Chapter 7:

Danger (II)

Return of the Shadow CEO

“I just have to remove the sealing catalyst” Rey said on the phone

“Why, do you want to get rid of the seal? I still don’t understand” The person on the phone said

I told you, on that very day, that I will protect my loved ones, even if it leads to my death” Rey said in an aggressive tone

The man on the phone sighed, before saying “Just take off that ring, and don’t die, I have already lost one brother, I don’t want to lose another” The man’s eyes got moist.



Alfred sat on the bonnet of a car, looking at the view from the cliff. He was on the same cliff, from where Carolina and her team departed. He was exhausted after sending the reinforcement unit to help Carolina.

“My life is so fucked up” Alfred said, as he ran his fingers through his blonde hair

“Are the reinforcements here yet?” A voice came from behind

Alfred quickly turned around, and saw a man. This figure wore a black jacket, and black pants, and a very ominous white plastic mask. The mask covered his entire face, there weren’t any holes for eyes or nose.

“Who are you? This is a restricted area” Alfred asked

“It doesn’t matter who I am, but are the reinforcements here?”

“Wha-” Alfred said, but was cutoff by the masked person

“It doesn’t matter, Imma Solo King” The man said as he ran towards the end of the cliff, and jumped.

Alfred appeared very annoyed.


“Nicely done, Alfie” Carolina who was sitting on the ground, and in front of her was a pile of orc bodies

“Yeah” Alfie said while looking at all their dead squad members, he sat near Zara, looking at her, he felt deep sorrow, yet not a single tear dropped from his eyes.

“Let’s move forward” Alfie said

“No, not until reinforcements are here” Carolina said

Alfie nodded

After a few minutes

“Looks like they are here” Carolina said

After hearing this, Alfie who looked very sad, and numb, changed his expressions, and looked as if he didn’t care about anything, he made a cold face, the ruthless face of the strong.

A few seconds after this, Alfie heard footsteps, and looked towards the direction of the footsteps, and behind a few trees he saw a man with gray hairs and a slim figure. The man wore glasses with circular frames, and wore a faint smile on his face.

“Squad commander” Alfie said

“Alfie, finally found you. Where are Carolina and the others?” The man asked

“Behind me” Alfie said, as he started walking towards Carolina

While they walked, the squad commander said “I have found them” in his earpiece

When they reached the spot, The squad commander’s eyes widened, and tears dropped from them. He saw his subordinates lying down dead, most of them weren’t even recognizable, their bodies were squashed, and organs were clearly visible.

“Oh, God” The squad commander said, he sounded as if he was on the verge of breaking down, but was somehow holding himself from doing so

“How did this happen?” He asked

“High Orcs” Carolina replied in a soft yet serious voice

“How many?”

“Around 80”

“You killed 80 high orcs?” A voice came


In a dark room, with only the moonlight coming through a window as a light source, Rey sat in front of a chest like object. The chest was open, and had many tools, medals, documents and many such archives. Rey had emptied the entire chest, and nothing was in it anymore. Rey then smirked, and leaned into the chest, and then started rummaging his hands on the base of the container, it was as if he was trying to find something. After a while, his hand stopped.

“Found it”


Suddenly a sound of a click came, it sounded as if a door lock had been unlocked.

From the base of the chest, a suitcase had popped out, on the right side of the chest, Rey grabbed the suitcase and stood up

“Let’s Go”


“You killed 80 high orcs?” A feminine voice came from the back Carolina

Carolina looked behind and saw a group of people, these people were the reinforcements, they consisted of people from squad 3 and squad 4, the Radiant squads, which consisted of monster hunters.

The person who asked Carolina about killing 80 high orcs was the third seat of squad 4, and a long time rival of Carolina, Melisa. She was a beautiful Redhead, and an elegant woman with empathy, but that was only on the outside. In reality, she was a very crooked, and a ruthless woman, who would do anything for power.

“No, I only took down 55, the other 25 got annihilated by Alfie” Carolina said in a cold voice

“Huh, 55? Is that your limit?” Melisa said, trying to aggravate her

“Nah, I ain’t weak like you”

“You bi–” Melisa said, but was interrupted by Kudret, Melisa’s older brother and the second in command of squad 4

“Melisa, not now” Kudret said, “Carolina, are you alright? Can you still fight?”

“Yes, Kudret, I ain’t going down this easily”

“You guys help with the transportation of dead bodies” Alfie said to his subordinates who had come with the reinforcement team

“Where is Sakuma?” The squad commander of squad 3 asked

“He should be coming here soon enough, our team split earlier” Kudret said

We should keep moving forward” Carolina said


Author's note

I am still alive......Got corona'd, had exams, death in my extended family, life has been hardMy head is still foggy about the story, I will write the facts in the next few chapters, still have to recollect all my thoughts regarding this projectCreation is hard, cheer me up!