Chapter 47:

Chapter 47: Emily vs Shotsteed

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 47: Emily vs Shotsteed

Narrator: Back to right after the heroes got split up.

*Emily ends up at a 4-way intersection with a lot of abandoned cars. A man approaches her. The man is Shotsteed*

Shotsteed: My name is Shotsteed. You can just call me Steed for short. Nice to meet you.

Emily: And I’m Emily and I know you have come to kill me so you can drop the fake politeness.

Shotsteed: Yes, and I’m pretty reasonable so if you don’t resist I will kill you quick and painlessly.

Emily: Sorry, that’s not going to happen.

Shotsteed: Then feel my power.

*Steed’s legs turn into car wheels*

Emily: What the…?

*The wheels allow Steed to quickly reach Emily and he punches her into the side of a building*

Steed: Like it? It’s Formation Magic. It is the magic of the future.

Emily: And what do you mean by that?

Steed: I’m investing my life in showing that Formation Magic is the ultimate magic. Even in terms of raw magic strength, I am the strongest of us poachers at a high F rank.

Emily: (Thinking) Damn, and I’m a low F rank. I will need to get creative to win this.

*As Steed closes in on Emily again, she pulls out her B3 Tide Shotgun and channels magic into it*

Emily: Take this! B3 Tide Shotgun!

*The magic-powered shotgun pellets shoot out from the gun. The pellets initially go at an upwards slant but then like a wave turn downwards at a fast pace hitting Steed, knocking him into a car*

*Emily takes out her basic sword and tries to slash Steed but Steed gets up and does a backward roll jump too quickly for her to slash him*

*They are now on opposite sides of a car but Steed’s right arm forms into the claw of a crane and he extends it through the car to grab onto Emily’s arm. He retracts it, sending Emily through the car and once she comes out of Steed’s side of the car, he elbows her in the back, sending her down on the ground*

*Emily pulls out her pistol and shoots Steed in the head which causes him to back up, allowing her to get up*

*Emily then charges at Steed with her sword in hand and Steed forms his right arm into a sledgehammer. As Emily swings her sword, Steed swings his sledgehammer arm at the sword causing it to break off at the point he hit it. Emily’s sword is now useless*

Steed: Your sword is weak. You would never beat me with it.

Emily: Tell me something, if you are the strongest poacher, then why are you not the leader?

Steed: Tazer never fights alone. He fights with his two closest friends, Naysha and Edgar. Together, they are stronger than I am alone. I also have goals beyond the poachers as well. I shall eventually leave them.

Narrator: Emily takes on the strongest member of the poachers! What are the limits of Shotsteed’s Formation Magic?

Chapter 47 END

To be Continued in Chapter 48: Emily’s Chances Decline