Chapter 24:

Chapter 24: Poison is His Way

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 24: Poison is His Way

*Zeth and Drought charge at each other. They then trade punches with each getting in some hits*

*They separate and then Zeth readies his Star Shine Blast while Drought readies his own attack*

Zeth: Star Shine Blast!

Drought: Poison Wave!

*Drought’s attack is a horizontal wave made of poison. The two attacks collide and cancel each other out*

*Zeth jumps in the air with a magic aura on his fist and he tries to slam into Drought with it but Drought dodges it*

*Zeth runs at him again, trying to kick swipe him which Drought blocks with his arms*

*Then Zeth tries again with his other foot which misses. Drought counters by swipe punching him in the head, sending him flying to the left but Zeth soon regains his footing*

*Zeth then starts rapidly clutching his hands. Drought watches with curiosity*

Emily: What is he doing?

*Soon there are many tiny stars in Zeth’s hands. Zeth then throws all of the small stars and they all go out in multiple directions. Very few actually go in Drought’s direction and he easily dodges those*

*The small stars all start exploding and a lot of the ancient architecture starts getting destroyed from all the small explosions*

*Zeth disappears into the smoke caused by the explosions*

Drought: Where did he go?!

*He looks around trying to spot Zeth*

*Zeth suddenly appears out of the smoke with a pole in hand that was broken off from the explosions and he violently slams it against Drought. The pole breaks but Drought clearly is in a lot of pain and begins coughing a lot*

Drought: *cough* You will pay! Poison is my way! *cough*

Zeth: I have had enough of you!

*Zeth begins running very fast and kicks Drought hard before Drought can react. Zeth then continues his attack with a painful gut punch and then follows that with a swipe kick which knocks Drought away*

*Drought is left lying against some ancient architecture*

*Zeth starts walking towards him with a determined face*

Zeth: This is it for you.

*Drought sits up*

Drought: No, it is not.

*A poison aura surrounds Drought and the aura destroys the ancient desk behind him*

*Drought gets up and charges at Zeth and tries punching him twice but Zeth easily dodges*

*Zeth then gut punches Drought again and slams his elbow down on him, knocking Drought back to the ground*

Zeth: It’s finished.

Drought: You have left me no choice then. I must use the Poison Mist.

Narrator: Zeth gains the upper hand but what is the Poison Mist that Drought has up his sleeve?

Chapter 24 END

To be Continued in Chapter 25: Poison Mist