Chapter 35:

Chapter 35: An Elevating Battle

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 35: An Elevating Battle

Raider: It’s time. Feel the power of my Insect Magic!

Zeth: Insect Magic? That doesn’t sound terrifying.

Raider: Maybe it doesn’t sound terrifying but it is. Mosquitoes Unleashed!

*100 mosquitoes are created and they are larger than natural mosquitoes*

Raider: They will all suck your blood until there is none left! Go my mosquitoes, after him!

*The mosquitoes rush after Zeth*

*Zeth looks up and then slings his chains towards a high window on the tall building that is up to 40 floors high that he is next to*

*The chains break a window and stick in the room, allowing Zeth to ascend*

*Zeth goes all the way up to the broken window and looks down at the mosquitoes. He charges magic in his hand*

Zeth: Star Shine Blast!

*The Star Shine Blast hits the group of mosquitoes and then explodes. The mosquitoes are all caught in the blast and destroyed*

*Raider is angered and creates three giant spiders that are human-sized*

Zeth: I hate to tell you this, but spiders are not insects. They’re arachnids!

Raider: Shut it!

*Raider looks at the spiders*

Raider: We will go in the buildings to go after him! Make sure he doesn’t get away!

*The three spiders begin climbing the building*

Zeth: Oh great.

*Zeth slings his other chain to the building across from the one he is on and swings over to it and is about on floor 15*

*He unleashes a Star Shine Blast at the spiders. Two of the spiders manage to jump off the building and land on the one Zeth is on but one of the spiders gets hit by the blast and falls to the ground*

Zeth: At least I got one of them.

*Zeth uses his chains to drop down five floors and uses a magic-powered kick on one of the spiders. Some of its guts come out but it is still alive and still stays attached to the building*

Zeth: Seriously?

*The spider attacks Zeth with its legs and one of the legs pierces Zeth’s body. After the spider removes the leg, Zeth screams in pain as a green liquid is also present at the wound*

Zeth: What is this!? I thought spiders injected venom with their fangs!

*The other spider then jumps on Zeth and they both go falling down to the ground with Zeth in pain. Both his arms and legs are pinned down. The spider is about to begin to try and eat Zeth*

Zeth: Star Light Shield!

*The bright magic shield forms around Zeth and the spider’s eyes are blinded from being so close as the shield forms*

*Zeth forms magic claws on his hands*

Zeth: Claws of the Guardian!

*Zeth sticks his clawed hands into the eyes of the spider, shattering them which completely blinds the spider. Zeth is able to get the spider off of him and then forms a star-shaped grenade in his hand*

Zeth: Star Grenade!

*He throws the grenade where the spider’s eyes were. The grenade blows up on contact blowing the spider to pieces*

Zeth: One more left. I’m thankful for Star Grenade as it allows me to preserve energy I would need to use for Super Nova.

*Zeth gets his Chains of the Volcano Demon back out and uses the chains to get back to being higher on the building. He is ready to deal with the last spider*

*Zeth forms the chains in his other hand and uses them to wrap around the spider. He then throws the spider up at the bridge that connects the two buildings together on floor 30*

*Zeth uses his chains to ascend up to the bridge and then uses a magic-powered fist to pound in the top of the spider’s head which kills it*

*Zeth starts breathing harder*

Raider: I see this is starting to become harder for you. You have the spider’s acid on your wound.

Zeth: What?

Raider: Now you won’t be able to fight at full strength. Come Grode. It’s time to finish him.

Grode: Right Raider. I will pound him into dust.

Narrator: Zeth is now in trouble. Can he overcome the acid and defeat the two poachers?

Chapter 35 END

To be Continued in Chapter 36: Raging Star Mode