Chapter 9:

Creepy White Maske

Return of the Shadow CEO

"They are humans?" Melina asked

"That's what I am confused about the most" Carolina replied

"They look like humans, but have blue skin and monster imprints on their bodies" Melina said while stopping a punch from the figure in front of her

Carolina and Melina were fighting a horde of human like monsters, which were never seen before. These monsters were wearing actual black clothes, unlike other monsters that wore stone aged clothes. Their faces were covered with black cloth, and some of these monsters used daggers, while some used swords.

"I am getting that same feeling" Carolina said

"What do you mean?" Melina asked

"It feels as if they are puppets"


In a large circular hall like room, a figure sat on a throne. The throne was exactly in the center of the room. In front of the throne was a large gate, and on the other three sides, there were three smaller doors.

There stood a man just a meter in front of the throne, "My lady, 2 of them are here" the man said

"Do the job, Melisto" The figure sitting on the throne told the man


"Who are you?" Alfie asked as he equipped his sword

"You don't have to be afraid of me, I don't wanna fight" The masked figure said

"I am not afraid of you" Alfie said while taking his offensive stance

"He is right, I sense no hostility" Kudret said

"See? I don't wanna fight" The masked man said

"Who are you?" Kudret asked

"And what do you want?" Alfie followed up

"Well, you can call me-" The mysterious figure said, but was interrupted by a loud thud sound that echoed throughout the forest

The sound was followed by a very loud scream from what sounded like a darwin's eagle



"They just keep coming back, like they are zombies" Melina said while trying to defend herself from the humanoid monsters

"Cover yourself, I am going to blaze them" Carolina told Melina

In response to this, Melina ran a few meters away

Carolina took a stance, her sword was pointed aggressively towards the horde of monsters in front of her. "Ignite" she said

The blue fire on her sword started blazing more aggressively. She charged towards the enemies in front of her, jumped and slashed in the air. The slashed produced a curved projectile of blue fire, and it was launched towards the horde.

While in the air, she rotated herself and launched another slash towards the horde behind her. The slash burnt and sliced most of the monsters in two parts.

Melina saw what happened from a few meters away and was amazed by what Carolina just did.

Carolina stood panting, in the middle of the fire her attacks created, the fire on her sword had weakened, but the glow in her eyes was brighter than ever, she looked towards Melina and smirked.

"That was a close one" A mysterious voice came from the darkness of the forest

Both Carolina and Melina looked towards the direction of the voice, and saw a figure appear

This figure had purplish skin and gray hairs, he walked towards the duo with his arms behind his back. "You ain't that shabby, fire girl" the man said as he brought his sharp hand in front of his face.

"An Intelli-" Carolina said but was interrupted by the man

"Where is your water boy?" The man said as he disappeared. In a split second, he appeared right in front of Carolina, just before he was about to pierce her torso with his sharp nails, he noticed something.

A hand approached his hand, trying to stop it from piercing Carolina. He stopped and retreated back a few meters. In front of the man stood a masked man, behind this man stood Carolina with a sweating face.

"An unexpected guest?" The purple man said

"Uninvited too" the masked man said

"Who are you?" Carolina asked

"All you need to know, is that, I am not your enemy" The masked man said before rushing towards the purple man

The masked man equipped two daggers in his hands, and slashed the purple man, who was fending off the attacks with his bare hands, the daggers only scratched his arms.

"Those fake martials have people of your caliber?" The purple man asked while fending off the attacks

"I am not a radiant, but hell yeah, I am with them" The masked man replied while he still attacked

"Oh, a real martial" The purple man said with a smirk on his face. He then created some space between him and the masked man by jumping and kicking, then he used the momentum to make space between them

"Wanna play for real now?" The masked man asked

"Why not" The purple man asked as he raised his arm, and started forming a dark ball of energy in his hand

"A Kaal, huh" The masked man said, this on seeing the energy ball in the purple man's hand. He then threw his daggers in the air, and equipped them in opposite hands, a coat of yellow-green lighting formed around him, and his started glowing.

A few meters away from the battle, Carolina stood looking at the two men exchanging blows.

"Carolina, what's going on? Who were those people?" Melina asked

"I don't know" Carolina replied

"Melina! Carolina!" Kudret shouted from a few meters away

"Kudret, and Alfie" Carolina said after looking towards the direction of the sound

Kudret and Alfie approached the two of them.

"What's going on?" Kudret asked

"Some monsters attacked us, we defeated them, then a weird purple man came and attacked us, then another person appeared and started fighting the purple guy" Melina said as she pointed towards the place where the two people were fighting

Everyone looked towards that area

"That guy is fast, way faster than me" Alfie said

"Who?" Melina asked

"Uh, that dude with a creepy white mask, you haven't seen him yet?" Alfie said

"You know him?" Carolina asked

"We just know he is not an enemy" Kudret said, "He is not hostile towards us"

"Are you sure-" Carolina said, but was interrupted by a sound of an explosion

In front of the four residents was a horrific sight


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