Chapter 15:

Chapter 15: Zeth and Sasha vs Crimson

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 15: Zeth and Sasha vs Crimson

Narrator: Back to the abandoned town with Zeth and Sasha as they confront Crimson.

*Zeth looks at Sasha*

Zeth: I have a bad feeling about this guy’s power. If you think you can fight, feel free to join in and help me.

Sasha: Okay. I will.

Zeth: (Thinking) I have a feeling I should use all at my disposal to take this guy down and with nobody else here but us, I have that ability.

Crimson: Come at me.

Zeth: Here we go!

*Zeth screams as he quickly engages Crimson. He lands a powerful punch but Crimson has no reaction as his body is pushed back*

*Zeth then quickly lands a bunch of more punches and kicks, beating up on Crimson*

*He then slams Crimson into a wall. His fists glow a red aura and then he punches Crimson multiple times, breaking down the wall into the house*

*Zeth charges a Star Shine Blast into both of his hands and then releases them at Crimson causing the whole house to be destroyed*

Sasha: Well, that was easy.

Zeth: Something seemed off about that though. He had no reactions to my attacks. He just stood there and let me land all of them.

*Another explosion happens and then Crimson walks out of the rubble with just a few scratches. He then yawns*

Crimson: *Yawning* Is that all you got?

Zeth: No way!!

*Both Zeth and Sasha have fear in their eyes as Crimson walks towards them*

Crimson: I wanted to test your strength, but after that test, it appears you are nowhere near as strong as me.

Zeth: *Shaking in fear* Just what the hell are you?

Crimson: I’m a human just like you. In fact, I had never even seen you or heard of you until the voice in my head appeared. She tells me to consume you and if that is what she wants then that is what I will do. Prepare for consumption!

*Crimson charges at them. Both Zeth and Sasha prepare for his attack*

*Zeth and Crimson both try punches and their fists collide with each other and cancel each other out*

*Sasha goes in for a kick but Crimson dodges it and kicks her back, sending her flying into a wall where she then drops to the ground in a lot of pain*

*Zeth tries to retaliate with a magic-powered punch but misses and is then grabbed and thrown into a different wall*

Zeth: I admit that you’re powerful but you are nothing that I can’t overcome!

*Zeth grits his teeth and then starts rushing towards Crimson. Zeth gets close to Crimson as Crimson is preparing to attack with a punch*

*Instead of trying a direct attack, Zeth sidesteps at the last moment and does a fierce kick to the side of Crimson’s body. Crimson flinches just a little bit and Zeth transitions his attack to an uppercut to Crimson’s chin. Once again, Crimson just flinches only a little bit*

*Crimson doesn’t look impressed*

Crimson: Are you done yet?

*Zeth is shocked*

Zeth: Those were some hard hits! What is your body made out of!

Crimson: My body isn’t made of anything special. You’re just weak.

*Crimson kicks Zeth and knocks him on his back*

Crimson: I’m going to consume you and make the voice in my head stop.

Zeth: No!!

*Zeth gets up and releases two Star Shards into the ground. As a Star Shard comes up from the ground, Crimson notices and grabs it with his hand*

Zeth: Impossible!

*As the other comes up, Crimson quickly kicks it into Sasha’s direction. She barely avoids getting hit by it*

Sasha: That was close!

Zeth: He is on a whole different level than us!

Crimson: You are right. It was over before it began. Now what should I do with this?

*Crimson holds one of the Star Shards in his hand*

Crimson: I know. Here, let me demonstrate my power.

*He flicks the Star Shard with his index finger and it travels at the speed of a bullet. It barely avoids hitting Zeth directly and just grazes him. A blood wound opens on Zeth’s cheek*

Sasha: I won’t let you harm Zeth!!

*Sasha gets close to Crimson and tries to punch him but he just grabs her by the back of her head and slams her face-first into the ground*

Crimson: Such a nuisance. Now what was I going to say? Ah yes, now I remember. If I was trying to outright kill you, I would have had that shard go straight at your face and your head would have been shredded. Your fate is to be consumed by me. Accept it.

*Zeth looks absolutely terrified*

Zeth: No, this can’t be the end, can it? I never even got back home…

*Tears roll down his face*

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha are getting dominated by Crimson. What hope do they have?

Chapter 15 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 16: Kurt’s Strategy