Chapter 82:

Chapter 82: The Divine Raging Star

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 82: The Divine Raging Star

Poleon: This power…

Zeth: It’s my Raging Star Mode. The energy from my aura does not discriminate. It attacks everything in reach, friend or foe. So I must be careful where and when I use it. Unfortunately for you, you got nothing to hide behind.

Harmona: You have enough power to defeat him! You can do this!

Zeth: Right.

*Zeth starts slowly walking towards the fraction and he forms a Raging Star Blast in his hand. Suddenly, Zeth dashes and reaches the fraction in under a second and blur lines are left behind him. Zeth instantly shoves the Raging Star Blast in the fractions face*

*The attack blows the top half of the fraction to bits*

Poleon: (Thinking) That was a Blur Dash, an advanced movement technique. All beings with magic are capable of using it but only the truly elite can master it. Sometimes, an unmastered version of it can be used on instinct. He won’t be able to replicate that.

*The fraction quickly regenerates but Zeth is nowhere to be found*

Zeth: Up here!

*Zeth drops from above and throws a strong punch to the top of the fraction’s head which smashes it in*

*Now in range, the raging aura starts attacking the fraction, piercing it in multiple spots. In addition to that, Zeth rapidly punches the fraction and it is not powerful enough to counter*

*Zeth then kicks the fraction to send it flying back*

Zeth: This will end it!

*Zeth crosses his arms and puts each hand on the opposite shoulder and a gold color starts to mix in with his red tint. He starts charging at the fraction and a wave of golden energy flows from his body*

Zeth: Saykomera!

*Zeth charges directly into the fraction and the wave of golden energy is released. The energy starts cutting the fraction into pieces*

Zeth: Not enough!? Well then, Raging Star Combo!!

*Zeth uncrosses his arms and then lifts them up. His Raging Star aura lifts in the air, carrying the pieces of the fraction*

*Soon the aura stops going up and starts to tear into the pieces of the fraction, breaking them into even smaller pieces*

Zeth: The combo doesn’t stop here!

*Zeth then jumps in the air and lays his left hand flat on top of his right hand*

Zeth: Derjazou Combo!!

*Zeth still has his left hand on his right hand but now turns them from a flat horizontal to a flat sideways vertical*

*Numerous red spikes release from the palm of Zeth’s right hand. All the spikes pierce a piece of the fraction, keeping it from reforming quickly*

Sasha: Derjazou… An ancient word for “Red Torment”.

*Zeth then lands on the ground and quickly moves under the pierced pieces of the fraction. He lifts his left arm up with his right hand grabbing his left arm*

Zeth: Starry Beam Combo!!

*A large golden beam wave releases from his left hand up to the pieces and it completely destroys them. The beam continues until it hits the ceiling of the dark purple dimension and starts to destroy it*

*Miniature stars fly everywhere from the impact of the beam at the ceiling of the room as they destroy the dimension too*

*Soon, the entire dark purple dimension is gone and they are back in a regular room of the mansion and the fraction is completely destroyed. They then hear Poleon*

Poleon: Know that this was nothing more than a minor defeat. You haven’t seen the last of me. For as long as I live, I will continue to pursue both of you.

Zeth: You are clearly nothing but evil! We will never go with you!

Poleon: Hmhmhahaha! Oh really? Just remember that everyone has skeletons in their closet. That includes your mother, the Light Goddess. Actually, I’d say the Light Goddess has more skeletons in her closet than the Dark Goddess has. Remember that! Never forget it! Hahahahaha…

*Poleon's laughter fades as his remaining energy disappears from the mansion*

*With the divine energies gone, Zeth loses his temporary divine power and goes back to black hair and brown irises. Sasha’s black eyes turn back to white and the red irises stay the same*

Zeth: I don’t know what he is getting at but he pissed me off.

Sasha: Yeah…

*Sasha starts staring upwards*

Sasha: Saykomera. Derjazou. Why do we know what these words mean?

Zeth: Sasha?

Sasha: It’s nothing. I just don’t understand how we know what the ancient words mean when we were never taught them.

Zeth: Must be inborn knowledge. We are the children of goddesses after all. I’m also sure I would not have been able to pull off all of those combos so easily without divine power.

*Sasha nods*

*Zeth notices her eyes are back to white*

Zeth: (Thinking) Wait, why were her eyes black before? She shouldn’t have Dark Divine Eyes while her power is still sealed. Was her body reacting to the divine energies?


*In Heaven, Harmona is frustrated*

Harmona: (Talking to herself) Poleon, your timing couldn’t be worse! What are you after!? (Now talking to angels) Get our task force on the case!

Male Angel: Okay, I will send them out!

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have escaped the clutches of Poleon, but Harmona can’t figure out what his plans are. What will her task force accomplish?

Chapter 82 END

To be Continued in Chapter 83: Kurt, Joe, and Mansion Fun