Chapter 14:

Chapter 14: Joe vs Sludge

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 14: Joe vs Sludge

Narrator: While Emily fights Tar, Joe now faces off against Sludge.

Sludge: Your friend must be in a hurry to die.

Joe: Shut up and keep your focus on me!

Sludge: Haha! I see you are in a hurry to die too!

*Sludge begins to turn into a liquid and seeps into the ground*

Joe: Damn, what did he do?

*Sludge begins to reform behind him*

Sludge: I’m right here!

*Sludge lands a powerful punch, sending Joe flying forward*

*Joe regains his footing and then creates lightning bolts in his hands. He then throws two of them and they land on Sludge, electrically shocking him. The shock breaks Sludge into more pieces and he seeps into the ground again*

Joe: Now I see what you are doing! Downpour!

*Heavy rain begins and forces the sludge pieces out of the ground*

Joe: Extreme Winds!

*The winds blow all of Sludge’s pieces into the air*

Joe: Thunderstorm!

*Lightning strikes every piece of sludge causing extreme damage to Sludge. Sludge fully reforms himself but burn marks on him from the lightning are visible*

Sludge: It seems my powers are at a disadvantage against your weather magic. Time to pull out the big guns!

*Sludge pulls out a black sword*

Joe: A sword?

Sludge: Not just any sword, but a sword formed from the powers of the Dark Goddess. The Shadow Sword!

*Sludge splits into two halves*

*Joe throws lightning bolts but misses as the two halves go in different directions. The right half that has the sword engages first but Joe dodges the sword slash. The other half then punches Joe in the back, knocking him to the ground. The right half begins another sword slash but only gets a slight cut on Joe’s right arm as he gets up and out of the way*

*Joe begins another attack*

Joe: Ice Storm!

*Ice begins falling from above and it freezes the two halves of Sludge in place*

Joe: You freeze very easily. Razor Hail!

*The razor hail falls from above and tears apart the sludge halves. The sludge begins to very slowly reform*

Joe: My weather magic leaves you outmatched.

Sludge: *Quietly laughs to himself and then bursts out laughing* Hahahaha! You are right! It does! However, you were cut by the Shadow Sword wielded by a demon.

Joe: So?

Sludge: When that happens, your arm becomes encased in shadow and drains your overall power in that arm for a limited time.

Sludge: Unfortunately for you, this effect only happens when the sword is wielded by a demon or someone of divine power, you would not be able to do the same to me. By the time it wears off, I will have taken the opportunity and have killed you!

*Sludge is grinning while Joe looks nervous*

Narrator: Will the side effect left by Sludge’s sword be Joe’s downfall?

Chapter 14 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 15: Zeth and Sasha vs Crimson