Chapter 39:

Chapter 39: Grocery Store Battle

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 39: Grocery Store Battle

Easia: You know I want to use that field you made.

*Easia’a aura starts to hit the ground and spreads out. Everything within a 40-foot radius of Easia has a pink tint*

Kurt: But how?!

Easia: I learn fast. Hehe.

Kurt: So what does your field do?

Easia: It’s simple. Huge fairies will kick your ass.

*Easia looks around*

Easia: You know let’s continue our fight in here. A grocery store is the perfect place to fight.

*Kurt scratches his head at the statement. Easia walks farther back into the store and then two giant magic fairies the size of humans suddenly appear behind Kurt*

Kurt: Huh?

*The fairies punch Kurt, sending him flying farther into the store. As he is flying, he is stopped when Easia jumps down off a shelf and thrusts her legs down colliding with Kurt, causing him to be smashed against the ground*

*Kurt tries to punch Easia but she simply roll jumps off him to dodge. Kurt gets up and a giant fairy appears behind him. He blocks the fairy’s punch, but Easia grabs his other arm and throws him into a shelf which knocks it over*

*Kurt gets up and begins to run to a different isle. Easia jumps from shelf to shelf after him while laughing*

Easia: It’s no use running! I will find you!

*Kurt stops around a corner, charging his aura for an attack*

Easia: Here I come!

*Kurt walks back into the isle*

Kurt: Mega Aura Whip!

*The whip launches at Easia*

Easia: Oh no!

*The whip hits her, sending her flying back but two huge fairies grab onto her but they are not able to slow her knockback speed. When they collide with the back wall of the store, the two fairies take on most of the most impact and it destroys them which spares Easia from taking more major damage*

Easia: That attack might have knocked me unconscious. Too bad for you my fairies saved me. Let’s pick up the pace on this fight.

*Easia charges at Kurt but she is running faster as her legs glow a yellow color*

Kurt: (Thinking) She has used magic to increase her speed but she also still has yet to stop keeping her left arm behind her back.

*Easia’s magic wings begin to flap, creating a pink dust in the area. Kurt notices that his own speed and reactions are beginning to slow down*

Kurt: What is this?

Easia: My Fairy Magic can create dust that affects my enemies. In this case, your movements and reactions are slowed.

*With her increased speed, Easia quickly reaches Kurt and punches him twice in the face. She then hits Kurt’s gut with her knee and then swipe kicks him. The kick sends Kurt into more shelves*

Kurt: Ogg err! Damn it!

Easia: Look on the bright side. You can eat your favorite foods before you die. Hahahahaha!

Narrator: Kurt is now being overpowered by Easia’s Fairy Magic. What can he do to overcome her and even if so, what about Easia’s left arm?

Chapter 39 END

To be Continued in Chapter 40: What Master Dom Taught Me