Chapter 34:

Chapter 34: Zeth vs Grode and Raider

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 34: Zeth vs Grode and Raider

Narrator: Zeth faces off against Grode and Raider!

Zeth: Say goodbye to my life? Don’t make me laugh. Acting tough doesn’t make you tough.

Raider: Maybe we should introduce ourselves. My name is Raider.

Grode: And my name is Grode.

Raider: If you don’t want to die, I suggest you surrender now and become our captive.

Zeth: No, it’s the opposite actually! You better stop killing people and leave or you will be in for a beating!

Raider: Don’t worry boy, if it makes you feel better, we don’t intend to kill any more civilians. We are just going to round up as many Eagle Clan members as we can and take them to the Hawk Clan.

Zeth: The Hawks!!!? They will pay!

Grode: *laughing* Well, you certainly don’t have time to worry about them.

*Grode charges at Zeth. Zeth stands still angrily as Grode closes in*

*Zeth gut punches Grode with a magic-powered fist, causing Grode to cough up blood*

Grode: Grr! Why you little—!

*Zeth interrupts Grode by grabbing his arm and throws him at Raider, who jumps over Grode’s flying body which hits a dumpster*

Raider: Be careful you idiot! This boy clearly is not a chump!

Grode: *wiping the blood off his face* I see that now.

*Grode charges at Zeth again*

Grode: This time I will use my Pound Magic!

*Grode pounds the ground causing shock waves to come from it which knocks Zeth back*

*Raider moves in and uses a magic-powered kick to damage Zeth and it sends him flying in a different direction*

*Raider then uses his magic-powered kick to send Grode flying at Zeth and then Grodes pounds Zeth with his fists, landing a direct hit. The hit causes Zeth to smash into the ground and the impact even forms a small crater around his body because of the force of the hit*

*Zeth then gets up but his clothes are torn where he was hit and he is bleeding there too*

Zeth: So you two are pretty tough when you work together. I see that now. A little over a week ago I got some new abilities so I would like to try them out in actual combat. How about you guys be my lab rats?

Grode: What abilities?

Zeth: You will now see!

*Zeth’s hands looks like he is grasping something*

Zeth: Chains of the Volcano Demon!

*Black chains with demonic symbols on them appear in Zeth’s hands. Zeth slings one of the chains around Raider’s right leg and then pulls him in*

*Zeth punches him in the face and then slings him back out as he uses his other chain to wrap around a street lamp. Zeth retracts that chain’s length, allowing him to swing using the street lamp and he swings towards Grode*

*Zeth focuses magic in his knee and then as he reaches Grode, he thrusts his knee upwards hitting Grode’s chin, causing Grode to be in a lot of pain*

*Zeth swings back and lets go of the street lamp*

Zeth: I would say that worked out well and there is more where that came from.

Raider: He is even stronger than I thought! We have no choice but to go all out! It is time to unleash my magic!

Narrator: Zeth has unleashed a few of his new abilities, causing the poachers to have to go all out. What further attacks do they have?

Chapter 34 END

To be Continued in Chapter 35: An Elevating Battle