Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: The Unknown Fighter

Project: INFERNO

"Sawano: I've never been out in the city before!"
(As Sawano walks around and laughs, he accidentally bumps into a girl and they both fall down.)
"???: Hey! Lamebrain!"
"Sawano: Ow, s-sorry!"
"???: Next time watch where you're going. We all have TIME you know?!?"
"Sawano: Ok ok! I'm sorry!"
"???: Better be. Now, out of my way, brat."
(She'd walk out of Sawano's way as they both got up and Sawano kept walking around.)
"Sawano: Man, there sure are a lot of places here."
(Later on he stopped and saw a poster.)
"Sawano: Fist To Fist fighting tournament? Winner wins a one hundred thousand yen prize?! Sign me up!"
(He ran off into the grasslands and trained more after taking the poster with him. Later on, it was nighttime and Sawano attended the fighting tournament and sat at the booth.)
"Fighter: Hey check it out..
(They all murmured and laughed at Sawano for entering the tournament.)
"Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, WELCOME TO THE UNDERGROUND HELLZONE!!"
(Fans were cheering as the show was beginning and the fighters were getting ready for the tournament. Sawano kept his hopes up towards the matches as he was more pumped up than ever until he saw the girl from earlier show up and was displeased with Sawano for attending the fights.)
"???: HEY! The hell do you think you're doing here? This is for the pros and worthy fighters, not nobodies like you."
"Sawano: Say what you want to say, I'm entering this tournament!"
"???: The moment, I beat you. Don't come back into my city ever again.."
(Later on after a few matches have passed, Sawano faces Tsuka one on one.)Bookmark here

"Announcer: It's gonna get good folks! We got ourselves two young competitors here! On the left is the girl known as Tsuka Tobachi and on the right is Sawano! Two fighters ready to fight from face to face and to fist to fist!"
(The bell rings and G walks towards Sawano as he stands there and does nothing.)
"Oh, it appears Tsuka is going to corner Sawano! What will he do?!"
"Tsuka(Thinking): This kid might be the same height as me, but I sense a little bit of power inside him. This should be easy."
(She'd try to attack him but Sawano dodges out of the corner and into the middle of the ring.)
"Competitor: That kid has got speed!"
(Others agreed as Tsuka turned around and was shocked.)
"Tsuka: So you have speed. But no power, this could be difficult."
"Sawano: Don't underestimate me, I may not be known yet. But I am a skilled fighter."
"Tsuka: HA BRING IT!"
(She ran towards him and Sawano blocked and countered every attack.)
"Announcer: And things are starting to pick up! Tsuka's flying at him with everything she's got! Sawano's blocking and dodging every attack she throws!"
(The spectators cheer for the ongoing fight.)
"Sawano(Thinking): I believe it's time for offensive action."
(Tsuka throws a heavy kick but Sawano counters it with his arm and delivers his own kick, sending Tsuka across the ring into the steel bars.)Bookmark here

(Spectators cheered again and clapped, chanting Sawano. Then Tsuka fell to one knee and started bleeding from her head.)
"Tsuka(Thinking): IS HE HIDING HIS STRENGTH..? (Aloud): Not bad.. You're pretty strong, but don't think you've won!"
(Tsuka continues throwing punches and kicks and Sawano blocks them all and hits a palm strike to her chest which echoes through the warehouse and she backs up coughing then falls on both her knees.)
"Tsuka: H-how.. Are you so.. Strong..?
(She'd fall and was knocked unconscious which Sawano was declared the winner.)
(After the tournament, Sawano walked out with hundred thousand yen and donated it to a charity for his good will, then began to keep walking around and later on entered the busy side of the city.)
"Sawano: Wow! So this is the center of Hakodate!"
(The streets were flooded with traffic as pedestrians were walking in the busy streets.)
"Haha! This is so cool! I love the city!"
(The sky would suddenly turn from the dark night sky to a red gloomy cloud then a massive portal opens in the sky which has everyone in the city looking at it.)
"Civilian: What the..?"
"Civilian #2: WHAT ARE THOSE?!?"
(Massive swarms of fire dropped down on Hakodate as soldiers dropped down from the portal and started attacking the innocents and almost all pedestrians ran for their lives, screaming in terror.)Bookmark here

"City's P.A System: WARNING, This is a message from the Elemental Federal Branch: All civilians must evacuate the area, this is a negative ten star alert. Repeat: Negative TEN Star, all civilians are to evacuate the area!"
(Sawano overhears the announcement and looks up as more fire is being dropped out of the sky which he then quickly evades being burnt by the flames.)
"???: Run you pathetic weaklings. WE are the Broken Apocalypse and we're going to annihilate every last one of you!"
(Sawano quickly ran away from the enemies and went down an alleyway but was trapped by one of the elites.)
"Elite: Where do you think you're going little boy? No hard feelings but our job is to kill all, even children so... DIE!"
(He'd fire a full-scaled explosion blast at Sawano but he dodged in time and the Elite noticed.)
"(Thinking): He dodged my attack? That's why the boss had that look on his face, someone in this crowd DID have power."
"Elite(Aloud): Ok.. you've managed to dodge and sense that attack, for that I cannot let you breathe for another SECOND!"
(He'd dash at Sawano and he'd begin to counter every attack with some of his own then flips out of his clutches.)
"Sawano: If you think close-combat will help you, you're out of your league to even do so."
(He'd clutch his fist tightly.)
(A massive ball orb of explosion was made and was fired repeatedly at Sawano as he sides past them all which then freaked out the fighter.)
(Sawano appears behind him with his hand through his chest, his entire heart gripped by Sawano's own hand.)
"Sawano: As I said.. Don't underestimate me.."
"Elite: G-GAH.. Y-..."
"Sawano: Silence your insignificant tongue... Human."
(He'd squeeze his heart as it pops then the elite falls down, motionless. Sawano began to walk away but left his guard down and was blasted through his body by a powerful beam which forced Sawano fall to the ground, coughing out an awful amount of blood.)
"Edgar: I am the leader of the Broken Apocalypse, Edgar Reznor... You've killed one of my elites. For that I should take your life... But first, I want to hear you scream in agony as I make you ENJOY THE PAIN YOU ARE ABOUT TO SUFFER!"
(He stomps on Sawano's left arm and explodes it off his body then leaves him there screaming in agony then continues to purposely torture the helpless Sawano in his pool of blood.)
"It's time you die."

(A glimpse was seen in the distance which Edgar was then forcefully kicked off of Sawano. He laid there speechless as he was slowly dying from blood loss. As a group of fighters arrived to fight Edgar. Sawano could barely hear but he couldn't speak either but was later on taken away by the group. Then a few weeks later, Sawano woke up seeing his limbs reattached but his right eye covered up.)

"Sawano: Huh.. I'm... still alive..? H-how long was I out..?"
(He'd begin to get up but stays back down from the pain. A knock on the door was heard and someone entered.)
"???: Glad you're awake."
(Sawano looked up and saw her walk into the room.)
"Tsuka: Sorry for such a rude introduction a few weeks ago. My name's Tsuka Tobachi, but just call me Tsuka. Is that okay?"
"Sawano: Yeah..! S-Sawano.. My name is Sawano.."
"Tsuka: Nice to meet you, Sawano. I'm also glad to see you're resting well."
"Sawano: What happened to me..?"
"Tsuka: Well.. A few weeks ago, Hakodate was under siege by the Broken Apocalypse. Those guys are mostly just explosion elemental users. But from what we found out, you managed to kill one of their elite fighters which was very impressive for a kid at your age! Unfortunately, Edgar Reznor got to you and we was too late. We're pretty lucky we were able to save you."
"Sawano: I.. Thank you for saving me... Speaking of which.. Where am I..?"
"Tsuka: Saikan Academy Infirmary."
"Sawano: Saikan.. Academy..?"
(Another knock was heard at the door and it opened.)Bookmark here

"???: Ah, glad to see you're awake."
"Tsuka: Headmaster Chimon!"
"Chimon: No need for formalities, just call me Chimon! We talked about this Tsuka."
"Tsuka: Right.. Sorry!"
"Chimon: How're you holding up there, kid?"
"Sawano: Pretty good.. I'm surprised I'm still alive.."
"Chimon: This academy does has its usefulness."
"Sawano: So what happened after I passed out..?"
"Chimon: Hakodate was shut down and the Elemental Federal Branch took over the situation. Broken Apocalypse was defeated but retreated. Right now, the center of Hakodate is under reconstruction for a while."
"Sawano: I see.. I'm sorry you had to waste time just to save a kid like me."
"Tsuka: Don't say that! Did you see how you defeated me in that tournament? A kid like you has amazing combat skills, useful ones too!"
"Chimon: She's right. In fact, you're not from around here are you?"
"Sawano: Not really.. I was actually kept away from the city for years. I was raised in a dojo."
"Tsuka: A martial artist?! No wonder!"
"Chimon: That's actually surprising. Tell you what, since you're here on your own, I'll let you stay in the academy's campus for the time being. Until then, you're under our protection."
"Sawano: I appreciate your help a lot, thank you.."
(The doctor walks in to check on Sawano.)

"Chimon: Doctor Zachary."
"Zachary: Chimon, good to see you."
"Chimon: So what's the boy's condition?"
"Zachary: Well, we were able to reconstruct most of the shattered bones in his rib cage, we reattached his limbs correctly and his right eye had a little side effect."
"Tsuka: Side effect?"
"Zachary: Well, I covered his right eye because it was slashed but also had a different... effect than his left eye."
(Sawano realizes what he's talking about and sighs a bit.)
"Sawano: Well he's not wrong.."
(He takes off his eye bandage and slowly opens his right eye which reveals a red and black color then they'd both gasp.)
"Tsuka: Whoa.. that's insane..."
"Chimon: Unlike anything I saw."
"Zachary: It's not a birth infection or any disease. It must've been a side effect from too much blood loss. Which is pretty weird."
Bookmark here

"Chimon: Alright, We'll give you your own room for the time being, Sawano. If there's any issues at all, do let me or the Disciplinary Committee know and we'll handle it."
"Sawano: I appreciate the hospitality, one day I hope I can repay you, Mister Chimon."
"Chimon: Please just call me Chimon, I do not mind at all!"
(A while later, Sawano walked to his guest room in the academy which is upstairs to the headmaster's office then he laid in bed, continuing to rest until a knock was heard on the door which Sawano quickly shot himself up and glared at the door.)Bookmark here

"???: Excuse me! I'm one of the school's disciplinary committee members, is it ok if I come in?"
(Sawano covers up his right eye quickly with the eye bandage.)
"Sawano: Y-yeah! Come in!"
(She'd open the door and close it behind her and introduce herself.)
"Akari: It's nice to meet you Sawano, my name is Akari."
"Sawano: Nice to meet you too."
"Akari: I heard you beat Tsuka at a fist to fist tournament and you killed one of the Broken Apocalypse executives, not bad!"
"Sawano: Thanks! It's a blessing you guys found me, I appreciate it!"
(Akari smiled and Sawano laughed a bit but held his stomach in pain still and his eye bandage fell off.)
"Akari: Are you ok-"
(He looked up and gasped, covering his right eye.)
"Y-your eye.."
(Sawano was embarrassed and slowly let go of it, revealing his red and black eye.)
"Oh my god.. What is this..?"
"Sawano: Well.. It's nothing... "
(He'd cover his right eye back up.)
"Akari: Do you know what happened..?"
"Sawano: Possibly a side effect from blood loss.."
"Akari: That's no side effect... Could I...-"
(She came in closer to him and tried to look into his eyes until Tsuka came in.)Bookmark here

"Tsuka: Hey Akari, where did you-"
(She caught Akari but had the wrong thoughts. Then she turned around feeling somewhat embarrassed.)
(She backed up and saw Sawano's eye again, Tsuka now believing her.)
"Tsuka: Oh.. my apologies for the assumption.."
"Akari: Well.. what's going on?"
"Tsuka: The headmaster wanted us, he called the disciplinary committee for a mission."
"Akari: Ok, Sawano, we'll be back soon. For now, make sure you're well."

(He nods and recovers his eye. After an hour has passed, Sawano got up and started walking around with his cane to the areas he was allowed to visit. He'd later on enter the library and pick out a book then sit down reading it. Chimon enters Sawano's room to see him missing, then he starts looking around but then catches him in the library.)

"Chimon: There you are, Sawano."
"Sawano: Oh, Chimon! Sorry, I couldn't sit around and do nothing all day. So I came to the library."
"Chimon: Well can't stop you from reading. What did you pick out?"
"Sawano: The Elemental History Book."
"Chimon: Ah the classics."
"Sawano: Hah, yeah. I wonder if I'm in this book."
"Chimon: That depends on your element. We haven't seen what you can really do yet. What we do know is you're pretty skilled in combat and you carry that sword with you."
"Sawano: Oh! It's my family's sword, normally I'd use it when the time's right."
"Chimon: Well, when we get a chance. I'll hook you up to some training so you can get back on your feet."
"Sawano: Much appreciated Chimon. Everyone's still gone on their mission?"
"Chimon: Yup, the disciplinary committee is often busy. But they're pretty strong."
"Sawano: Lucky them."
(Chimon's phone was ringing.)
"Chimon: Oh sorry, Let me take this real quick."
"Sawano: No pressure!"
(Chimon walked out then Sawano continued looking at the book and kept looking at the element history but stopped at the fire elements and was scrolling through its history but then noticed a sigil on one of the pages with dark aura surrounding it.)Bookmark here

"Sawano: Hmm..?"
(A while later, the Disciplinary Committee returned from their mission as their clothes was covered in dirt and a bit tattered from their recent mission.)
"Edea: Thank god we got that job done.."
"Akari: That was painful but worth it.
"Botan: You can say that again!"
"Dalton: Either way, I'm glad it's over with."
"Ashton: Same here man!"
(They returned and relaxed as Sawano returned to his room later on, trying to walk without his crutch but falling on one knee.)
"Dato: Whoa hold on there!"
"Tsuka: Trying to walk again without the cane huh?"
"Sawano: Yeah.. I assumed it was time, but I guess it's not time yet."
"Tsuka: Don't push yourself too hard, Sawano, you're not really recovered fully."
"Sawano: Yeah."
(They'd help Sawano back to his room. Ashton would follow them and shout out Tsuka's name.)
"Ashton: Hey!! Tsuka!"
"Tsuka: Ashton? What's wrong?"
(He'd stop and catch his breath.)
"Ashton: You dropped... your necklace at the door."
(She grabbed it and put it back on.)
"Tsuka: Oh, thanks!"
"Ashton: Hey! You must be Sawano, name's Ashton!"
"Sawano: Nice to meet you!"
"Ashton: You too! Also, Chimon wanted me to find you. He wanted to see you in his office."
(A while later, Sawano and Chimon were talking in the office.)Bookmark here

"Chimon: Sawano, I called you in here for a private talk. The doctor mentioned there was a side effect with your eye right?"
(Sawano took off his eye bandage and opened his right eye, showing the red and black features.)
"Sawano: Yes."
"Chimon: I see, looking at further information. This isn't a human trait, are you human is what I wanted to ask you."
"Sawano: No sir, I am not human."
"Chimon: Is there a name for your race?"
"Sawano: ... I.. don't know if I have one.."
"Chimon: Understandable."
"Sawano: Did you have another question?"
"Chimon: Yes. Your element, do you know what your-"
(Ashton stormed through the doors in a rush.)
"Ashton: Boss! We have company!"
"Chimon: What? Who is it this time?"
"Ashton: You better come see for yourself."
(At the front of the academy, four of the Elemental High Commission members arrived waiting to be introduced.)
"Chimon: You've got to be kidding me.."
"Frederick: We're here!"
"Sawano: Who're they?"
"Chimon: Sawano, these guys are members of the High Commission. This is Frederick, he's surprisingly fast and is very skilled in fighting."
"Frederick: Not to mention, I make excellent desserts!"
"Chimon: This is Crystalline, she likes to be called "Queen Of Crystals."
"Crystalline: Zip it, musclehead. My name is not needed for ANY introductions!"
(Chimon stands there with an expressionless look.)Bookmark here

"Chimon: This is Konnor, he's an experienced archer and an impressive seer. One of his special abilities is Otherworldly Sight which allows him to see planets from across the galaxy."
"Konnor: A pleasure to see you again, mate. OH! That reminds me! You can come out, introduce yourself to them!"
(A shy girl with a blushing face walks from behind a tree and introduces herself to them.)
"Sumizaki: I'm... a-a newcomer to the H-High Commission.. My name's Sumizaki..! It's a pleasure to m-meet you!"
"Konnor: This girl here has the ability to intervene with space!"
"Chimon: Space? Don't tell me she can actually manipulate it, an element like that is forbidden!"
"Konnor: Oh? So that means we have a more powerful element on our side!"
"Chimon: Don't get too cocky now. Anyway, this is Sawano. He was one of the survivors against Broken Apocalypse's attack so we took him in."
(Sawano would wave at them as he was examined by the four.)
"Crystalline: Tch, this is the one that defeated Tsuka? Pathetic, I don't see anything about him that's powerful."
"Konnor: Hm.. well he's more.. alternative-looking from what I heard."
"Frederick: Actually, he's strong... I can feel his power sealed up but I know he's strong.."
(Sumizaki looked at Sawano and was a little flustered and hid herself.)
"Crystalline: And how do you know if he's strong or not?
"Konnor: Well, we all can be right about things can't we?"
"Chimon: Alright alright, no need to get all tensed up! It's true that he beat Tsuka. She accepted her loss in that fight fighting tournament but this proves that our individuals have their own amazing talents, win or lose!
"Konnor: Yeah, don't get all offensive! We just came to check the place out, not scold his students!"
"Frederick: Why not give him a chance in the Free-For-All this week?"
"Sawano: Free-For-All?"
"Chimon: Oh yeah, that elemental battle royal thing. What he's saying is there's an Elemental Free-For-All once a year on Earth. But.. I'm not interested in fighting there."
"Konnor: Indeed, the strongest of the strong, the skilled of the skilled gather around to take on one another for four million in yen!"
"Sawano: Four million yen? I'll compete in this and win!"
"Crystalline: HA! A commoner like you? In an Elemental Free For All? Quit wasting your time, I'll eliminate you easily."
"Sumizaki: I.. I believe he can do it..!"
"Frederick: Crystalline, now's not the time to act this way.."
"Konnor: Give the kid a break, he's got potential in him. I can tell."
"Sawano: If you want to prove me wrong, then I'll show you how wrong you are."
"Crystalline: Face it, a commoner like you has no chance in a fight like this! Just accept it and go back to your little abandoned dojo, you good-for-nothing dipshit!"
(He stood there and said nothing.)Bookmark here

"Sawano: .....When did you say the Free-For-All is?"
"Frederick: This week on Saturday."
"Sawano: Then I'm going."
(He ripped off his eye bandage and threw it on the ground.)
"Sawano: I have the strength to fight and I'll prove it!"
(As Sawano walked off to begin training, the Disciplinary Committee overheard everything they were talking about. Sawano trains relentlessly for the Free-For-All this Saturday as the Disciplinary Committee walked up to him.)
"Tsuka: Sawano, got a minute?"
"Sawano: Yeah, what's up?"
"Dato: We overheard the conversation, you're going to fight in that chaos...?"
"Edea: And even if you did, those guys are the best of the best."
"Sawano: It doesn't matter to me, I'm going to get stronger-."
"Botan: He can do it guys!"
"Edea: Take it easy.. Have some faith in the boy!"
"Akari: He has the strength to fight! He'll survive that Free-For-All and win!"
(Sawano stood there looking down remembering very tiny bits of his past.)
"Sawano: You guys.. Don't get it.."
(They all looked at him, confused.)
"Sawano: I.. really have to do this... for my father. I.. don't remember much at all but.. my father.. he was in an Elemental Free-For-All and lost."
(Everyone's eyes was widened in surprise.)
"I wanted to fight for my father so I can win in his honor.."
"Akari: Is that why you came to Hakodate..?"
"Sawano: Well.. not just that, its my sister... She is missing."
(He stood there with his eyes clouded by a shade of anger.)Bookmark here

"Botan: Why didn't you tell us..?"
"Dalton: We're your friends, you can tell us anything."
"Edea: We might be sloppy sometimes, but we know one thing and that's getting along together."
"Tsuka: We might have ups and downs but in the end, we're still here for you together."
"Akari: No matter what!"
"Sawano: Thanks guys." (Thinking: Friends... you guys are truly.. My first ever friends..)
(As Sawano smiled, the gang helped him get ready for the fight on Saturday. A few days went by as Sawano walked into town with Dalton, going shopping.)
"Sawano: Huh, the fight's in two days and everyone's already buying tickets at the stadium."
"Dalton: Yeah! It's gonna be a good one too!"
"???: YO DALTON!"
"Dalton: Klaus! Good to see you!
"Klaus: You too! Who's this?"
"Dalton: This is Sawano, Sawano this is Klaus."
"Sawano: Nice to meet you!"
"Klaus: You too! So what brings you guys out here? You two are going to the Free-For-All this Saturday?"
"Dalton: Yeah but Sawano will be fighting in it."
"Klaus: Awesome! I wish you luck! Those guys are very tough in there!"
"Sawano: I know! But I'll try my best to win!"
"Dalton: And we came down into town to see my sister. How is she?"
"Klaus: She's great! Let me go get her!"
(As Klaus ran to go grab their sister, Sawano and Dalton walked in.)
"Sawano: Wow, this is your home?"
"Dalton: Used to be, I moved out a while ago now I just come here whenever I get the time."
"Sawano: Awesome, love the place though!"
"Mrs. Dalton: Dalton!"
"Dalton: Mom! Good to see you! This is Sawano."
"Sawano: A pleasure to meet you ma'am."
"Mrs. Hava: No no! Please call me "Mrs. Hava!"
"Sawano: Oh ok! A pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Hava!"
"Mrs. Hava: My my, what manners!"
"Toni: Brother!"
(She'd slide down the stairs and jump onto Dalton, hugging him tightly.)Bookmark here

"Dalton: Ok! Ok! I missed you too Toni! Uh Toni, this is Sawano."
(She then circled around Sawano and examined him.)
"Toni: Well, he's kind of cute I'll admit that! I'm Toni, Dalton's bigger sister!"
"Sawano: Nice to meet you too! Wait a minute, bigger sister?"
"Dalton: She's older than me in age, shorter than me in size..."
"Sawano: Relatable..."
"Dalton: Ha! Yeah it is!"
"Toni: OH! THAT REMINDS ME! I have that spear you wanted done bro!"
"Dalton: Alright!"
(They'd follow her to the basement, where Toni's weapons are hanging with priceless, irreplaceable and very rare enchantments.)
"Sawano: Wow! I can see you're a crafter!"
"Toni: Yup! It's my favorite hobby!"
"Dalton: Toni's been crafting weapons for me whenever I go on missions, it would cost a lot but she charges me the family discount."
"Sawano: Family discount?"
"Toni: It's normally charged at two thousand yen, but the family discount is nine-hundred yen."
(She'd lend him the spear.)
"Toni: Here ya go!"
"Dalton: Wow! You even carved your name on there!"
"Toni: So my little brother never forgets about me!"
"Dalton: Aw come on sis, you're embarrassing me..!"
(As Sawano laughed, the two of them left Dalton's mother's home waving goodbye.)
"Dalton: Finally got the spear done."
(They'd both begin to walk back to the academy.)
"Sawano: I won't lie, the spear is pretty good-looking."
(Their phones would chime.)

"Sawano: Chimon wants us back at the academy, he found clues about the terrorist assault on the villages."
"Dalton: Really? Beat ya there!"
(Dalton runs to a head start.)
"Sawano: Hey!"
(Sawano ran after them and the two of them ran to school. A while later, both men made it back to a tie.)
"Dalton: Dang, we both tied."
"Sawano: Yeah, but don't worry I'll beat ya next time!"
"Dalton: Not if I beat ya first!"
"Chimon: Boys, get over here."
(They walked over to the rest of the gang.)
"Chimon: Alright, so we've gained some new information after the High Commission managed to make one of the Broken Apocalypse thugs speak. According to the information, he states Broken Apocalypse works alongside a recently known terrorist organization called "The Order Of Encursed Elements."
"Edea: I've heard of those people, they're incredibly ruthless when it comes to getting what they want."
"Chimon: Exactly, which also means they attacked those villages because that village has something that interests them."
"Botan: But the question is what?"
"Tsuka: I'd say we head down there and find any information in that village, maybe if we ask the villagers we'll get more information."
"Chimon: We would go with that but there is one problem, the clan has taken over that part of the village so we'll have no chance of knowing, let alone getting in. That's why I'm sending my top three over there to check it out."
"Sawano: Top three?"
"Chimon: My top three students of the academy, they're already heading there as we speak."
"Akari: Already?! Man they're fast..!"
"Botan: I've been here the longest and I didn't even know about these top three.."
"Chimon: On top of that, we've been given a summons to join a meeting with the High Commission about recent developments."
"Tsuka: The High Commission wants us to join them?"
"Chimon: Not just us, Sawano, they're asking for you too."
"Sawano: Me?"
"Botan: This is big for ya man!"
"Dalton: Yeah!"
"Chimon: Sawano, listen. The High Commission are seriously strong elementals. When we go in there, do not conflict."
"Sawano: Understood."
"Chimon: Alright, let's go everyone!"
(At the busiest part of town, the gang walked through the busy crowds to the High Commission's office. A while later, they made it inside and waited for the meeting to begin.)Bookmark here

"Kenta: Terribly sorry for my tardiness everyone! Saikan Academy students, welcome to the High Commissioner's office. I am the leader of this commission but you may call me Kenta."
"Chimon: Kenta, I am Chimon, the headmaster of Saikan Academy. These are the Disciplinary Committee representors. Tsuka, Dalton, Botan, Edea and Akari and with my today is Sawano who currently is under my protection."
"Kenta: Ah, I've heard about you, Sawano. Word on the street is, ''you're going to attend the Free-For-All is that correct?"
"Sawano: Yes sir."
"Kenta: I can see potential in your eyes, but what I can also sense is your power."
"Konnor: What did I say?"
"Crystalline: Tch, whatever."
"Sawano: W-well.. I don't know what to say..!"
"Chimon(Thinking): He might not look it but the kid's got strength."
"Botan: Sawano's pretty impressive, I might have not seen him in a fighting match before but from what I heard, he has the will to fight."
(Kenta would smile and chuckle.)
"Kenta: Sawano, from what I'm told you came into contact with Broken Apocalypse and was able to defeat one of their executive fighters with just your fists, is that correct?
"Sawano: Yes sir."
"Crystalline(Thinking): Just his fists? JUST HIS FISTS? HE DIDN'T USE ANY ELEMENTAL POWER? Calm down Crystalline.. He's probably lying just to get more credit."
"Frederick: Kenta, if he was to defeat one of the executives, this would qualify him for a role as an academy student right or a potential rank among the Elemental Division?"
"Kenta: Good point Frederick. Sawano, most academies and division here in Hakodate are filled with combat-experienced and elemental fighters. If you ever want to become a member, all you need to do is sign up for it. Got that?"
(Sawano nodded as he understood.)
"Kenta: Alright, now upon recent developments. We're all familiar with the seven hundred eighty second Elemental Free-For-All correct?
(Everyone agrees as they all are familiar.)Bookmark here

"Kenta: There has been some recent information and we've been given this note from the new terrorist organization, Order Of Encursed Elements. They have warned us that they're planning to attack the fighters before and during the Free-For-All."
"Dalton: Then there's a chance Sawano might be attacked too."
"Kenta: Yes."
"Chimon: That's something, I'm damn sure not letting happen."
"Kenta: For the time being Chimon, under no circumstances will Sawano be left unaccompanied until Saturday arrives."
"Chimon: Got it."
"Kenta: Alrighty then, Sawano if anything happens report it to the commission ASAP, got it?"
(He'd nod as he understood.)
"Kenta: Very good, during that time three members of the High Commission will be on watch throughout this Free-For-All."
"Chimon: Sounds like a plan."
"Tsuka: Question, what happens if they get in the Free-For-All?"
"Kenta: The Free-For-All will be called off and no one will be declared a winner. Participating in a fight like this has to be written on paper. Otherwise, they are qualified as trespassers."
"Konnor: Which gives us full permission to execute if we please."
"Sawano: That's a lot off my mind.."
"Tsuka(Thinking): If Sawano can win, he'll prove himself as a very strong adversary. He was able to defeat me at the Fist-To-Fist tournament but this is no joke.. Is he actually gonna avoid using his element for this whole thing?
"Kenta: if we're all clear here with no questions, you're all dismissed."
(As everyone began to leave, Kenta thought of something for a brief moment.)
"(Thinking): I can't tell.. But something about Sawano is triggering my senses.."
(A while later, Sawano was beginning to trigger some memories from his past in the dojo.)Bookmark here

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