Chapter 48:

Chapter 48: Emily's Chances Decline

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 48: Emily’s Chances Decline

Emily: It doesn’t matter if you are the strongest individual poacher. I have to win! I’m going to stop you and protect the people of this city!

Shotsteed: Determination means nothing if you don’t have the strength to pull it off.

*Emily begins charging at Shotsteed*

*Shotsteed smirks*

*Emily takes out her Dual Spinning Blades as she gets closer. Steed is not sure if she will throw them*

*She doesn’t throw them which allows her to get in close. She puts away the blades at the last moment and begins punching Steed repeatedly. The punches do cause him pain and she finishes her attacks with a swipe kick, knocking Steed back and then she pulls out her Dual Spinning Blades again*

*She channels magic into the blades and then throws them at Steed which pierces his arms into the side of a building, keeping him from moving*

Emily: I think you underestimated me.

*She takes out her B3 Tide Shotgun. Steed smiles and then starts laughing*

Steed: No, I can easily escape from this.

*His arms form into a gooey, bouncy surface. The blades bounce right off his arms and are sent back at Emily. She just barely dodges them to avoid being cut up by them*

*As Steed gets up, Emily picks up her blades and puts them away*

*Emily looks nervous*

Emily: I must use the Shadow Sword even though I’m not ready.

*Emily draws her Shadow Sword and her irises turn from blue to red. She points at Steed*

Emily: Time to fight!

*Steed forms both hands into sledgehammers*

Steed: A change in attitude I see.

*They rush towards each other*

*It is clear that Emily’s speed has increased, she jumps in the air and comes down face first at Steed with her sword ready. As she comes down, she swings rapidly at Steed who is struggling to block her sword with his sledgehammers*

Steed: (Thinking) This sword is very dangerous and she seems to have changed too.

*He swings a sledgehammer at the sword but it does not break*

Steed: Yes, I’m sure of it now! That sword is much stronger!

*Eventually in their clash, Emily stabs Steed but he also hits her with his sledgehammer knocking her away with the sword still pierced into Steed’s body. Emily’s irises turn back to blue*

Steed: Now I will use this sword.

*He pulls the sword out of the spot where he was stabbed but the Channeling Magic in the sword causes it to fly out of his hands and back to Emily’s sword sheath*

Emily: It’s no use. I’m already starting to feel weaker from using the sword. I must use… the X12 Shatter Shotgun. My life will be at risk but one shot will be enough to finish him with it.

Narrator: Not confident that she can win fast enough with the Shadow Sword before it completely wears her down, Emily will now gamble her life with a shotgun that could kill her for not being magically strong enough to use it.

Chapter 48 END

To be Continued in Chapter 49: Blood and the Shotgun.