Chapter 18:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 10

***At some hidden place in the Holy Palatial Gardens…***

“Alright, I think everyone is here?” Her Holiness the Beastman Saint, Ruro of the Wolf, asked. She was the one that planned that secret rendezvous among the ladies that were close to Kuro.

The queen of Cherwind, Ursura of the Beastmen, looked around and counted the people that gathered in that solitary room somewhere in the palatial complex. The Head Maid of the Holy Palatial Gardens, Lilyhaven Tamriel von Leese was present, as well as Kuro’s maidservant, Eris Braunhauer. The former head of the Kitchen Department, as well as the current queen of Amaranth, Jessica von Albert, was early to that meeting. Joining them were the Chief Royal Doctor of the Queen of Cherwind, Rishnu of the Insetus, the chief of the Avinus Chicken Tribe and governor of the Avinus Isles Region, Minahaba of the Falcons, Ambassador to the Court of Her Holiness the Human Saint, Chief Gislaine of the Eagles, and the Chief Royal Scientist of Cherwind, Salis of the Owls.

“Is Lady Sylvia Henristone not coming?” Jessica searched for the Paladin Guard Corps captain among their number.

“I decided not to include her,” Lily revealed. “She’s always close to Her Holiness, so we might get caught if she’s with us. Besides, I think she’s chivalrous enough not to turn against the orders of Lady Madelaine.”

Hmm…good call, princess!” Ruro commented.

“So, what’s going on here?” Ursura steered them back to the topic.

“Right…” the Wolf Saint continued, “…well, for starters, how many here have noticed that change in Maddie?”

Everyone raised their hands.

“Even before milord got into that accident,” Eris elaborated, “Her Holiness had been restricting him and pushing away anyone who gets close.”

“That includes you guys?” Minahaba turned to Lily, and Jessica.

They both nodded. The queen of Amaranth added, “Well, it’s not that I can’t understand Her Holiness’ concerns about Kuro’s safety. However, it’s getting way out of hand.”

“I…I can’t even h-have a lonely time with the Chief…” Rishnu complained.

“The Human Saint is always following the Human Chief around, it’s getting awkward!” Salis quipped. “Also, she might not notice it, but the nuns and templars at her temple are creating weird rumors about what’s happening!”

“That’s true,” Lily backed her up. “If this goes on, not only will Her Holiness’ popularity and influence will suffer; Kuro might get blamed for Her Holiness’ neglect of duties!”

“Yes, basically, with her fascination about love,” Eris elaborated, “Her Holiness is creating a reason for the common folk to hate milord, and the nobles, hate him even further.”

“I will not allow that to happen!” Rishnu declared.

“What a coincidence, I won’t let that, too,” Ursura smirked.

Heh, I know that Maddie’s a bit unhinged when it comes to Kuro,” Ruro could only shake her head in dismay, “but I guess she went full blown crazy this time.”

“So, what are we going to do?” Minahaba led them back to the topic.

“That’s why we’re here,” Ruro said to them. “We’re going to free Kuro from that crazy love-struck girl.”

Err…what do you mean, Your Holiness?” Lily asked, as she became uncomfortable when the Beastman Saint said that.

“Don’t worry, Lily. We’re just going to make Maddie realize that she still has a life other than loving Kuro. Besides, you know my master; if he’s in his normal self, he wouldn’t approve of her behavior.”

“Indeed, that’s true, Your Holiness,” Eris agreed to her.

“Well, my spy chief had already seen the room where Kuro is confined,” Ursura revealed. “Chief Gislaine did a great job in helping him slip unnoticed.”

Everyone’s attention fell on Chief Gislaine, who said, “Err…I’m just a bystander! I’m friends with the Human Chief, but I don’t have any feelings for him!”

“We’re not asking that, Chief!” Minahaba countered. “Her Majesty the Queen Ursura just told us that you helped our spy chief map the room and the guest building where the Human Chief is staying.”

Ah yes, he also crafted an escape plan, just in case it became an absolute necessity,” the Eagle chief handed to them a set of papers, which Ruro and Lily read for a while.

A few minutes later, the Wolf Saint declared, “Lady Ursura, your spy chief is good. We can use his plan; just change it according to the situation.”

“Hmph!” Ursura puffed her chest out, “Of course, he’s trained under the guidance of Sir Loin, acting upon the ideas of Kuro!”

“Anyway, I can also ask my spy chief to coordinate with yours, Lady Ursura,” Jessica told her.

“No,” Ruro refused that proposal. “It would take time; we need to act as soon as possible. If you’re planning to help, Amaranthine queen, then you can provide a hiding place for my master for a while.”

“It’s not a problem for me!” Jessica quickly agreed.

“Yes, and, Your Majesty the Queen Ursura,” the Wolf Saint continued, “your men would create the escape route for Kuro, according to your spy chief’s plan.”

“Got it.”


“Yes, Your Holiness?”

“Since you’re Maddie’s head maid, create a diversion for us.”

“But how about my mind? She can read it!”

“You have the access to the vault where the forbidden items are kept, right?” Ruro asked, “If you remember, I gave the former king of Nerfes, James Walter Reed II, a book I got from the ruins of the Red Diamond palace in Amaranth. It’s got Seirna’s ‘Mind Prison’ spell; you can use that.”

“That’s my book, Your Holiness!” Eris told them.

“Right…anyway, use that to fool Maddie.”

“Yes,” Lily was finally convinced.

“Lady Braunhauer, and the mantis girl, since you’re the one teaching Kuro the Chersean language, you should assist Lady Usarved in helping Kuro reach the Amaranthine kingdom.”

“Lady Usarved is with us?”

“Yeah, I just talked to her about it.”

“Then why isn’t she here?”

“Probably she’s with Kuro right now,” Lily offered that explanation. “We’re baking some cookies earlier, see?”

Ah, right, yes…I received those cute bags of cookies as well,” Ruro commented before going back to their plans. “So anyway, falcon girl and owl girl, you can do some ruckus, right?”

“Yes, of course!” Minahaba smirked as she wrapped her arms around Salis, “We’re veteran troublemakers from Cherwind.”

“It’s only you, Chief Mina,” the annoyed owl girl countered. “Nevertheless, I can create some fake fire to distract the paladins away.”

“We’ll take that then,” Ruro nodded.

“Okay, we’re going on a roll!” Ursura’s grin reached both sides of her face; she also extended her hand for a team gesture to everyone. “Time to get Kuro out of this place!”

“Yes!” having planned their course of action, they went along with the Queen of Cherwind. However…


All of them were shocked when the doors of the room where they were meeting in flung open. Just as they thought that the Human Saint had caught them, it was Lady Noir Usarved who came in, her face was wrapped in horror, and she was panting.

“What happened, milady?” it was Lily who came to her first.

“H-Her H-Holiness…” the demon girl said in-between her breaths, “…S-Sir Ku-Kuro…took away!”


“She…took him…away! Teleported!”

Ruro, who was looking into Lady Usarved’s memories, finally spoke, “I think the event that we’re fearing for is finally happening. Maddie’s going to cross the point of no return.”

At that moment, everyone in that ‘secret council’ knew they had to act as soon as possible. The Great Saint of Chersea, Lady Madelaine Ann Rubinforth, finally snapped…



I never let go of Kuro for a while, even after we arrived at the place I teleported to. I missed holding him in my arms; I guess no one could blame me for my actions.

Haa…please let us stay like this forever,” I muttered. I took a peek at Kuro’s face; he’s actually out of his senses, perhaps dizzy from that sudden teleport, as he always did.

Hmm…I can use this to my advantage.

“…” I gently helped him sit down under the shades of a nearby tree and looked around, trying to find out where we ended up. It was a wide, grassy plain, with blue, snow-capped mountains far in the background and a few trees that dotted the sights.

If I remember right, this must be the plains south of the city of Amaranth. It’s one of my favorite places to visit (teleport).


And there’s no one around as usual. This is great!

“Ah!” I turned and saw Kuro just regained his senses, though his feet was still shaky. I rushed over to his side to support him.

“#$$%%T&%^*,” he said. Of course, I couldn’t understand whatever he uttered. However, looking at his smiling expression made me confident that he liked this place as well. I mean, he may have forgotten about it, but I brought him here before.

Haa…Kuro, you’re really helpless,” I chuckled as I caressed his face. “Don’t worry; now that we’re alone together, I’ll make you happy.”

“!@^&^#$#^?” he was gesturing for me to eat the cookies he baked. I think Kuro’s proud to have made it for me, huh?

Ah, I can always eat those later, you know?” I flashed the ‘wait’ sign, which he quickly understood. He kept the cookie bag within his coat, and looked around, feeling the gentle breeze on our faces.

What I wanted to eat now is…

“!!!” Maybe Kuro was surprised when I suddenly threw myself at him; I could feel him jolt. He asked, “!@#%^#%^%?”

I can’t understand you, but no matter!

I paid no more attention to what he was saying. I began to remove his coat, running my fingers through the well-built muscles of his body. My face was getting hot, and my chest was almost about to explode. The tingling sensation in my heart was intense as I felt him all over.

“#$!^!@$%@?” Kuro started to back away.

Oh no, you won’t run away from me, Mister!


Yes, I know he wanted to do this after marriage, but my love wouldn’t wait! Nor would I let him escape this time. I quickly cast a spell on him that bound his feet to the ground. In an effort to free himself, Kuro fell on the soft grass.

“It’s futile, Kuro…” though we couldn’t understand each other, I wanted to make him know that resistance was useless. My hands slowly removed the buttons and strings that held my dress together. I should’ve done this before; I don’t care about the others!

I am Madelaine Ann Rubinforth, the Great Human Saint of Chersea. The demi-god of this realm. What I desire, I will get. And Kuro is mine, no one will take him away from me…not even Fate itself!

“#!$^%&!%$^!” Kuro’s voice sounded like he was pleading. However, I could tell that his body was excited as well. His face was flustered, and he was also raring to go ‘down there’.

“Kuro…” the last string of my turquoise dress was finally undone, and fell on my feet. I stood before him, with all myself and nothing to hide. I could feel my heart beating fast, and my mind was thinking of no other than doing it with him. I got on my knees, and drew near his face…


Soon, our lips met. I never let him speak any further, as my hands felt his body. I don’t know, but I think Kuro also gave in to his desires. His hands, though initially it was awkward, gently touched and went all over me as well. He resisted my kiss at first, though soon he just let me conquer him, and went with the flow.

“Kuro, touch me there,” I was filled in ecstasy, my mind was going blank. My fingers then went for his shirt, slowly undoing it. Just as I was about to remove the last obstacle, however…


“Kuro?!” I felt his arms hug me tight.

“M-Maddie…I…I love you…” with great difficulty, he uttered those words in my language near my ears. However, that phrase was the only one he knew just yet; I could tell he wanted to say more, but our language barriers were preventing him from doing so.

What do you want to tell me? I’ll try to understand…

“I love you too, Kuro!” Honestly, I was surprised by his sudden action; nevertheless, I answered by holding him tight as well. Then, I felt something wet fall on my shoulder where his head rested. Is it tears?

“#$$^$%^&!!@#@…” was what he said, with his voice quivering. He repeated that for so many times while he hugged and cried on my shoulder.

Kuro? Why are you crying? Do you hate what I just did?

In an attempt to understand him, I unwittingly glanced in his thoughts. Much to my surprise, the darkness that was blocking my view was lifted. Instead, what I saw in Kuro was a picture of a happy couple—he and I. We were walking down an aisle, filled with flowers and well-wishers. Petals were raining down on us, as if the heavens’ auspices were upon us. My beautiful wedding dress contrasted well with his dark, smart suit.

Suddenly, the realization hit me. This was Kuro’s dream for us; he wished to walk me down the aisle, showered by the gods’ favor, and filled with blessings and esteem from my father, and siblings.

“I…” I couldn’t continue on what I was about to say, for everything became clear to me. While I was thinking of giving in to my selfish desires, Kuro had been respecting and protecting me all the time, even when he couldn’t remember anything about me.

“^&@%$^%^$&@#!” Kuro finally let go and caressed my face. As his restraints had not yet worn off, he took his coat and dressed me with it.

Now, it’s my turn to cry…

“Kuro…you’re always thinking of me,” I told him while tears fell from my eyes. “I…I understand; I’ll wait for you.”

He smiled, and nodded. I don’t know if he fully understood what I just said, but as long as he was happy, I’ll be fine—



Our time together was interrupted when Ruro suddenly appeared, along with the other girls from the Holy Palatial Gardens. I was frozen from shock; Lily, however, quickly moved to cover me, while Eris and Lady Usarved rushed to Kuro’s side.

“Did we arrive too late?” Lady Ursura asked.

“How did you—” was all that I could blurt out. But Ruro interrupted me.

“My dear Maddie, have you forgotten I’m a member of Cherwind’s Wolf Tribe? Not only do I possess the ability to run fast; I can also sniff you out. Add my powers as a saint, and I can travel long distances and cover the entire land of Cherwind within hours by running and teleporting.”

“Your Holiness!” it was Lady Jessica, “Please stop your madness; Kuro won’t like it as well if you keep on neglecting your duties just for him!”

What is this bitch talking about?

“Her Majesty the Queen of Amaranth is right, Maddie,” Lily backed her. “And don’t monopolize him. There are other who love Kuro as well.”

Even you Lily? You’re going to fight me? Kuro is mine!

“Your H-Holiness,” Lady Rishnu meekly approached and helped me stand. “Let’s…uhm, get along to-together, please?”

“Kuro…” I muttered. A feeling of resentment appeared in my heart, that slowly began to fill my chest.

“Hm?” Ruro came near me, trying to hear what I was saying. “You’re telling us something?”


The anger. The madness…it’s all flowing within me, like a giant wave that’s overwhelming my reason…

That’s it Maddie…claim what is rightfully yours! A person of greatness will not bow to anyone!

“Kuro…” I kept on muttering, “Kuro…”

“Princess,” I heard the Beastman Saint asked, “is Maddie still right on her head?”

Maddie…you have the power. You’re a demi-god of this world…everyone shall bend to your will.

“Kuro! He’s mine! He’s only mine!”

Those who don’t shall die a thousand deaths. Destroy them!


End their lives. Kill them…I…I’ll kill all of you!

At that moment, something from within me collapsed. The dark, sinister feeling took over my reasons, and everything went black.

“Maddie! Get a hold of yourself!” the last thing that I heard before I lost my senses was Lily calling out to me. However, though I knew she was shouting, her voice grew ever distant, until it was all silent.



That surely was an ear-splitting scream from Her Holiness. I thought she understood what I was saying to her earlier; that I swore to myself, I won’t make a move on anyone of them until marriage. That I wanted to respect not only their trust, but that of their families as well.


Not only those, I still had to deal with my memories lost; they’re telling me a lot of things I did that I couldn’t even remember clearly. I mean, there were certain ‘slivers’ of it in my mind. However, a good number of details were hazy, the overall picture was blurred.

How can I even reciprocate Lady Madelaine’s feelings, if I can’t recall the things we did?


But I didn’t expect Lady Madelaine will get angry with that…


However, more than ending up deaf, I was more concerned with what happened next. In fact, all of us were, for the Human Saint suddenly changed appearance. She looked so different from the gentle girl she was before.

“Sir, ayos lang po kayo?” (Sir, are you alright?) Lady Noir checked on me.

“Oo, pero anong nangyayari sa Kanyang Kabanalan?” (Yes, but what’s happening to Her Holiness?)

“Hindi ko po alam, Sir,” (I don’t know, Sir,) she admitted as she helped me to stand.

By that time, I saw Her Holiness the Human Saint wrapped in something like a black miasma, and the gentle wind earlier became a powerful gale, enough to make standing difficult. The clear, blue skies earlier was blocked by a gathering of swirling dark clouds, forming a circle directly above her. There were no flashes of lightning; however, we could hear loud rumbling sounds everywhere.

I heard Lady Lily yelled something at Lady Noir.

“Sir, sabi po ni Lady Lily tumakbo na daw po tayo!” (Sir, Lady Lily was telling us to run away already!) she revealed.

“H-Ha? Bakit?” (H-Ha? Why?)

“Mukha pong may masamang nangyayari sa Kanyang Kabanalan! Tara na po, Sir!” (Looks like there’s something bad that’s going on with Her Holiness! Let’s go, Sir!) Lady Noir grabbed my hand, and began pulling me away.

As I was still confused at the sudden turn of events, I ran with the demon girl, though I occasionally look back to Her Holiness Lady Madelaine. She was fighting the other saint, Lady Ruro, who was summoning hailstones and raining those down on the Human Saint. Joining her was the bear queen, Lady Ursura, the falcon girl, Lady Minahaba, and the Head Maid, Lady Lily.

The others were also running away from them, though in different directions.

“Sir, dali! ’Wag ka na po lumingon!” (Sir, hurry! Don’t look at them!) Lady Noir pleaded.

Hearing her scared voice made me ran as fast as my legs could carry me. However, as I’m not an athletic person; soon I could feel my legs waver.

Fuck, what’s going on? A moment ago, everything is fluffy and romantic. The next second, we’re running for our lives!

Lady Noir kept on going, though. She kept on encouraging me throughout the ordeal, “Tuloy lang po, Sir!” (Continue on running, Sir!)

“Yeah, sinusubukan ko!” (Yeah, I’m trying!)

I heard a series of loud explosions behind us, and I had to fight the urge to look back and check on my friends. Then, after that, there was one final bang, and a powerful blast wave knocked us down together. I tried my best to protect the Lady Noir from the flying debris, some of which hit my face. Nevertheless, the force was so strong that it was difficult even to keep ourselves in place though we’re already on the ground. And then, something hit my head that blew the living lights out of me.


When I regained my senses a few minutes later, Lady Noir stood in front of me, with a fiery sword on her hands. Before her was Her Holiness the Human Saint, still wrapped in a dark, sinister aura. Though her lips were smiling, her eyes looked as if she was dead, with all the glimmer lost. She hovered above the demon girl, who seemed to be cornered.

Ugh…Lady Noir?” I forced myself to stand, even as my vision was still spinning, and my head aching. In doing so, I took hold of Lady Noir’s shoulder, so I could steady myself.

“Ah, gising ka na po pala!” (Ah, you’re already awake!) the demon girl greeted with a bright smile. “Salamat sa pag-protekta nyo po sakin kanina!” (Thank you for protecting me earlier!)

“@#$%!#$%%$^^!” Lady Madelaine said something, to which Lady Noir answered in their language.

“Ano sabi nya?” (What did she say?)

“Well, tinatawag ka po nya, Sir! At nagagalit po sya sakin dahil sa mga sugat nyo sa mukha na sya din naman po ang may dahilan.” (Well, she’s calling for you, Sir! And she’s angry at me for the wounds on your face that is her own fault.)

“Teka, baka mapapag-usapan naman yan? Ayaw ko na magkasakitan pa kayo; ako na magbibigay.” (Wait, maybe we can talk it over? I don’t want you guys to fight; I’ll just give up myself.)

Just as I stepped forward, Lady Noir barred my way with her sword, “Sir, hindi po ako papayag. Ibang tao na po ’yan; delikado po kayo.” (Sir, I won’t allow it. She’s a different person now; she’s a danger to you.)

“Anong ibig mong sabi—” (What do you mean—)

“Manahimik ka na nga lang at tumakbo na palayo!” (Just shut up and run from here!) Lady Noir angrily blurted out. And then, with a flick of her finger, she cast a spell on me, and I was whisked away to nowhere.


***Somewhere in Chersea…***

Seirna never took her eyes off from the weather disturbance that suddenly appeared from the distance. Even though she wasn’t near the place where it was happening, the Saint of the Flame knew exactly what was going on.


From where she stood, she could feel the presence of the two saints fighting against each other. One was from the Beastman Saint, Ruro of the Wolf, and the other was the Human Saint, Madelaine Ann Rubinforth. However, something else was with the latter…or someone.


The Saint of the Flame smirked. Just as the Lord Gaius had predicted to her before, the ‘Seductress’—an entity from that accursed place, ‘the Shadelight’—had reappeared. And if not for that otherworlder, they had already eliminated her threat.

Ah, Kuro…you poor, naïve man! You should’ve allowed me to kill that accursed saint when we had the chance,” she muttered. “Yet, you took her side, and so brought forth the doom of this world, and of the others…”

Then she heard a faint explosion, and after that, a pillar of light appeared—brighter than the light in the Chersean sky—that pierced the heavens and dispersed any nearby clouds. Seirna was sure it was seen by a big part of the population of Chersea, and could surmise that it terrified those who witnessed such a sight.

The presence of the Beastman Saint suddenly vanished, but that of the Human Saint grew even more intense, as the darkness that she released began to creep outwards. Seirna was shocked, as her feet quivered at the slightest touch of that malevolent miasma on her skin.

“Argh!” she could feel the pain and weakness grip her legs, and she struggled to stand for a while. Sensing that it may zap her own powers, Seirna cast her flight spell, just before another surge of miasma hit her. “So…this is the power that is hidden within Lady Madelaine; it’s so strong it rivals the power given by the heavens! No wonder why the Lord Gaius wanted to turn it against the ‘Seductress’ herself.”

With some difficulty, the Saint of the Flame pulled out her rapier from her hand, and chanted the teleport spell. Though she may had fought against Ruro before, this time, she had to help her, or Chersea would be destroyed.