Chapter 8:


Return of the Shadow CEO

“We are surrounded?”

“That’s what it looks like, bitch”


A few hours earlier

“Let’s go” The squad commander said

The group started walking deep into the forest, leaving behind a bunch of porters and a few radiants to retrieve the bodies of the martyred.

Kudret who was walking in front of the group said “Those orcs, something was different about them”

“I also felt that” Melisa said

Kudret and Melisa were siblings, therefore their senses and powers were very similar. Both of them had heightened senses and could transform into wolves, tigers, and gorilla, partially or entirely. They were natural predators.

“Mighty high-orcs, they are intelligent, but it felt as if someone or something was controlling them, there is no way, that a group of 80 mighty high orcs were coordinated enough to push on my team, trap me by coming at me in waves, and use water magic, make earth quaked, flank me. They were no ordinary orcs for sure” Carolina said

“Hmm” Melina said in reply to Carolina’s summary of the situation

Carolina looked at Melina with no specific emotion, just bland eye contact.

“Why are you-” Melina said, but was interrupted by a very sharp, loud sound

“This sound, it's a Darwin-” Kudret said, but was interrupted by a horrific sight, when he looked towards the sky

“Split apart!” The squad commander shouted

Above the group was a huge bird, its wings were as huge as a modern day commercial airplane, its torso as big as a modern day 20-story tower. It was a magnificent, yet a very horrific sight. The yellow bird, was called Darwin’s Eagle, and was a very hard to deal with creature, and normally only appeared in a Catastrophe tower or a Big Bang tower.

The group ran away in different directions, as the bird targets larger groups, it also eats monsters, sometimes these birds can be used to fight off these monsters.

Kurdit and Alfie ran away in one direction, Squad commander and a few subordinates in other. Carolina and Melina ran in the same direction, that the group was previously going in, and all the remaining subordinates were running behind them.

Melisa in an irritated tone said, “Fuckers, split, go away”

The bird started diving towards the people behind Carolina and Melisa. The huge monster’s claws were only a few meters away from them, when Melisa punched the ground with her arm which now resembled a gorilla, creating a crater and causing the ground to shake, resulting in all of them to fall down, and evade the bird.

Just as the bird was about to fly away for a second try, Carolina grabbed the bird with her hands blazing with blue fire, but nothing happened, the bird casually flew away with Carolina who was still holding onto the bird.

Carolina looked at the full moon shining brightly in the dark night sky, she was thinking of what she should do next, when she heard a familiar voice.

“Bitch, even I will upload a picture of me riding a Darwin’s eagle, to my social media”


Kudret and Alfie, who were unknown of what happened with Carolina and Melina, were discussing what they should do next, while walking towards the tower.

“If only my earpiece didn’t run out of battery at such a crucial time” Kudret said

“Happens to the best of us” Alfie said

“Yeah” Kudret said

“Yeah” Alfie said

“Yeah” Someone said from behind them


“Melina, why are you here?” Carolina, who was hanging to the bird said

“I don’t know, I just thought, I will close the gap between us” Melina said while standing on the bird

“That makes no sense” Carolina said, mildly annoyed

“Well, you see that” Melina said while pointing down below, towards the tower

“We are just above the tower” Carolina said

“Then, let's go” Melina said as her arm turned in gorilla’s once again

“No” Carolina said

“Yes” Melina said, as she crouched down. She then, punched the yellow bird with brute force, the bird screamed and started shaking, she punched the bird one more time, and the huge bird just came crashing down.

Melina completely transformed into a gorilla, just before hitting the land, and she covered Carolina with her body, while Carolina kept her hold on the bird, so that she and Melina fall on the bird, and sustain minimum injuries.

The loud thud, of the bird’s fall echoed throughout the forest.

“You, Alright?” Carolina asked

“Yeah” Melina replied while panting

Both of them sat on the corpse of the dead eagle, it was a miracle that both of them survived, they were surrounded by a lot of trees fallen around the bird. These trees also cushioned their fall.

Carolina sat next to Melina, who had sustained some injuries in her legs. Unlike Carolina, Melina didn’t wear a full body armor, as she had to transform into larger forms, her suit was very elastic, yet provided pretty good durability, but was only wore on her torso, and didn’t cover her limbs.

“You need to get up” Carolina said

“I know” Melisa replied

Both the women stood up, and started walking towards the tower, which was about 60 meters away from them. When they heard a growl, followed by many more, coming from all four direction. Unconsciously, both of them took a fighting stance, stood against each other’s back

“We are surrounded?” Melina asked

“That’s what it looks like, bitch” Carolina replied

“Being aggressive? Are we?” Melina said with a grin

“Yeah” Carolina replied with a grin


On a busy road, filled with people hustling and bustling through life, going through their normal life routine. A man, holding an umbrella in his hand, stood in the middle of the zebra crossing looking at a mega screen, on which new was being broadcasted.

“Large amount of casualties have been inflicted upon the Radiance Syndicate, during the Ghaziland mission” The news anchor said

The man’s lips curled up to form a creepy smile.


Author's note

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I am changing "Vaaniya Gupta" to "Vaniya Gupta", as it was the wrong name.