan. Kahit creepy sya, alam kong mabuti syang tao…” (Hmm…well, I’ll think about it first. But yeah, I want to move away from here as soon as possible, for I don’t want any bad words thrown against Her Holiness. She might be creepy, but I know she’s a good person…)

“Okay, sir. Sabi nyo po eh!” (Okay sir. You said it yourself, eh!)



Hrrgh! It’s been an entire day since Kuro left for the kitchens, and he was yet to come back!


Well, he’s with Lily and the demon girl, so I guess I shouldn’t think of any weird and dangerous things happening to him. But still…I’m getting worried.

Where are you Kuro? I’m lonely!

Haa…look at you, little Maddie. Never have I seen a girl as pathetic as you are right now.”

I immediately got up from Kuro’s bed, only to see my mother’s spirit standing at the corner of the room. She wore a disappointed expression on her face, as her eyes pierced through my soul, as if accusing me of wrongdoing. “Mama?”

“See what I’m telling you? I let you alone for a while, hoping that your eyes would be opened to the truth. That ‘Kuro’ guy would only make you suffer, as you are going through right now.”

“He’s just injured for a while,” I insisted. “We were attacked before—”

“You think I didn’t know that, little Maddie?” she grinned. “Look at how stupid he is, ending up like that! He’s a dead weight; a liability for you!”

“Don’t say that to him, Mama! He is mine! I won’t let him go!” I nearly screamed those last sentences.

My mother then fell silent. However, her lips drew a smirk, and she came near me, “That’s right. The Maddie I know isn’t some pushover saint. She knows what is hers, and would take it without regrets. I told you, you’re destined for greatness, Madelaine, so like what you said to me before…defy your fate, stand your ground. Make yours what is rightfully yours.”

“Yes…” At that moment, I knew what I had to do.


A few minutes after my mother’s spirit disappeared, there was a knock on the door. I didn’t answer; I just waited for the person on the other side to open it. It was not locked anyway.


Kuro and the demon girl entered. They bowed to show their respects, then it was Lady Usarved who spoke first, “Your Holiness, Sir Kuro—I mean, Sir Greg, would like to give you something.”


At her prodding, Kuro walked to me and brought out a bag full of cookies. I think that’s what he was baking with the others earlier…

“He wanted to say thanks in his own way, Your Holiness,” the demon girl explained. “So he asked us to keep that from you until the last minute.”

“Salamat sa pag-alaga sa akin, Lady Madelaine!” (Thank you, Lady Madelaine!) I heard him say, complete with a gentle smile on his lips. I turned to the Lady Usarved for the translation.

“He just said ‘thank you for taking care of him’.”

“Can you tell him that I did that because of my love for him?”

“Sir, sabi po ng Kanyang Kabanalan, ginagawa daw po nya iyon dahil mahal na mahal nya po kayo.” (Sir, Her Holiness said that, she did it because she truly loves you.)

Kuro suddenly blushed, and he nearly retreated when he heard that. Nevertheless, he regained his senses and took a step nearer to me. With his eyes never wavering, he uttered the words…

“I-I l-love you…so much, Lady Madelaine.”

I think my heart skipped a beat when I heard that. Even Lady Usarved, who was watching us nearby, was surprised by what happened. Kuro tried his best to tell me his feelings in my language, even though he’s having difficulty in doing it. I could feel my cheeks getting warm, and my chest…it’s as if it’s going to explode in ecstasy.

Wh-What should I-I do?


Ah, whatever! He’s mine! Kuro’s mine! I love him! And I’ll make him mine right now!

I cast a teleport spell, took hold of Kuro’s hand just as it activated, and whisked him away to somewhere else.