Chapter 80:

Chapter 80: Zeth and Sasha vs Poleon’s Fraction

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 80: Zeth and Sasha vs Poleon’s Fraction

Narrator: In Heaven.

*Harmona continues watching over Zeth and she is frightened*

Harmona: Poleon!? What is he doing here!? What does he want with my son!?


Narrator: Somewhere outside.

*Korobu sits by a river and he is drinking water. He starts to frown*

Korobu: Poleon… I can feel your energy not that far from here. I should have destroyed you a long time ago. You are a pest to the Dark Goddess.

*Crimson walks up to Korobu from the side*

Crimson: Is something wrong?

Korobu: Nothing you need to be concerned with.

Crimson: Okay, I guess.

Korobu: (Thinking) What could Poleon be doing in this area?


Narrator: Back with Zeth and Sasha in the dark purple dimension.

Zeth: I hope you know that we are not doing anything without a fight.

Poleon: So be it then. It will only take a fraction of my power to defeat you in your current states.

*A human figure materializes. It is made of the same dark purple energy as the area they are in and it has no distinct features. The only way to tell it apart from the background is that it glows*

Narrator: Form of Poleon’s energy – Poleon Fraction.

Poleon: I will be fighting using this. It has a fraction of my power and the most power I can summon without actually being there. My real appearance actually changes based on how much power I’m using so don’t think you can just try and figure out what I look like.

Zeth: Alright then, let’s start this fight!

*The Fraction has great speed and quickly runs towards Zeth and Sasha*

Zeth: He’s fast!

Sasha: Even so, we will defeat him!

*Zeth tries to punch the fraction but the fraction grabs his arm and then does its own punch on Zeth’s gut*

Zeth: Gahh!

*Sasha tries to help but the fraction kicks her in the face, knocking her back*

Poleon: Too easy.

Zeth: Shut up!

*Zeth attempts various punches to the fraction but it easily dodges all of them and then it punches Zeth in the face. It then grabs his arm and throws him at Sasha. She ducks and then continues her pursuit*

Sasha: Are you okay!?

Zeth: I’m fine so just continue your attack!

*Sahsa attempts her hand chop but the fraction blocks it*

Sasha: No way!

*Sasha then tries to punch the fraction but it jumps over her and kicks her from behind, knocking her back*

Zeth: Star Shine Blast!

*Zeth releases his Star Shine Blast at the fraction, however, the fraction catches the star-shaped energy*

Zeth: You can’t catch pure energy!!

Poleon: Normally true, but this fraction is made out of energy and certain types of energy can catch other energies.

Sasha: Catch this then! Dark Spears!

*Sasha releases a wave of dark energy that forms into spears and the fraction catches them with its other hand*

*Sasha is shocked*

Sasha: What!?

*The spears start circling around the fraction’s body*

Poleon: Well, at least you tried.

*Zeth releases another Star Shine Blast. The fraction throws the previous one back at Zeth and it not only destroys Zeth’s new one, it still continues and hits Zeth directly. There is an explosion on contact*

Sasha: Zeth!!!

Poleon: Oh sorry, I added more power to his attack so it easily overwhelmed his new one. Don’t worry though. You can join his injured state.

*The fraction releases the Dark Spears back at Sasha and they all hit or pierce Sasha. Sasha is knocked back to the ground and the spears dissipate*

*Sasha is in a lot of pain*

Sasha: It hurts so much! Damn it!

*Both Zeth and Sasha appear to be down for the count*

*Zeth is bloody and lying front forward on the ground while Sasha is laying on her back and also bloody*

Poleon: I will take you both with me as my reward for victory.

Zeth: If only… I had my divine powers…

*Zeth opens his eyes as he realizes something*

Zeth: Wait. The stones I inserted at the altar. They allow me to temporarily use my divine powers and this dark energy has a divine feeling to it so I can use it here.

*Zeth slowly stands up*

Poleon: Oh? So you can still fight?

Zeth: *huff huff* You betcha!

*Zeth starts focusing his energy trying to link up with the stones. The link is soon complete and divine energy begins flooding into Zeth*

*His hair turns a golden blonde and the color of his irises turns from brown to green. One of the four stones loses its coloring and breaks into pieces*

*Now standing before the fraction is an angry Zeth in his divine appearance*

Sasha: (Injured lying on the ground) Amazing!

Poleon: Damn…

Zeth: Come! Round 2 is starting!

Narrator: Zeth has gained temporary use of divine power. What new abilities will he have to use in the fight against Poleon’s fraction?

Chapter 80 END

To be Continued in Chapter 81: The Mighty Divine Zeth