Chapter 21:

Chapter 21: What Lies in the Great Falls

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 21: What Lies in the Great Falls

Narrator: Back at the top of the Great Falls.

Joe: How do we even go about finding them? They just disappeared. They could be anywhere.

*Suddenly, electrical energy appears and Zeth and Sasha appear at the top of the Great Falls. Emily and Joe look extremely happy to see them*

Emily and Joe: Zeth! Sasha! You are back!

*Emily and Joe run up to them to greet them*

Zeth: Ugh, my head hurts.

Emily: What happened?

*Zeth pounds his fist into the ground*

Zeth: We were teleported to some abandoned town and ran into some evil guy named Crimson who wanted to consume my soul and mind.

Joe: What the hell?

Sasha: It’s true! This guy was a monster! We were powerless to stop him! The only reason we are still alive is because Crimson needed Zeth alive to consume him.

Zeth: And I’m still not sure how we escaped. We just teleported back here randomly. What I do know is that I need to become a lot stronger to defeat him. What happened while we were gone?

Emily: Joe and I each defeated one of Drought’s minions. However, we still have not found Kurt.

Zeth: I’m sure that Kurt is fine. Before we do anything else, let’s give ourselves a quick recap of our situation.

Sasha: Upon finding out there are monsters poisoning the water of the river that runs through Flagron, we went off without telling anyone else to try and stop this plot.

*Emily rubs the back of her head*

Emily: Telling some of the stronger magic users that come to this town would have been a big help. Why didn’t we do that?

Joe: What would we tell them? “Literal monsters are poisoning the water! Come help us!” Yeah, like they’d believe there are literal monsters out there.

Zeth: Enough! Don’t get sidetracked. It’s too late to reconsider what’s already happened. Next, we all found ourselves in our own battles away from each other.

Emily: Joe and I won our battles.

Joe: While the result of Kurt’s battle is still unknown. I will bet that he won though.

Sasha: And Zeth and I were not able to defeat our opponent and ended up escaping, possibly by dumb luck.

Joe: What’s with that guy anyway? Was he a part of Drought’s group? I can’t see how Drought just so happened to teleport you to some guy who was looking for you. And that consumption crap still doesn’t make any sense.

Zeth: If I get the chance, I will be sure to ask Drought for answers on that. Something seemed off about Crimson though, and I’m not just talking about his weird fixation on consumption. He seemed like a… loner.

Sasha: Yeah, it was like he was all in it for himself.

Emily: That will just have to remain a mystery.

Joe: Next, Emily and I met back up after our battles and while discussing how to find you guys, you just instantly reappeared back to where you first vanished.

Sasha: And now we’re at our current point.

Zeth: All that is left to do is defeat Drought and to find Kurt. Come on. Let’s get going.

*As they walk to the edge of the waterfall, they see Kurt enter the waterfall from the bottom*

Joe: Kurt!!

*There is no response from Kurt*

Joe: Damn, why didn’t he respond?

Zeth: I guess we better go in after him.

Emily: Drought went in there too. If we can defeat him, the cursed water will come to an end.

Zeth: Good, let’s kill two birds with one stone.

*They climb down from the top of the waterfall and then start walking into it. As they walk into the water it stings them*

Sasha: This stuff hurts badly.

Zeth: I know but we have no choice.

*They reach a cave*

*The heroes look nervous*

Zeth: We don’t know what we will find in this cave. Does anyone have any doubts about this? I get the feeling that once we enter, we will be fully committed. There won’t be any turning back from whatever fate has in store for us.

Emily: Since the demons liked this cave, you don’t think that we will find ourselves entering Hell, do you?

Joe: Imagine if we become the ones that have to take on the Dark Goddess.

Zeth: I can’t imagine that there is a cave that just leads straight to Hell. But I could see us being enlisted to help fight demons of Hell or something. I’d rather leave that to the forces of Heaven because they’re professionals while we’re a bunch of amateurs just trying to get me home.

*Zeth takes a deep breath*

Zeth: Are we all ready? Remember, once we go in there, we’re committed. Whatever we find out, there will be no unlearning it.

Sasha: I am. I’m not letting you go in alone and I want to save Kurt if he is in trouble.

Joe: Same. I can’t stay out here knowing you and Kurt could be in trouble.

Emily: I’m ready too. Though taking on the forces of hell would require a large arsenal of weapons and some big ass guns. Regardless, I’m in!

Zeth: Alright… It’s time. Let’s go in.

*The heroes enter the cave. In the big cave, they see a bunch of ancient-looking architecture. They then see Drought and Kurt, and behind them, some kind of altar. Drought has taken notice of them*

Drought: Ah, if it isn’t my new human friends. Welcome!

Emily: Kurt, what are you doing with that demon!?

Drought: My personal imp demon has combined himself with your friend and with that, he will destroy you.

*Zeth, Sasha, Joe, and Emily all look shocked*

Joe: You what!?

Emily: Release our friend and fight us fairly, you cowards!!

Drought: I’m a demon and serve the Dark Goddess. I couldn’t care less what you think of me or my methods. “Kurmp” here will destroy you.

Zeth: I’m tired of this, I will—

*Sasha interrupts him*

Sasha: No, let me do this. I need to show that I can fight! I will save Kurt!

*She looks at Zeth*

Zeth: …Go knock ‘em dead.

*He gives her a thumb up. Sasha smiles and then approaches Kurmp with confidence*

Narrator: With Kurt being controlled by an imp demon, Sasha steps up to the plate to save him.

Chapter 21 END

To Be Continued in Chapter 22: Sasha vs Kurmp