Chapter 16:

Chapter 16: Kurt's Strategy

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 16: Kurt’s Strategy

Narrator: Back to Kurt’s battle against Smog.

*Kurt has just finished his Blazing Aura Eruption and Smog is angry*

*Kurt stares at the parts of Smog’s body that were burnt by the attack. Kurt notices that the burns have peeled off Smog’s scales where the attack had hit him*

Kurt: (Thinking) Perhaps his skin under the scales is soft and can be damaged even by my weaker attacks?

Smog: I have had enough of you. Let’s finish this.

*Smog rolls into a ball to engage faster. As Smog gets closer, Kurt uses his aura whips to lift the boulder in front of him, causing Smog to go into the air*

*Smog unrolls and thrusts his big claw downward and lands a hit on Kurt, knocking him backwards*

Kurt: (Thinking) I can’t keep this fight up for much longer. I need a plan badly.

*Kurt begins running from Smog*

Kurt: (Thinking) I need to exploit those burnt areas somehow but they are too small.

Smog: Not that trick again.

*He rolls into a ball and pursues. Kurt jumps on a giant boulder and then jumps down lower. As Smog goes over the boulder, he unrolls*

Kurt: Rapid Whips!

*A ton of weak aura whips begin trying to attack Smog’s new weak spots. A few do hit and they cause pain to Smog*

Smog: You will pay for that!

*Smog tries to ram Kurt but Kurt starts running from him*

Kurt: (Thinking) What’s my next move!?

*As Kurt is running, he sees the edge of a cliff high up that looks weak and has giant boulders that would fall off of it if the cliff edge was destroyed*

Kurt: (Thinking) That’s it!

*Kurt stops under the cliff*

Smog: Hehe. I can already tell what your plan is. You plan to smash me with those boulders. Even if you can get me under it. They won’t be enough to kill me.

Kurt: (Thinking) This is going to be risky. I have only one shot at this!

*Kurt runs directly at Smog*

Smog: Finally out of tricks? How foolish can you be to try and physically attack me?

*As Kurt gets very close to Smog, Kurt jumps over him. Kurt then turns around and charges up a flame aura in his right arm*

Kurt: I’m not as foolish as you think! Take this! Max Flame Aura Punch!

*Kurt lands his flaming punch on Smog’s head and further damages him*

Smog: Ahhh!!!

*Kurt then punches him with another Flame Aura Punch, knocking him onto the spot under the cliff. His head and stomach area are completely bare and vulnerable with all the peeled-off scales on the top of his head and stomach area*

*Kurt looks up at the weak cliff edge with the giant boulders*

Kurt: Mega Aura Whip!

*The huge aura whip hits and destroys the cliff edge. The boulders begin to fall and Smog is exactly where the boulders will land*

Smog: Nooooo!!!!

*The boulders crush him and do massive damage with so much exposed weak spots*

Kurt: And that is why you shouldn’t underestimate humans!

*Kurt sits down*

Kurt: Funny thing is that I wouldn’t be able to do that again. I used all my remaining magic energy doing that.

*Not far behind Kurt, however, is the imp demon standing there with a wicked smile*

Narrator: Kurt has managed to defeat Smog. What lies behind the imp’s wicked smile?

Chapter 16 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 17: Joe’s Violent Weather