Chapter 50:

Chapter 50: Emily's Blood Magic

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 50: Emily’s Blood Magic

Shotsteed: What are you?

Emily: Your nightmare. You are staring death in the face.

Shotsteed: You think that just because you look like a crazy monster now that the fight will just turn the other way?

Emily: I don’t think I know. I DO know.

*Steed’s left arm forms into a crane claw and he extends it trying to grab onto Emily’s neck*

*Emily grabs onto the claw and pulls on it which forces Steed over to her and then thrusts her knee into Steed’s gut. The blow causes Steed to cough up a lot of blood*

*Emily then puts her hand in his face and turns around and charges at the side of a building. Emily thrusts Steed into the building and lets go of him, causing part of the building wall to be destroyed*

*Emily then takes advantage of her massively increased strength and picks up a car*

Shotsteed: Shit!

*Emily throws the car at him and the impact of the car does a lot of damage to Steed and even collapses more of the wall, causing both Steed and the car to go inside the building*

*Scared people in the building are watching the fight and keep as much distance as possible from Emily and Shotsteed. Steed gets up but is all bloody*

Shotsteed: Two can play that game!

*Steed’s head forms into a Rhino head and then he magically charges his head to temporarily increase his head’s strength*

*Using his head, he hits the car, knocking it towards Emily. The car hits her and she and the car are knocked out of the building and then crash into the wall of a different building*

Steed: Now you know not to mess with me!

*A sword slices through the car and Emily comes out of the wreckage mostly unharmed and wielding the Shadow Sword*

Emily: Did you think that you won? It would take more than hitting me with large physical objects to kill me.

*She puts away her sword and then charges at Steed*

*Steed is ready to defend himself. As Emily reaches him, he tries to punch her but she blocks it with her blood armored left hand*

*Emily then sidesteps around him and swipe kicks at Steed’s feet to trip him off his feet. She then slams his head into the ground and continuously punches him multiple times*

*She picks Shotsteed up and throws him in the air and then pulls out her Shadow Sword*

Shotsteed: With Formation Magic, I shouldn’t lose! You despicable little—!

*Emily jumps upwards as Shotsteed yells and then she slashes him through his neck, resulting in his decapitation*

*Shotsteed’s body lands lifelessly on the ground*

*Emily lands back on the ground and two other begin to approach her. They are Sasha and Joe*

Joe: Whoa… Emily, is that Blood Magic?

*Emily looks at them and then her Blood Magic ends*

*Emily looks gloomy and looks down at herself*

Emily: Yes, it is. But I feel as though… I was being taught about my ancestry but I don’t understand it and now I have questions.

Joe: Your ancestry? Why would you think that?

Emily: I… I don’t know.

Sasha: If that’s how you feel then don’t worry. The next time you go home you can just ask your parents. I’m sure they can answer.

Emily: Yeah, I guess so. Well, we better find Zeth and Kurt.

*They leave the area and begin searching for Zeth and Kurt*


Narrator: A few minutes later.

*Their search for Zeth and Kurt is short as they spot them just down the street*

Sasha: Zeth! Kurt! You are both alright!
Zeth: Yep, and I’m glad to see you all are alright too. Did you three each defeat a poacher?

Joe: You’re damn right we did!

Zeth: Hmm. I defeated two and you all defeated one so that means there should be only three left.

Sasha: Let’s go get them!

Zeth: Wait. Hold on for a moment.

Joe: Why?

Zeth: Because I learned that their vehicle is accessed with a password that is made up of the first letter of each of their names. I got G and R from the two poachers I took down.

Kurt: And I got the letter E from the poacher I defeated.

Sasha: The poacher I defeated was Alga so add the letter A to the list.

Joe: I fought Sen so you can also add the letter S.

Emily: And finally, I got the letter S from Shotsteed.

Zeth: Raider revealed to me that Tazer is the name of their leader and we already heard Tazer mention the names Edgar and Naysha.

Emily: Shotsteed also confirmed that Edgar and Naysha are the names of his two closest allies so we can say with certainty that those are the names.

Sasha: Alright, let’s try to figure out the password.

Zeth: As much as I would like to stand around and figure it out, we have to get moving so we can stop Tazer, Edgar, and Naysha from taking any more people. Let’s go find them and put an end to them!

Sasha, Emily, Joe, and Kurt: Right!

Narrator: Emily killed the Formation Magic user, Shotsteed, with her Blood Magic, but now she is left with questions about her ancestry.

Chapter 50 END

To be Continued in Chapter 51: Heroes vs The Remaining Poachers