Chapter 5:

Appearance (II)

Return of the Shadow CEO

Everyone in the room looked towards the entrance of the room

A man entered the room, with many gift wrapped boxes in his hands, and a few bags hanging on his arms. "Boss, here are the gifts" the man said softly said, as he moved towards Rey.

"Oh, Ms Vaaniya, where are we supposed to keep the gifts?" Rey asked, as he picked up a glass of wine from a waiter

"Umm, Gifts, Andrew, pick these gifts up" Vaaniya said

A few people came, and picked up the gifts from Alex's hands

After seeing that the man holding gifts was not the Heir of Guptas, everyone started talking amongst themselves.

After about ten minutes passed, no one came, everyone started getting upset

"Where is your son?" Joe Modi, the prime minister of the country asked Yogi

"He should be coming soon, wait I will call him" Yogi said, as he took out his phone from his pocket.

"Where are you?" Yogi said loudly, "What do you mean by you are not coming? Don't hang up on me!" The call ended, and Yogi had a very dark expression

"Your son is not coming?" The prime minister asked


"Well, never mind then"

The crowd dispersed

Rey, who stood away from the crowd, watching the scene unfold, smirked

After a while, most people left the hall after giving their congratulations to the couple

The only people left were the members of the Kain, the Feron and the Gupta families, some board members of the Gupta group, and the Shadow CEO and his assistant

Rey sat on a sofa, and Vaaniya sat opposite to him, both of them were discussing the collaboration between them.

Both of them stood up and shook each other's hands

"I hope we have a great partnership" Vaaniya said in a very cold, formal tone

"Same" Rey replied, with a warm smile

Rey gave a bunch of documents to Alex, who stood next to him, "Start the car, I will come in a few minutes" Rey told his assistant

Alex nodded and left

Rey made his way towards his Parents, who sat talking to the parents of Brock Kain, and the parents of Dexter and Elis Feron

When Vaani saw him coming towards them, she quickly notified it to the others. After that Yogi and Vaani stood up and moved towards the young man.

"Hello Mr Gupta, and Mrs Gupta"

"Hello Mr Shadow, Hope you had a great evening, and I hope my daughter handled the collab"

"Yes, she is an amazing business woman, and I had a very good evening. I was just about to leave, So I came to say Congratulation on last time"

"Oh, Thank you very much, I hope we have a great partnership" Yogi said as he shook hands with Rey


Rey then shook hands with his mother and said "Happy Anniversary miss"

"Thanks" Vaani said with a warm smile

Rey then said bye to the other couples sitting behind his parents, and started walking away

After taking about four-five steps, he heard his father's voice

"You sent that card, Isn't it, Reyansh"


"What is this?" Yogi who was sitting on a sofa, said in astonishment

In front of Yogi was a half-eaten cake

"What happened?" Vaani, who just came out of the bath asked

"Look, There is a card in the cake"

"Card?" Vaani said as she sat beside her husband

"See" Yogi said, as he pulled out a black plastic card, that was placed between the cake and the cream of the cake, it looked just like an ordinary credit card

On the card, "I am coming back, #7" was written

"Hash Seven?" Vaani said in confusion

"No, it's Sharp Seven" Yogi said

"More importantly, Who is coming back?" Vaani asked

"I assume, it's Rey"

"I don't believe it, I will finally meet him!!" Vaani said, while tears dropped from her eyes

"Yeah" Yogi said, while smiling

"And, you ate half the cake?" Vaani asked in a cold tone

"Umm, It was already like that, I think it's Vaaniya"

"She is at work"

Yogi gulped, in fear of his wife


"You sent that card, Isn't it, Reyansh"

Rey froze for a second, but then said, "What card? What are you talking about, Mr. Gupta"

"I am your father, Rey. You can't hide anything from me" Yogi said

Rey started laughing as he turned around, and looked at his parents smiling. He moved towards them and asked "How did you know, I was Rey"

"When you held your hands against the light, when you entered, your sleeve slid, and I spotted it, The mark that kid gave you"

"That scar? Huh? Even after dying, he is still ruining my plans" Rey said with a blank face, it was as if he suddenly became very sad

Everyone went silent for a few seconds, when Vaani broke the silence, "Son, you won't touch our feet?"


Carolina stood surrounded by High-Orcs, her team consisting of about twenty people stood behind her, all of them stood holding weapons in their hands.

All of them were drenched in sweat, and had wounds all over their body

"Zara, make a protective barrier" Carolina said, as she moved away from her team

"Yes, ma'am" Zara replied, as she raised her arm to chest level. Suddenly, a dome shaped structure started forming around the group. This was the protective barrier, Zara's ability.

The barrier was transparent like a glass, but was stronger than diamond.

Carolina, who was outside the barrier, stood calmly looking at the monsters in front of her. She looked at all of them with disgust, and superiority. As she started unsheathing her sword, her blue eyes started glowing, and her expressions became very cold. An emblem that looked like fire, appeared on her forehead.

Her sword was engulfed in blue fire. "This is my sword, Blue Blaze"

The monsters roared, before attacking her

Carolina smirked

After a while

"Nice exercise" Carolina said, as she wiped sweat off her chin, with the back of her wrist

She stood on top of a pile of monster corpses, she had unequipped her sword, and was drenched with sweat

Everyone was in awe because of Carolina's strength, it was not that, her strength was a secret, but instead she never had to display it

"Let's go" She told her team

After walking for a while, the group saw more high-orcs, but these were different, they were Mighty High-Orcs.

These creatures were at least nine feet tall, and were more intelligent, and could use some elemental abilities, to top it all of there were at least a fifty of them.

"Fuck" Carolina said, "Run away"

But before they could even move, more of these monsters appeared all around them


Author's note - Joe Modi is just a fictitious character, and I don't want to target anyone

Also, I have been adding these "Facts" on other sites like Royal Road, and Webnovel, as a post chapter author's note, so How should I do it here? A chapter dedicated to only these facts, or do you want me to add them at the end of every chapter? Just like, how I am writing currently?

Here are the fax you missed -

Fact 1 - Martials are the people who had supernatural powers before Radiants came into existence.

Fact 2 - Towers bring monsters with them, and these monsters are spread through a two-mile radius of the tower, they somehow can't go beyond that point.

Fact 3 - Martial society is the closed society of martials, the existence of martial society is only known to the members of the society, that is only martials know about this society, and some other significant figures from the outer world also know about its existence.

Fact #4 - The difficulty of a tower is measured by the number of floors it has, the more the floors, the harder the tower will be. Towers are graded in the following pattern

D grade > C grade > B grade > A grade > S grade > S+ grade > Hell grade > Naraka Grade > Catastrophe > Big Bang

Fact #5 - The power of the Radiants and the Martials come from the same substance known as "Radiance"

Fact 6 - Only a few Radiants have a bonded weapon, most use normal weapons