Chapter 78:

Chapter 78: Shriekers of the Lower Levels

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 78: Shriekers of the Lower Levels

Narrator: Daykona finds herself having more on her plate than she expected.

*Daykona is walking down some stairs*

Daykona: (Talking to herself) This makes no sense. The daughter of the Dark Goddess has allied herself with the son of the Light Goddess. Why? I must know! And worse is that I’m getting reports from my henchmen that there are other intruders in the mansion. Who are they? And how did they get in undetected? These are questions I must answer! I can’t lose control of the situation!

*Daykona enters a secret room that looks like it’s meant for rituals. The angel the heroes have come looking for, Clora, is magically chained to a chair. Clora has medium-length brown hair, blue iris color, white angel wings, and wears white angelic clothes. She looks like a young woman*

Daykona: Hehehe. Hello angel.

Clora: I told you my name is Clora!

Daykona: And I don’t care.

*Daykona’s eyes turn more serious*

Daykona: What I do care about is why is the daughter of the Dark Goddess working with the Light Goddess’s son.

Clora: Isn’t it obvious?

Daykona: I should have figured you would leave out some details from our last talk.

Clora: She doesn’t side with the Dark Goddess.

Daykona: I see. This revelation about Sasha is certainly a curveball but it won’t help you.

Clora: Harmona’s son will bring judgment upon you!

*Daykona starts walking away*

Daykona: Hehehe. Oh? We’ll see about that but I have some other rats I need to sniff out right now.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth.

*Zeth is still in the lower levels of the mansion and running from room to room trying to find Sasha*

Zeth: Sasha!!

*As he runs from room to room, something in the shadows is watching him*

Zeth: Where are you, Sasha!?

*Zeth reaches a room with toys for children all over the place. Hanging from the ceiling are a ton of purple bat-looking creatures that are about 3 feet tall*

Narrator: Bat Creatures of the Mansion – Shriekers.

*Zeth looks up and he becomes frightened when he sees the Shriekers*

Zeth: *Gulps* Maybe they are friendly?

*The Shriekers open their eyes with blood lust*

Zeth: (Screaming in terror) Aaahhh!!!!!

*The Shriekers start swooping down at Zeth who tries to run through them*

Zeth: Bats! I hate bats! Leave me alone!

*As they chase him, they make a loud shrieking noise and Zeth ends up tripping on some toys, saving him from being hit by a Shrieker as they go over him*

Zeth: I absolutely hate bats and anything like them! They terrify me! After that one encounter with bats I had as a kid…

*Since not all of the Shriekers went past Zeth, some more of them swoop down at him where he currently is lying on the floor*

Zeth: I said to leave me alone!!

*Zeth releases a Star Shine Blast at them. The Shriekers release a shriek at the blast and while it still hits them, the impact, and therefore the damage, was severely decreased*

Zeth: It wasn’t strong enough!?

Shrieker: Our shriek waves have the ability to soften the impacts of attacks and since you can’t see them, there is nothing you can do! That is why we are called Shriekers!

*The Shrieker laughs*

Zeth: Then my only option is to run!!

*Zeth starts running from the hoard of Shriekers. It doesn’t take them much time to swoop down and get multiple hits on Zeth, knocking him to the ground*

Zeth: Damn…

*Suddenly, the door Zeth wanted to get to opens and Sasha enters the room. The main parts of her eyes are back to white*

Sasha: Zeth!

Zeth: Sasha! How did you find me?

Sasha: I was unconscious but your scream woke me up and I immediately came here.

Zeth: So my fear of bats saved me?

Sasha: What?

Zeth: Never mind. These things are called Shriekers and their shrieks can reduce the effectiveness of your attacks.

Sasha: Let me give it a shot.

*Sasha has a confident smile*

Narrator: Sasha has arrived to help Zeth. What will she do to fight the Shriekers?

Chapter 78 END

To be Continued in Chapter 79: Hidden Evil