Chapter 23:

Chapter 23: Zeth vs Drought

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 23: Zeth vs Drought

*Kurt is being helped by Emily and Joe*

Kurt: I’m… sorry. I defeated the bulky demon but was then attacked by that imp.

Joe: It’s okay. Let’s stay back. None of us are in any condition to fight except Zeth.

*They look at Zeth*

Zeth: Tell me something first, Drought. Is that guy, Crimson, your buddy?

Drought: Crimson? Never heard of him and if he is human, well, I don’t ally myself with humans.

Zeth: So they aren’t allies? What is Crimson’s story?

Drought: No more talking! I will crush you all!

*Drought begins by having his left hand grab his right arm and magically charge it. He then takes his right arm off and it begins floating*

Zeth: What the…?

*The fist then launches at Zeth and punches him in the gut hard. Zeth coughs up blood*

Drought: Like that? There is more where that came from.

Zeth: Hehehe. That hurt I admit but I can tell you are nowhere near as strong as Crimson.

Drought: Laugh while you can because you won’t last long.

*Zeth has a magic aura at the tip of his finger and he draws a star shape with it*

Zeth: Star Rays!

*Small beams of energy are released from the five tips of the star and they all head for Drought. Zeth runs towards Drought but Drought lets the beams hit and damage him so he can prepare to counter Zeth’s physical attacks*

*Drought blocks Zeth’s punch and then the floating hand punches Zeth in the face, knocking him back*

Zeth: That damn hand.

*He spits blood out of his mouth and prepares to continue fighting*

Zeth: Try this!

*He releases two Star Shards into the ground and then he charges at Drought as the hand flies towards him. Zeth does a front flip to dodge the flying hand*

*As he gets close to Drought, the hand comes back at him from the side. Zeth does another front flip which also causes him to go over Drought*

*Drought quickly turns around to face Zeth*

*The hand comes back at Zeth but then his Star Shards come out of the wall, intercepting the hand and cutting it badly*

*Zeth then proceeds to punch Drought rapidly who can’t block well because only one arm is attached*

*Drought sticks his toes in the ground as Zeth continuously punches him. Poison is released from Drought’s toes and is brewing in the ground right below Zeth*

*Zeth notices and then stops punching and gets back as a blast of poison shoots straight out of the ground*

*Drought reattaches his right arm. The wounds on it then seal shut*

Drought: Your awareness is impressive, but soon you will be worn down and won’t so easily dodge my poison.

Zeth: That’s what you think. I’m just getting started. It’s time to begin round two!

Narrator: The battle against Drought is underway!

Chapter 23 END

To be Continued in Chapter 24: Poison is His Way