Chapter 4:

Chapter 4: Zeth vs Lund

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 4: Zeth vs Lund

Lund: Prepare to meet your end.

Zeth: The only one who will meet his end is you!

*Zeth rushes towards Lund. Lund throws a punch as Zeth gets near him but Zeth dodges and counters with his own punch. Lund is knocked back a bit and Zeth continues to pursue him. Lund does more punches and kicks but Zeth blocks them with his arm and then punches Lund*

Emily: For someone who is only a month removed from being in a Hawk Clan prison he is very impressive.

Kurt: Indeed.

Lund: A month? So boy, you must be naturally talented but this is not over yet.

*Lund’s legs glow yellow. He charges at Zeth with increased speed and attempts multiple punches. Zeth dodges a few but is then pummeled by the rest. Zeth does a counter kick but Lund’s increased speed allows him to dodge quickly. Zeth wipes the blood from his face*

Zeth: I guess it’s time I use one of my special attacks on a real opponent… for the first time since then… *Zeth has a quick flashback to the Magic Guard he killed*

Lund: A special attack?

*Zeth’s hand glows purple, he jumps in the air*

Zeth: Star Shine Blast!

*A star shaped energy beam is released from his hand. It heads toward Lund. He dodges it by jumping back a bit but then is caught in the blast explosion as the beam hits the floor. Lund’s armor is extremely damaged while he is also bleeding on skin that was not covered by his armor*

Zeth: How was that for you?

Lund: GRRRR! That’s enough! Time for you to die!

*Lund puts his hands together and they glow blue. Lund charges at Zeth. He releases his hands causing a blue energy wave to be released. Zeth is hit by the wave and takes damage and is pushed back against a wall. Lund continuously punches Zeth*

Emily: We need to help him!

Zeth: Don’t worry! I got this!

*Below where Lund is not looking, Zeth’s right fist glows purple. Zeth unleashes a powerful punch on Lund’s face which knocks him far back. Blood is flowing out from Lund’s mouth and he slowly stands up and wipes it off. Zeth unleashes another Star Shine Blast. This time, Lund is able to get out of the blast zone*

Lund: I’m not finished!!

Zeth: I see. How about I use another special attack!

*Zeth aims his two hands at the ground* Zeth: Star Shards!

*Two shards in the shape of stars are formed in Zeth’s hands and then he throws them into the floor which they dig into*

Lund: So, what was that?

Zeth: You are about to find out.

*The shards are now traveling upwards from underneath the floor. Lund senses one and dodges as it comes out from the floor. However, his focus is taken off of Zeth which allows Zeth to get in close and punch Lund. The punch sends Lund back far enough that he lands where the other shard comes out of the floor which causes him to get a deep slice in his back*

Lund: AHHHH!!

Zeth: And here is the knockout hit!

*Zeth’s fist glows red. Zeth then punches Lund with fully powered magic which knocks Lund down on his back. Zeth stands above the barely conscious and significantly wounded Lund. The other three approach. Kurt looks down angrily at Lund*

Kurt: How did you get this power?!

Lund: *cough* I… I was given it by… one with an eyepatch... I never learned his name. His power was great and since he gave me this power, I never questioned him… ugg.

Joe: Someone with an eye patch giving power to bandits? Why?

Kurt: Who knows but at some point, we must find out. I don’t like the feeling of this.

*Emily looks out the window*

Emily: The minions are fleeing for their lives outside.

Zeth: Screw them. They don’t pose any more harm. Let’s get back to your town and tell them the good news.

Kurt: Yes, and let’s take this guy back with us. He has more questions to answer.

Narrator: Zeth was able to defeat the bandit leader, Lund, and save Kurt’s home town from more trouble. But who is this mysterious eye-patched person mentioned by Lund?

Chapter 4 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 5: The Path to Home