Chapter 5:

Chapter 5: The Path to Home

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 5: The Path to Home

Narrator: Somewhere in an unknown location.

*There are three people in a throne room. Two of them are males and one of them is female. One of the males is sitting on a throne*

Narrator: Leader of the unknown group – Kogen. (Kogen sits on the throne. He has tan colored puffed up hair. He wears an eye patch over his right eye and he has on a red uniform)

Narrator: Second in Command – Udana. (Udana is a young woman with black hair in a ponytail that goes down to her middle back. She wears blue uniform with red sleeves.)

Narrator: Kogen’s Underling – Goro. (Goro is 7 feet tall and is quite bulky. He has brown short, spiky hair. He wears a gray button up shirt which is not buttoned up. He wears tan colored pants.)

Goro: I have come with news, Master. The bandits who you had given power to have been wiped out.

Kogen: Yes, I already know. *Kogen then looks at Udana* Kogen: Udana, have you finished analyzing the power of the four that took out the bandits?

Udana: Yes, Master. The one who took out the leader, Zeth, has magic power that ranks as a low G-Rank. The other three that were with him are all a high H-Rank. Based on what we heard, Zeth had been in a Hawk Clan prison until about a month ago and had just started using magic.

Kogen: They are very low in power. However, Zeth has only had his power for a month and is already a G-Rank. He may be one to keep an eye on.

Goro: If need be, I could take him out.

Kogen: You could, but he could also be a valuable asset if we show him the way to our side.

Goro: I see. I will accept your judgment.

Kogen: Well, this should turn out interesting. The Enigmus Project needs to progress further.


Narrator: Back with the travelers who have just arrived back from the bandit base.

*The travelers are all back in town. They go to Kurt’s house*

Kurt: Father, we are back.

Zeth: We come with good news.

Beck: Did you defeat the bandits?

Kurt: Yep, and we already took their leader to prison where he will be questioned further.

Beck: But how did you do it?

Zeth: Easy. We gave them a good ass whooping.

Beck: You are all a very impressive bunch.

Zeth: Now that that is solved, I need to find out how to get back home.
Emily: That’s right we need to get back to doing that.

*Beck pulls out a map from his closet and sets it on a table. The map shows the layout of the country of Harmone. Kurt points at where in the country they are at. They are in the southeast part of Harmone*

Kurt: So here we are at Shango Town. Where do you live?

*Zeth points at a part of the map that is to the north of where they currently are*

Zeth: There in the city, Kunasha. The city of the Eagle Clan.

*Kunasha is more in the northeast part of Harmone. Kurt rubs his chin and looks like he is thinking*

Kurt: Well, that will take us some time so let’s get going.

Zeth: You are coming with me?

Emily: Sure. We just met you so we are not going to just say good bye now.

Joe: It’s settled then, I’m sure it will be an interesting trip.
Zeth: You guys are great people, that’s for sure. I’m sure my parents will think so too. Come on! Let’s head out!

*The other three travelers nod. Zeth, Joe, Kurt, Emily, and Beck all head outside. As soon as they do, they are greeted by a round of applause from many people in the town that are gathered. The travelers all look surprised*

Kurt: What is this about?

*An older man steps forward*

Old Man: We’ve all learned that you folks were the ones that finally put a stop to those bandits. We’re all here to thank you for what you’ve done.

Emily: We’re just a few travelers. You don’t need to thank us. We just did what we felt was right.

Old Man: To us, you are more than a few travelers. You’re heroes.

Joe: That’s a little much, don’t you think?

Old Man: No. I think it’s perfectly fitting. Isn’t that right everyone?

*All the gathered people begin cheering and then start chanting the word “heroes” over and over again. The travelers watch the gathered people chant and then they look at each other*

*Kurt shrugs* Kurt: Heroes it is then. If that’s what you want to call us, then go ahead.


Narrator: A bit later.

*The four heroes are now ready to leave the town and gathered at its exit with Beck*

Beck: So, you’re leaving now?

Kurt: Yes. Zeth has been away from his home for long enough so we need to leave now.

Beck: Then I wish you a safe trip, son.

*Beck and Kurt hug and Beck pats Kurt on the back. Once they end their hug and start walking away*

Beck: And one more thing.

*Kurt turns around*

Kurt: Yes?

Beck: You remember Sandy Rockswell, right?

Kurt: I do.

Beck: Maybe she has been missing for so long that it’s too late but if you see her again, let her know that we all miss her and want her to come back home.

Kurt: I will be sure to do so.

*The heroes continue walking away from the town and Kurt waves back at Beck*

Kurt: Bye father!

Beck: Be careful out there! Thank you all for your help!

Narrator: With the bandits defeated, the ones known as travelers are now referred to as heroes. The heroes are now moving on in an effort for Zeth to return home.

Chapter 5 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 6: Troubled Young Lady in the Forest


(Arc Completed: February 2015)

Author's Note: This first arc is known as the "Beginning Arc". The second arc begins in the next chapter.