Chapter 4:


Return of the Shadow CEO

In a large hall, people sat on tables, drinking and eating, some stood talking to each other, they all were waiting for the Guptas to arrive.

"Do you guys know, the Gupta's second son has returned" A lady whispered

"Yes, and I heard, that he is the actual heir" Another woman replied

"Ah, yes, we should make our daughters go after him?" Another said

"Gretel, we won't even compete, your daughter is the hottest around here, you won't even have to try"

"Yes, my Elli, is the best, she will win the Guptas' heart" Gretel, a middle-aged woman replied, with a grin on her face

Suddenly a woman joined the conversation and said "Your daughter will do that? My niece will be breaking your heart dear, the Guptas will be mine"

"Oh, come on, Glenys, Carolina is already married to a buffoon" Gretel replied, in a sassy tone

"So what, I will break them-" Glenys said, but was interrupted by the DJ's announcement

"The Host of the evening has arrived"

A woman appeared on the stage, This woman had black, waist length hair, and a very "good" body type. She wore a blue dress, and hat of the matching color.All the males in the room were staring at this girl, mindlessly.

"Hi everyone, I, Vaaniya Gupta would like to thank everyone here, for joining us today. As we all know, today is my parent's wedding anniversary, and I would like to congratulate them." The woman said, "Then, let me welcome Mr Gupta, and Mrs Gupta"

2 figures entered the room from the main entrance, the two people held hands, and looked very charming together. The man wore a 2-piece suit, and the woman wore a beautiful pink dress.

"Hi everyone" The couple said in unison

The couple slowly reached the stage, and stood together facing the crowd.

The crowd started cheering

"Thanks for gathering here, I hope you all enjoy!" Vaani said, in a cheerful tone

After saying this, the three people moved to the backstage

"It's about time, we go to hall 7?" Vaaniya asked her parents

"Yes, let's go" Yogi replied


"Group 1, take care of the goblin horde" Carolina commanded, while wiping off the sweat on her chin, with the back of his wrist

"Others, come with me" She said in an imposing manner

Carolina, along with her team, was fighting the "Tower Spawns", the monsters that guarded the towers.

"Ma'am, I can't believe, that we got a blue goblin horde, before even reaching the half mile radius" A person with purple hair asked Carolina

"Yes, Carl, Something is wrong" Carolina replied

"Blue Goblins, are 6 feet tall goblins, who are only found in a group of two or three, but a horde of them? Consisting of 50-60 goblins?" Carl said to the group

"Maybe, we should ask for reinforcements?" A girl standing at the back of the group asked

"Xialing, send a message asking for reinforcements"

"What, should be the reason?"

"Advanced Grade"

After trying to send the message, through her handheld, she said, "The message is not going through"


"Xialing, and Jakob, go back to Alfred, and ask for reinforcements"

"Okay ma'am" Both of them said in unison, before going

"Better safe than sorry"

The group walked a few hundred meters, before meeting a group of peculiar orcs, these orcs were green and had blue eyes, they were around 6-7 feet tall.




"What do you mean by he is back?" A blonde girl asked

"He is back! We will be announcing it to the public tomorrow. I know you are excited, Elis" Vaaniya told the girl

Elis Feron, was a childhood friend of Vaaniya, and was a member of the Four Fatal Fantasies, a group of four strong women in radiant sector. She was a member of the "Feron" family, just like the Gupta, and the Kain, they were also a martial family.

"Off course, I am excited, my Rey, I mean Rey is back, so of course, I would be excited"

"My Rey" Vaaniya said, trying to embarrass Elis

The two girls stood in Hall 7, the hall where the inner circle had gathered, Only people who are friends with the Gupta's, or are on the same level as them, were invited.

"What are you girls talking about?" A boy asked the two girls

"Nothing much, Dexter" Vaaniya replied

"Sis, you tell me" Dexter asked

"She said it, we were just talking about that dude" Elis told her brother

Dexter Feron, the hier to the Feron family, and the older brother of Elis was considered to be the strongest martial of his generation, and was considered a genius, both as a martial, and an heir to a business tycoon.

"That dude? You mean your lover? Reyansh Gupta?"

"What? No, He is not my lover" Elis said, as she blushed, "We are just brother-sister"

"Oh" Dexter and Vaaniya said in unison

"You know, he is going to be here anytime now" Vaaniya said

In the same hall there stood various important figures, ranging from the prime minister of the country, to the richest man in the world, people from various industries had gathered, but everyone here was waiting for the Gupta's heir to appear.

"Everyone, thanks for gathering here!" Yogi Gupta announced to the people gathered

"I know, Everyone here is waiting for my son to appear!" Yogi continued

He stood on the ground, and not on the stage, as everyone here was on the equal standing, and a stage would depict that the one on the stage, is superior to the audience on the ground.

"Well there he is" Yogi said, while pointing towards the entrance of the hall

Suddenly, all the lights in the room were beamed towards the entrance.

A male figure appeared suddenly at the entrance, the figure wore an elegant set of formal clothes, topping it off with a black blazer. The figure also wore a face mask and sunglasses.

He held his hands against the light so that it couldn't reach his eyes, The man then quickly moved away from the entrance. He felt very awkward as all the people stared at him.

"No, He is not my son" Yogi said

"Then who is he?" A man asked

"I don't know" Yogi replied. "Who are you?"

"I am the CEO of the Stellar Group" the man said coldly

Everyone was shocked, as The Shadow CEO, never attended any social gatherings, The only time he appeared in the public is in his company's press conferences.

When Vaaniya heard this, she quickly moved towards Rey, and said "Sorry, for the misunderstanding, Actually we were all waiting for my brother to come"

"Oh, its alright" Rey said calmly

"Oh look he is there" A man said while pointing towards the entrance