Chapter 17:

Chapter 17: Joe's Violent Weather

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 17: Joe’s Violent Weather

Narrator: Back with Joe and his battle against Sludge.

*Joe’s right arm is encased in shadow*

Sludge: Do you see it now!? Your right arm is now useless! It will be much more difficult for you to use magic attacks.

Joe: (Thinking) My right arm is useless but it does not keep me from using my weather magic. It just takes longer to use it.

Sludge: This will be fun.

*Sludge runs up to Joe and punches him in the face which causes Joe to fall to the ground. Sludge runs up to him again but then Joe kicks Sludge in the face*

Sludge: Grrr. I was going to let you live a bit longer and just beat you up with my fists but now you have angered me!

*Joe begins running behind some trees*

Sludge: We are both friends here. No need to hide behind trees.

*Sludge slashes at some trees but Joe was not behind any of them. From behind a tree, 10 meters from Sludge is Joe focusing power into his left arm*

Joe: (Thinking) I have a plan to remove the sword from him but because of the shadow on my right arm I can’t use it as fast and this is an ability that already has a decent amount of charging to do before use. I need to keep out of sight.

*Sludge starts going crazy as he chops more trees with the Shadow Sword*

Sludge: Come out!!!

*Joe begins running again and Sludge sees him*

Sludge: There you are!

*Sludge chases him*

Sludge: Don’t run from death, human!!

*Joe runs into a creek with Sludge chasing him. They are both now standing in the creek water*

Joe: If you want to live, I suggest you don’t come towards me.

*Joe has his glowing left arm behind his back*

Sludge: (Thinking) His right arm is still in shadow. He couldn’t possibly have an attack that could destroy me. (Now speaking out loud to Joe) You are bluffing! Your right arm is still useless!

*Sludge begins charging. As he reaches one meter from Joe, Joe takes out his left arm and releases his attack*

Joe: L3 Tornado! *Suddenly a tornado is released as the clouds above them begin to shower rain and lightning. The tornado picks up Sludge and water surrounding him*

Sludge: How can you do this!?

Joe: Simple! Ever since you encased my right arm in shadow, I began focusing magic into my left arm. Now, how about I use that sword of yours.

*The tornado winds rip the sword from Sludge’s hand. As Sludge and the sword spin around in the tornado, they collide a lot, causing him to be cut up into a bunch of pieces by the powerful sword*

*Eventually, the Shadow Sword is flung out in the distance by the tornado*

Joe: Well, I warned you. Time to finish this! Thunderstorm!

*The cut-up pieces of Sludge are violently struck by many lightning strikes. The tornado ends and Sludge dies and turns to ashes*

Joe: That wraps up that. It’s time to get back to Emily and see if I can find Kurt, Zeth, and Sasha.

Narrator: Joe puts an end to Sludge using his tornado!

Chapter 17 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 18: Battle in an Open Field