Chapter 49:

Chapter 49: Blood and the Shotgun

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 49: Blood and the Shotgun

Shotsteed: Here I come!

*Using his wheel legs, Shotsteed moves towards Emily and then grabs her throat and holds her up. He changes his left arm to a sledgehammer*

Shotsteed: I will make this quick.

*Steed does not see Emily pull out her Shadow Sword again and she stabs him in the arm, causing him to drop her*

*As she lands, she also accidentally stabs her own left arm with the sword too, causing her pain. She pulls it out, leaving a wound*

*Emily pulls out her B3 Tide Shotgun and shoots at Steed which at close range knocks him back from being hit by all the pellets*

*Emily puts the B3 Tide Shotgun away and finally pulls out the X12 Shatter Shotgun*

Emily: You have made me reach the point of desperation to beat you. Using this shotgun could kill me but it is certainly powerful enough to kill you in one hit at close range. Come at me if you dare.

*Steed can tell just how powerful the shotgun is and is uncertain of what to do next*

Shotsteed: That shotgun actually looks like it could be a threat. I better be careful.

*Emily begins charging at Steed. Steed uses his Formation Magic to form bat-like wings on his back and he flies up in the air*

Emily: Coward!

Shotsteed: Not a coward. Just not stupid.

*Steed forms wings on his feet too in order to help him fly faster. Using his speed, he flies around Emily*

*He continuously attacks her from multiple sides and his speed leaves her without a chance to get the shot off*

*Emily throws her shotgun up in the air and then uses Channeling Magic to make it quickly come back to her but it manages to hit Steed in the process*

*Steed is knocked down to the ground and with the shotgun in hand, Emily aims at Steed*

*She pulls the trigger but the gun does not fire. The gun is trying to take her blood and life to make up for the lack of magic energy and Emily starts to feel woozy. The Shadow Sword wound on her left arm starts to react with the shotgun taking Emily’s blood*

*A chemical reaction begins happening with the magic in her blood. Blood-colored red lines appear all over Emily’s body. Blood-looking armor appears on her left arm from where the wound from the shadow sword happened. Her hair turns entirely into blood and becomes longer. Her eyes become a complete blood-red color. Her muscles become bigger and her nails become sharper. Finally, she grows 6 inches in height*

*She drops the shotgun. Steed does not know what is going on*

Shotsteed: What is happening to her?

*He begins to look nervous*

Shotsteed: Tell me! What the hell is this!

*Emily looks surprised as she takes a look at her body*

Emily: …This is Blood Magic. I don’t know how it activated but I promise you that you will be in a world of hurt. This will be your last moments among the living.

Narrator: Emily’s life gambling plan ended up unleashing her Blood Magic. Will her capabilities be as terrifying as Zeth’s Blood Magic?

Chapter 49 END

To be Continued in Chapter 50: Emily’s Blood Magic