Chapter 3:


Return of the Shadow CEO

“So, when and where is the meeting?” Rey asked, sitting on his chair sipping coffee

“Sir, they are planning on doing the meeting during the twenty-seventh wedding anniversary of Mr Yogi Gupta and his wife Mrs Vaani Gupta. The party is going to be held in one of our resorts, in the southern part of the city.” Alex replied, while giving handing a beautiful invitation car to Rey

“Hall number seven, at seven in the evening, tomorrow, that’s where they are throwing the party, right?” Rey asked, with a grin on his face

“Yes, sir, but how do you know that?”

“My mom and dad, met each other on 7th July, at 7 in the evening. Married each other 7 years later, on the same date and time. I grew up listening to their life journeys, and was told to find my own life, and become a good man

“Wow” Alex said in awe

“Well then, provide them with the best things we offer”

“Yes, sir. But, what about the gifts?”

“Gifts? Do you think, I am not a good enough gift?”

After about five seconds, Alex said, “But sir”

“No worries, I was just kidding, I will bring them a good gift” Rey said smiling


Ghaziland, Hell grade Tower

Carolina stood on a cliff, with many people behind him. Some were getting out of vehicles, some were checking their weapons. Everyone was chattering, and it didn’t seem like they were going on a war.

“So, where is the recon team?” Carolina asked Alfred

“Umm, I don’t know how to tell you this” Alfred said struggling

“What?” Carolina asked

“They got wiped out

“What!” Carolina said loudly

“Wait, Carolina, don’t shout. It will cause panic within the squad”

“Okay, but what do you mean they got wiped out?

“I am not sure either, but the recon team’s leader gave an emergency message, and after that we were not able to make any contact with them, we also know that at least four members of the group died.”

“Then, how are we supposed to clear this tower?”

“Just go in, its only a hell grade tower”

“Only? You know what, alright, we are going in, but if we don’t come back in 2 days, then, make this tower a naraka grade tower”

Carolina moved towards the end of the cliff and looked at the forest below her, and the tower that was approximately 3 miles away from her

“Guys we are finally here” Carolina said as she equipped her saber. “Let’s go!”

“Yes ma’am”

Carolina then jumped from the cliff, followed by her squad


The next day, Stellar Resort

Rey sat in his personal room in the resort. In each building that was owned or used by the stellar group, had a special room for Rey, the Shadow CEO. Nobody knows who the CEO of the Stellar group is, except Rey’s two assistants and some stakeholders. Whenever Rey appeared in the public as the CEO of the Stellar groups, he would wear sunglasses, face mask and a cap.

Due to his body shape, and way of speaking, people knew he was not some old fogey. Due to his mysterious charisma, and his habit of controlling things from the shadows, he was named “Shadow CEO”.

“The gifts are ready, right?” Rey asked Alex

“Yes sir, they are ready” Alex said as he elegantly sipped his tea

“And, the preparation in hall 7, make sure they don’t get any problem”

“Sir, the Guptas have made the reservation for the whole resort, but hall 7 is for the inner circle, a few people who are on the same level as the Guptas or are close to them. I am pretty sure, All the social climbers will be making their appearances, so stay away from them”

“The inner circle, huh?” Rey said as he smirked

“Sir, please get ready, it’s-”

It’s showtime