Chapter 6:

Danger (I)

Return of the Shadow CEO

“It’s time for me to go” Rey told his parents

“Bye” All the old couples said in unison

After Rey left, Yogi said “I think, something has happened”

“That seems to be the case, I can’t sense his pressure” Brock’s father Ash Kain said


Carolina stood with her sword in her right hand, her suit was covered with blood, she was drenched in sweat and was panting. A few Mighty-Orcs were laying dead, behind her.

In front of her stood about 40 Mighty-Orcs.

She looked behind, only to see her team that was killed by the orcs. It was blood everywhere, and many body organs were visible. Carolina closed here eyes, to remember what happened

Carolina saw a horde of Mighty-Orcs, about fifty of them. “Run” She shouted

After realizing, what is happening, Carolina’s team started running away, some pushed each other, some tried to not be cowards and tried to fight. But these orcs rounded them up, they were hidden in the forest behind the trees, and now revealed themselves. Now instead of fifty orcs, there were at least eighty of them.

All her team was wiped out within seconds, before she could try to save them, she got attacked by an orc.

She quickly pulled out her sword, and sliced the orc’s arm. Carolina’s eyes were filled with rage, she jumped, and sat on the orc’s shoulder. She then, stabbed the orc’s eyes one by one, the orc roared, and tried to save itself from Carolina, by punching his face, but Carolina quickly disappeared, and in a split second appeared on the orc’s back. Without wasting anytime, she sliced off the orc’s neck, with her blade.

She again disappeared, and very quickly appeared in front of another orc, and killed it.

Carolina, after killing about forty orcs, was now on her limit, she had no stamina left, but was not ready to accept defeat. “Not yet” she said while panting

“Do or Die!” Carolina told herself while she charged towards the monsters, all alone

The fire on her sword was wilder, than before, her eyes were brighter than before. She started slashing all the monsters by herself, while panting, she was tired, she had nothing left in her. While slashing, she felt pain in her stomach, she ignored it and then started slashing again, she kept disappearing, and then appearing, she then slashed the orcs.

She then suddenly vomited blood, her vision started getting bloody, she still didn’t stop. She swung her sword, but couldn’t damage the monster in front of her. Furthermore, she tried to stab the creature’s leg, but before she could even move her sword, another orc appeared behind her. In a split second, the orc kicked her, sending her a few meters away. “I can’t die, before taking my-” before she could complete the sentence, she passed out.


“Today, was a long day” Rey told himself. He sat on his bed, checking his mails.

He then looked at his hand, and saw 2 rings, one was beautiful a silver ring, with a blue jewel on it, he wore this on his ring finger, the other ring was worn on his middle finger, it was a black ring, with many purple-blue jewels on it, this ring looked very ominous.

“What is this unsettling feeling in my heart” He thought, while looking at his silver wedding ring

He then laid down, and slept


Rey stood in a black room, he couldn’t see anything around him. He started walking, slowly, after walking for a few seconds, a lightened up, white room appeared in front of him. He started running towards the room. It seemed he was very desperate.

As he got closer to the room, he saw a figure floating, the figure’s limbs were chained, and was unconsciously floating in a cage. A few chairs were kept around the cage. As Rey entered the room he noticed, that the unconscious figure was a man, and an arrow was stuck in his right toe

“What…” Rey said, trying to figure out what is going on

“You are finally back” A voice came from behind

Rey quickly turned around, only to see the man, who was previously in the cage, sitting on a chair. The man was still chained.

Rey looked at the change again, but the man was still floating in the cage, and was still chained.

“Free me” The man said

“Who are you? And What do you by free you” Rey said

The man in front of him, had dark circles below his, black eyes. His skin was of a pale purple color, and he wore a long black jacket, and gray trousers.

“Free me”


Reyansh suddenly woke up, he was panting heavily, and was sweating. He then realized, what he just saw, was a dream, and he relaxed. He then noticed many notifications and missed calls from Alex, his assistant.

Likewise, he then unlocked his phone to check, what Alex messaged him. But before, he could open the app, his phone started ringing, it was Alex who called him

“Your, wife is in Ghaziland, right?” Alex, who sounded very worried said


“She might be in danger, the radiant party asked for reinforcements, something is wrong”

“Where are you?” Rey asked calmly

“On my way to Ghaziland”

“You got your disguise right?”



The monsters surrounded Carolina, who was in a half-alive state, and was sitting with her back against a tree, she was about to lose consciousness, but suddenly the sound of thunder came, and made her conscious

Suddenly, one of the orcs attacked her, but before she could react, the orc got burnt by lightning. Everything happened so quickly, that she couldn’t even pick up the sword, that was laying on the ground right beside her.

“Hag? Still alive?” A voice came

“You are late, and don’t you ever call me a hag ever again” Carolina said, as she stood up while taking support from the tree behind her

A figure then appeared besides Carolina.

“Why won’t I call a hag, hag” the figure said

“I can demote you, Alfie” Carolina said