Chapter 22:

Chapter 22: Sasha vs Kurmp

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 22: Sasha vs Kurmp

Kurmp: Sending your weakest member out to die first, are we? Interesting.

Sasha: Get out of Kurt’s body!

Kurmp: Why don’t you make me?

Sasha: That can be arranged!

*Sasha begins running towards Kurmp. Kurmp releases his aura whips at Sasha. Sasha slides under both the whips and Kurmp. Sasha does a magic charged kick on him, knocking him back*

Sasha: (Thinking) Since I just learned of my magic recently, I don’t know all of my abilities. I will just have to do what feels natural to me.

*Kurmp launches his aura whips to both sides of Sasha. She jumps over them and swipes her hands across them. The aura whips return to Kurmp with red hand marks on them*

*She snaps her fingers and then red beams release from the hand marks. The beams blast away at Kurmp, causing him major pain. Then the hand marks vanish*

Zeth: What attack was that?

Emily: I don’t know.

Sasha: Somehow doing that just felt natural to me. I’ve never done it before and yet I feel naturally able to do it.

Zeth: (Thinking) That’s interesting. It’s sort of how I felt after discovering my magic. Using Star Shine Blast and Star Shards felt natural.

Kurmp: I must adjust to this human’s magic power better.

*Kurmp’s aura on his right arm turns to a flame and he then charges at Sasha. Sasha tries to avoid his attack*

Kurmp: Flame Aura Punch!

*Kurmp lands the hit*

Sasha: Ahh!

*Kurmp begins continuously punching her*

Joe: No!!

*Soon, Sasha falls to the ground. Kurmp smirks and then turns around walking to the other three heroes*

Sasha: It’s not over yet…

*Kurmp is shocked. He then turns around and sees that Sasha has a black aura surrounding her entire body. Her hands are twitching*

Sasha: I said it’s not over.

Kurmp: How can someone so weak stand up after that?!!

Drought: (Thinking) That’s a fearsome aura she has. But she’s so weak. Is there more to her than she is letting on?

Sasha: I will prove I can fight! I will reward Zeth for believing in me!

*Sasha reaches out her arm with her fingers bent forward to make the look of a claw and charges*

Kurmp: Max Flame Aura Punch!

*Sasha’s hand pierces Kurt’s skin which forces the imp out of Kurt’s body*

Imp: Ahh!!

Sasha: There you are! Now you can fight me without using someone else’s power.

*Zeth, Emily, and Joe are stunned*

Joe: How did she do that!?

Drought: (Thinking) How can this be!? She is just a low-level human teenager!

*Sasha has a very serious expression on her face. The imp looks into Sasha’s eyes and he suddenly becomes terrified*

Imp: (Thinking) Those eyes! It’s like she is piercing my soul! I’ve never seen a human with soul-piercing eyes before! Just what is she!?

*The imp shakes his head*

Imp: (Thinking) It doesn’t matter what she is! I have to kill her!

*The imp jumps up to slash Sasha in the face with his claws*

*Her face is bleeding but the slash has no other effect on her. She stares the imp down angrily and the imp is now extremely scared*

Sasha: You called me weak but there is no one here weaker than you. It’s time we end this.

Imp: No wait! Spare me!

*Sasha stares with a neutral expression for a few seconds before turning serious again*

Sasha: No.

*Sasha strikes the imp by slamming her black aura-covered arm against him. The imp completely shatters into pieces*

*Her black aura goes away and she begins to fall but Zeth rushes to her and grabs her before she hits the ground. Sasha weakly smiles*

Sasha: Zeth, I did it. Kurt should be fine.

Zeth: You did great. Now it is time to turn our attention to the mastermind of this evil plan.

*They all stare at Drought who looks very angry*

Drought: Apparently, if you want something done, you must do it yourself.

Zeth: It’s go time. I’ll take this bastard this on.

Narrator: Sasha has saved Kurt from the imp. Now it’s time for Zeth to take on the mastermind. The final battle against Drought will now begin!

Chapter 22 END

To be Continued in Chapter 23: Zeth vs Drought