Chapter 79:

Chapter 79: Hidden Evil

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 79: Hidden Evil

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha finally reunite and Sasha prepares to take on the Shriekers!

Zeth: Just be careful.

*Sasha continues to smile confidently*

Sasha: I will be able to handle them.

*Sasha prepares to fight the Shriekers*

Shrieker: Kill them!

*The Shriekers swoop down at Sasha and start shrieking. Time seemingly stops for Sasha as she starts having one-second-long flashbacks of the killings she did to the doctor, his assistants, and the guards. After the flashbacks stop, the white parts of her eyes turn black*

*Suddenly, she is able to see the shriek waves and they are circular shaped. As time feels like it’s back to normal for her, she dodges the waves*

*Sasha engages the Shriekers and with her ability to see the shrieks, she has no problem quickly cutting their heads off using only her hand*

*Zeth is in awe*

Zeth: (Talking to himself) Sasha… When did you become this incredible at fighting?

*He then notices the death stare in her eyes*

Zeth: The white parts of her eyes are black and they have murderous intent. Is this part of her true power?

*Sasha continues to easily dodge the swarm of Shriekers and she continues chopping their heads off with her hand*

*With most of them dead, a magic hole in the ceiling opens up and a new swarm comes in*

*Sasha grabs Zeth’s hand and they start running*

Sasha: Let’s go Zeth! We don’t have time to deal with these bats!

*They run out of the room and they fight off more Shriekers as they go from room to room. No matter how many they kill, the Shriekers just keep coming*

Zeth: Is there really no end to them!?

Sasha: I’m certain that once we get out of this area of the mansion, they will stop following us!

*Eventually, they reach a medium-sized room with complete darkness filling up the other half of the room. Zeth and Sasha open their eyes wide*

Zeth: What… is that…?

Sasha: That’s not natural darkness…

*The Shriekers fly into the room but a strong wave of dark energy is released from the darkness and every single Shrieker is vaporized in an instant and turns to dust. It has no effect on either Zeth or Sasha*

Zeth: Is that the power of the Dark Goddess?

Sasha: No… It’s different. It would feel like my darkness otherwise…

*Zeth looks at Sasha’s eyes and her eyes are still black with red irises. Zeth then nods*

Zeth: I will trust you on this. But if it’s not the darkness of the Dark Goddess, then what is this darkness?

Sasha: I don’t know…

???: (A deep male voice) Hmhmhmhmhehe! So I finally have the son of the Light Goddess and the daughter of the Dark Goddess together at last.

Zeth: Who’s there!!? And how do you know who we are!?

*The darkness spreads to the entire room and it feels like they are being taken to a different dimension*

Sasha: I don’t know how but I think we have been taken out of the mansion!

*They are now in a dimension of nothing but a dark purple substance*

???: The name’s Poleon, but you won’t need to worry about that.

Zeth: Then show yourself, Poleon!

Poleon: Easy there, Zeth. I’m not actually there.

Zeth: Are you one of Daykona’s minions!!?

Poleon: Hmhmhmhm! No, actually. I could kill her just by flicking her with my finger. I’m not on her side, the Light Goddess’s, or the Dark Goddess’s.

Zeth: Oh great, a new party we have to deal with.

*Sasha finally weighs in*

Sasha: Tell us what you want!!

Poleon: Sorry, but I won’t be telling you. How about this? Let me accomplish my goals and then I will tell you.

Sasha: Hell no!

Zeth: Go die in a hole!

Poleon: Now, now. No need to be rude. Here’s a hint. It requires both of you.

*Zeth and Sasha just stare as they don’t know what his goals could possibly be*

Zeth: Just be more direct! We are not going to try to solve your damn riddles!

Sasha: And show yourself while you are at it! Don't try to tell us you are not actually here!

Poleon: I have spent many years trying to find you. Thanks to you having human fathers, it could only be based on luck that I find you. My spying on people like Daykona has paid off. Finally, after all these thousands of years, I can advance in my plans!

Narrator: Who is this new enemy and what does he want with Zeth and Sasha? What does he even look like?

Chapter 79 END

To be Continued in Chapter 80: Zeth and Sasha vs Poleon’s Fraction

Author's Comment: Just in case there is any confusion about the early part of this chapter, I'm going to explain a couple things.

I worded it as best as I could but time did not actually stop when Sasha started fighting the Shriekers. It just felt like time was stopped.Sasha's eyes becoming black does not mean her true power and personality is out like it was in Chapter 70. The flashbacks that suddenly popped in her head caused a little bit of that power to reach the surface and she still has her nice and shy personality out but is a little more bold now. As a reminder, she has no memories of what happened in Chapter 70 but the experience of it broke through and popped in her mind for a few split seconds.